Behind the Scenes

I’m Becoming a Bold, Fearless Speaker!

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For years, I’ve had a fear of public speaking, as I’ve shared here. Despite having written two bestselling books, I’ve mostly avoided public speaking for more than a decade. Yes, speaking in front of audiences terrified me that much! Enough already! Anyhow, in the past few weeks, I’ve become determined. Single focused. Adamantly insistent. I’ve […]


Celebrating 20 Years Sugar-Free

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This is a big week for me. Specifically this Sunday. On that day, I’ll have gone an entire 20 Years Sugar-Free. I’m announcing this in advance, because I know that I’ll make it. But bear in mind that when I state 20 years: I’m not including my lengthy Carb Relapse and 21-pound weight gain during […]

Beyond Sugar Shock

Low-Carb Buttered Noodles with Smoked Oysters and Baby Greens

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Note from Connie: Today it’s my pleasure to share another yummy recipe from my friend Angelika Ilina, who has created a healthy, low-carb, no-sugar version of a meal you can prepare for your honey and you. 

As you’ll notice, this recipe features oysters, which are often considered an aphrodisiac.

In addition, Angelika’s recipe contains Shirataki or Miracle noodles, which allow you to still have pasta and be low-carb, as I shared here five years ago.