Catch Those Nannies Feeding Kids Junk Food!

I’m completely swamped this week, attending the National Publicity Summit, where I’m meeting some 70 members of the media–The Today Show, Good Morning America, ABC News, Woman’s Day, Star Magazine, you name it–etc., etc.– to talk about my upcoming book, SUGAR SHOCK!

Anyhow, my research assistant Jennifer Moore is being my eyes and ears and taking special pains to ferret out some interesting blog items for me.

Here’s something she sent me yesterday, but I was too wiped out earlier to post it:

"The NY Times has an article today about how parents and nannies struggle over what to feed the kids. The lead concerns a blog called I Saw Your Nanny, where people apparently post sightings of nanny misbehavior.

One such sighting was of a nanny giving a kid Dr. Pepper (which I completely agree is inappropriate). I thought it was interesting and figured I’d pass it along."

Darn, you gotta love this! Quite entertaining.

Wanna report a nanny feeding a kid a bunch of junk food? Just e-mail

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One thought on “Catch Those Nannies Feeding Kids Junk Food!

  1. I think nannies should be feeding kids food that the parents deem appropriate. What makes matters worse is that people don’t know who the parents are so they are unable to report the behavior. They are left to posting and praying as I like to call it. Now there is a better way. Last week on Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea, they talked about a new service called They have a small license plate to attach to your stroller with a number on it so people can get a message to the parents via a registered email address. Hopefully this will put an end to all of these bad nanny sightings.
    Note from Connie: I’m a little unclear. Is this company yours or just one you heard about? Either way, it does sound interesting.