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Bonus Program: 12 Ways to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction

Did you catch my program, “12 Ways to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction” with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and me?

Listen now to this Bonus Program, which is my gift to you. Just go here now:

====== >>>>>>

 During the program, you’ll discover:

  • How to do one simple stress management technique
  • What one activity will help you lose weight — and it doesn’t involve food. (It also will help you to reduce sugar cravings.)
  • How to discover if you’re the “Feed Me Now or I’ll Kill You” type of sugar addict
  • How to get rid of the “deprivation” mindset when you think about kicking sugar
  • How to conquer those crazy cravings around that time of the month
  • What 3 types of foods can help with sugar cravings
  • How your “failures” can help you to kick sugar
  • What one word you want to avoid when kicking sugar
  • If you’re an “Energy Loan Shark” type of sugar addict
  • If you’re a “Happy Ho-Ho Hunter” type of sugar addict
  • And much more
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