3 Simple Steps to Soar Through the Holidays & Not Pig Out

How to NOT Overeat This Season of Sugar Overloading

The Season of Sugar Overloading is now underway, kicked off, of course, by last week’s Day of Candy Pushing (i.e. Halloween).  People often ask me how I’ve been able to soar undaunted through 16 holidays — yes, I’ve stayed sugar-free (well, mostly) for sixteen years — which means that I’ve been able to feel energetic, focused and healthy. Plus, Crazy Cravings — as I call them just don’t bother me anymore. Today, I’ll share 3 Simple Steps to Soar through the Holidays so that you’ll discover How to NOT Overeat this Season of Sugar Overloading.

To begin, let me reassure you that it can be very easy for you to Say No to sweets and other processed “treats” this holiday season so that you won’t gain weight, will have more energy, and be more cheerful.

1. Be Driven by Your Vision

The best way to Thrive and Not Overeat this Season of Sugar Overload is stay focused on your desired outcome. Would you like to easily turn down sugar-pushing relatives or friends, when they charmingly offer you once-tempting dessert foods or carbohydrate-rich snacks, which, you know — based on years’ past — can quickly lead you to overeat, gain weight, and feel sluggish? The way to eat cleanly sugar-free is to begin every day Driven by Your Vision. See that you’ve already succeeded. Would you like to lose 15 pounds in the next two months so that next year you’ll fit into your slim dress? Imagine that you’re already done it. Would you like to be mostly happy this holiday season (well, emergencies excluded)? Begin your morning by thinking about your wonderful outcome. Know that you’ve accomplished it. Then, throughout the day, whenever you’re tempted by sweets or other quickie-carb temptations, flip on your sweet, sugar-free vision.

2. See the Opposite Outcome

The next Simple Step to Soar through the Holidays without overeating is to envision what could happen if you do partake of sweets or other processed “treats.” For many of you, taking even a small portion can lead to pigging out and finding it hard to stop. You know if you’re the kind of person for whom one bite turns to too many. For many of you, it’s far easier — and healthier — to simply say no, because you know that desserts or processed foods just aren’t for your highest good. So before you say no or yes, See the Opposite Outcome. What will probably happen if you do take some of these enticing sweets? Will you set yourself on a self-destructive path?

3.  Put On Polite, Defiant Determination

The last part of this three-step process is about attitude. One of my biggest secrets to thriving sugar-free for 16 holiday seasons is that I always walk around with my healthy, sugar-free vision uppermost in my thoughts. It’s tucked in my back pocket, so to speak. I emphatically know that I want and choose to be slim, stay cheerful, and feel focused. I’m so resolute in my stance that whenever well-meaning hosts or loved ones offer their potentially harmful dessert foods or fast carbs to me, I’m not only Driven by My Vision., but I easily Put On Polite, Defiant Determination. By the way, remember, although you want to adopt a stance of Defiant Determination, you also want to be kind. After all, the people offering you potentially dangerous sweets are probably sugar addicts themselves so have compassion for them. Ultimately, however, you want to add the two together so that you can Put On Polite, but Defiant Determination.

Share Your Thoughts. What do you think of my 3 Simple Steps to Soar through the Holidays so you’ll discover How to NOT Overeat this Season of Sugar Overloading. Do you have another tip that’s worked for you. Join the conversation either here, on this Sugar Shock Blog, or on Facebook

Photo Credit: John Cobb and Unsplash.

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2 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps to Soar Through the Holidays & Not Pig Out

  1. This is fabulous! I’ve been a lifetime addict but kicked sugar since June and was hoping for good luck this 1st holiday season off of it. These are awesome ideas and I will add them to my daily visualizations which are a really powerful way to go in addition to seeing my desired outcomes.
    Thank you Connie