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When Did You Get Addicted to Carbs?

When did sweets or carbs first call out to you? Were you but a child or teen when you first felt a strong pull to those processed “treats”?

carbs and sugar addiction

Apparently, carbs first captivated me when I was but a child.

Indeed, about a year or so ago, while organizing my late Mom’s photos, I found this entertaining photo of me utterly entranced with this huge roll of French bread!

My goodness — the loaf of bread was about a third my size!

Ah, this image brings back memories. While traveling with my family in France, I so fell in love with French bread, more French bread, Camembert cheese and and also Toblerone chocolate .

Join the Conversation: What is your first memory about sugar or carbs? Were you sad or glad when you turned to these “treats”?

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4 thoughts on “When Did You Get Addicted to Carbs?

  1. Camping with my friend over spring break, freshman in high school, it was raining and dreary outside – so we chowed down on red licorice and other candy. Just fell in love with the fact of keeping myself busy by eating out of being board.

    1. Ah yes, love your licorice story! …I used to be hooked bigtime on red licorice! And I’d eat it without protein at the same time. No wonder I felt so awful to often! So are you over red licorice?

    2. Sandy,

      Ah yes, for many people, they’ve equated sugar with love, which, of course, we know, it is not. Thanks for the nudge to do more research on this topic and to come up with a Food is Love NOT tactic!

  2. When ever we went grocery shopping I got a Little Golden Book (25 cents) and a Hostess Twinkie ( 10 cents). I was small enogh to fit int he seat in the cart so I was very young. My dad worked in a grocery store so a Twinkie was a special treat he would bring home. Food was love.

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