Brookstone, Thank You! My New Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy System

Brookstone_tranquil_momentsLiving overlooking a busy highway sure can make it tough to fall asleep at times!

Although the noise doesn’t always bother me — at times the steady-traffic sound is even lulling — but I need to admit that maybe the noise is just a convenient reason why I’ve been burning the midnight oil too often. (Other than the fact that I’m really a night owl. I just love staying up late — doing writing and reading and other things I won’t reveal.)

Unfortunately, though, it’s just a heck of a lot easier to get my zzz’s later — like when the traffic dies down after midnight — which, of course, leads to my being naughty and not going to be earlier.

But I’m supposed to walk my talk and set a good example, especially when it comes to getting sufficient sleep! In fact, did you hear that sleep-deprived people can gain weight?

Anyhow, thanks to a tip I got this week from an in-the-know health expert, I’m now the excited owner of a Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy System from Brookstone.

I’m looking forward to an amazing night of sleep where the traffic doesn’t keep me up! Maybe I’ll soon be able to bid farewell to my many night-owl moments. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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