Gratitude Lifts You Up

Gratitude heart[1] People often want to know: What's the best way to overcome a sugar addiction, a bad mood or another challenging situation?

One of the best ways to get out of your funk is to begin with an attitude of gratitude.

Why should you be grateful?

Learn about the wonders of being thankful on my Gratitude Week radio shows.

During these five shows, you'll hear from 21 experts, who shared insights on the miraculous powers of gratitude.

Listen now to Gratitude Week's five shows with21 different experts.

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Birthday-cake Come to My B-Day/Gratitude Celebration Tele-Party!

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Connecting: Grateful for Comments re Yesterday’s Tele-Party

Peoplematrix It's  always so wonderful to connect with other people.

Today, I'm so touched, honored and grateful for the kind comments I received.

Yes, it's my goal to help people transform their lives of struggle to ones of glee, but when I hear that I'm reaching out to just one person, it fills me with great joy.

Sandra wrote the following wonderful email to me:

"I was unaware of the free tele-party last night or I would have definitely joined in, but I was able to listen today. I always enjoy listening to you and your stories and tips. I just missed one part as I was doing dishes while listening and I didn’t hear the answer—you were talking about your good friend, a doctor (name?) and where you went to school. Where did you go to school? I’m looking for schools myself (health and nutrition)."

IIN - n25111276360_3734 Sandra, thanks so much for writing. I'm honored that you "always enjoy" listening to me, my stories and tips.

I was talking about my good friend Dr. Jill Baron, an amazing integrative physician, with whom I hosted a two-part program to help people bust stress and not turn to sweets. You can learn more here. 

The amazing school I mentioned was the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

It was such an amazing experience that I spent quite a bit of time to write a blog post about IIN that answers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that I've received about the school.

Check out my blog post here to get your questions answered about the fabulous school

You also can listen to a webinar that I did with IIN here.

Hope this helps.

Please tell IIN that I sent you.

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Ask Me Your Questions Today: Free Tele-Party

Questions - bubble-man-question Often, thousands of you email me questions, which I don't have time to personally answer.

Tonight (6 pm Eastern time) — or this afternoon (at 3 pm Pacific time) — I will answer your questions during a free Just Ask Connie Tele-Party, where you can get your questions answered and helpful tools and tips to begin to Free of Your Sugar Addiction and other Bad Habits (what I call Babits™).

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Why am I holding this free Tele-Party?

Well, it's my birthday week, and often I see friends and clients become very me-focused that entire week. So I began to think: What a wonderful gift for both you and me if I could help YOU release your sugar habit or other bad habit (babit™) during my B-Day week.

In other words, I'm giving you a birthday gift.

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  • Find out 3 ways to stop sugar cravings
  • Learn an easy 30-second Party Plate Meditation.
  • Get answers to your other questions.

Connie with apple You’ll want to attend live the Just Ask Connie Tele-Party (if you can), because I’m giving out 3 prizes on the call. (Actually, I’ll select the winners on our call. Read on to learn about the prizes.)

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EVENT: The ABCs to Break Free & Answers to Your Questions

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So, will I see you tonight at 6 pm Eastern for your F*RE*E Tele-Party so I can help you Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction or other babits?




P.S. If you can’t attend the free July 27 Tele-Party live (at 6 pm Eastern or 3 pm Pacific), you can listen later, when it’s convenient for you, but awards will only be given to people listening live.

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Stay tuned, because you'll be invited (one last time) to submit one idea for the title of my next book.

Grateful to Bike!

Gratitude_ornament - from shiningsungardenworks I just came back from my first bicycle ride since slamming head first into glass (while running) on July 4.  I'm so excited and grateful that I could get on my beloved bike again.

At the beginning of the week, I was struck by dizziness and ferocious headaches. Then, I held five episodes on my Gab with the Gurus Radio Show about gratitude with 21 amazing experts. Get details about the shows here.

In addition, I saw my wonderful acupuncturist for the sixth time. (I call him my "miracle worker."

Plus, I kept repeating this affirmation recommended by the renowned, inspirational, self-help author Louise Hay to use whenever there is a problem. I've been saying over and over again, as she suggests:

"All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this experience, only good will come and I am safe."

Now, here I am at the end of the week able to begin exercising again. I've been on doctor-ordered rest for a while, which meant "no exercising." (Ugh! Something that's been a challenge.)

Granted, now I'm pooped out big time — I even had to take some stops along the way to rest — my head is now throbbing, aching, hurting and I need to lie down — but I suspect that I'm feeling better because :

  1. I've been expressing gratitude a lot 
  2. I've been very focused on gratitude all week because of my five radio shows
  3. I've been stating the affirmations Louise Hay recommends
  4. I've been seeing my acupuncturist.
  5. I've been listening over and over again to a healing download from my hypnotist friend Debra Berndt.

What do you think? Why do I feel better?

And have you ever relied on gratitude to get you out of pain or a mess?

P.S. I just finished lying down, falling asleep while listening to my healing download, and my head is only mildly achy! How exciting! 

All I can say is I highly recommend that you try my five-pronged approach when you're in emotional or physical pain.