Time to Sort, Donate & Clear Clutter

How Organized Are You? How Can Organizing Help You?

Recently, I had to face some hard facts. During the past three years, ever since my mother died, I’d become a pack rat — worse than I’ve ever been. And all those mounds of papers, decorative objects and various doodads were dragging me down.  Uh-oh, it was time to get organized!

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The words, “How Organized are You?” on a thermometer remind you that now is the moment to get things in order, straighten out your mess, and create a process or system to keep things tidy, clean and neat.

Recently, it hit me that I’ve been stuck in an organizational predicament. All that STUFF has been keeping me stuck and holding me back from my cherished goal, which is to help exasperated sugar junkies and carb addicts break free of their addictions and Crush their Crazy Cravings™ (as I put it).

Sure, I’d made lots of progress. For three years, I’ve spent many hours — often with the help of others — wading through, saving or tossing thousands of Mom’s photos, mementos and many other things that I’d stored in four places in three cities.

But for the last two months, as both the anniversary of Mom’s death and the Jewish High Holidays drew near, I ramped up my organizing. I’ve become determined to clear my massive amounts of clutter.

Why get organized? Because clearing clutter is freeing, and it moves you forward.

You reap many benefits from getting organized and clearing clutter.

For instance:

  1. When you get organized just a little bit every day, you relieve your stress and reduce feelings of helplessness, according to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists News Bulletin.



Declare Your Independence from Sugar! Then Share Your Biggest Why

Choose Healthy, Yummy, Red, White and Blue Foods

Today and whenever you read this, I invite you to Declare Your Independence from Sugar and Carbs.

Even if you’re not an American and you don’t celebrate the 4th of July, I invite you to Take Back Your Sugar Power.

You’re the one in control of what you put in your mouth– not the food companies, which heavily market their sugar-filled, processed, nutrient-stripped foods.

So what would Independence from Sugar mean to you?


Enjoy “The Bliss of Healing” & Then Pass it On to Soothe Others

Music, as you know, can calm you down, help you tune in, and invigorate you.

In short, music is tremendously healing

Indeed, music can and should be a vital part of your journey to health and wellness.

For my part, after my mother died, listening to lots of music really helped me to break through my grief, shock, PTSD, despair, anxiety, turmoil, etc.

Indeed, The Power of Music is astounding and far-reaching, as Elena Mannes reveals in her book of the same name, on NPR and to audience members at the Westport Library.

For instance, did you know that music can lower stress, reduce depression, help your heart health and protect your metal sharpness?

Today’s Woo-Hoo, Feel-Good Tune — a feature I revived yesterday on my Facebook fan page after my much-needed healing hiatus — is the awesome “Bliss of Healing,” from the Pure Heart Ensemble.

While at the Chopra Center recently to see Elizabeth Gilbert, Joan Borysenko, and, of course, Deepak Chopra, I discovered this enticing CD.

As you’ll find, this melody is very, very soothing and healing. Pass it on.

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Distracted Driving Can Kill You Like Patrick Dempsey’s “McDreamy” on “Grey’s Anatomy”


using cell phones while driving

In short, do you drive while distracted?

If so, you can end up dead, as last night’s episode of the ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” shockingly showed, much to the horror, disappointment, and devastation of fans of the 10-year old show.

In the upsetting episode, actor Patrick Dempsey’s beloved fictional neurosurgeon character—aka “McDreamy”—did something appallingly inappropriate and incongruous for a talented brain doctor on TV (or a real M.D., for that matter).

Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd drove while distracted, which triggered his untimely death.

More specifically, after rescuing and helping four people from a massive car wreck that he witnessed, he leaned over to hunt for and then answer his ringing cell phone.

But in those few seconds, he didn’t pay attention, a huge trucker sped towards him.

McDreamy’s stupid split second decision to pick up his cell phone cost him his life.  The four-wheeler came blazing out of nowhere and smashed into him, leading to his demise hours later.


9 Ways Strategic Social Media Breaks Make You More Social

FacebookIn today’s world you need to be social even if you’re not naturally gregarious or extroverted.

To spread the word about your book, program, product, or professional expertise, you have to be active in social media in a BIG way, using such tools as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, Pinterest, etc.

But what if you’re feeling decidedly anti-social, because you’re facing a grueling Dark Night of the Soul?

Should you continue to post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog when you’re enduring an existential crisis like a terminally ill parent or spouse, the breakup of your long-term marriage, or the death of a cherished loved one?


Thank You, Partners: Beyond Sugar Shock Became an International Bestseller!

Bestseller Beyond Sugar ShockThank you, thank you, thank you, all of you amazing supporters and partners!

Because you believed in Beyond Sugar Shock, and were kind enough to tell your millions of fans and followers about it, my new book (the follow-up to Sugar Shock) became an international bestseller!

I’m filled with such tremendous gratitude to you wonderful people and organizations.

With your tremendous support, my new book, Beyond Sugar Shock, hit Amazon bestseller charts in many categories — far too numerous to mention — in France, Great Britain, Canada, and Germany.

Meanwhile, here in the United States, Beyond Sugar Shock became hugely successful, too.

In fact, my publisher, Hay House, ran out of books and had to rush back to press!

In the U.S., for instance, as the screen shot below illustrates, Beyond Sugar Shock hit # 2 in Hot New Releases in Healthy Living in this country, second only to a new book from actress/health expert Suzanne Somers.

Thankfully, wonderful people at Hasmark Services gracefully coordinated the many elements of my book launch and carefully tracked Beyond Sugar Shock as it climbed a number of bestseller charts. Thanks to Hasmark’s diligent eye, I can share some bestseller screen shots with you.

For instance, here’s the screen shot showing how it hit # 2 in healthy living in the U.S.

The # 1 spot was taken by a new book from actress/health expert Suzanne Somers.

Amazon USA KINDLE #2 HNR Healthy Living


Much to my joy, while Beyond Sugar Shock was becoming popular in the U.S., it also was captivating Kindle readers in France, where the book soared to # 1 in six different categories!

Classement des meilleures ventes d’Amazon: n°818 dans la Boutique Kindle (Voir le Top 100 dans la Boutique Kindle)
n°1 dans Boutique Kindle > Ebooks Kindle > Ebooks en langues étrangères > Ebooks en anglais > Health, Mind & Body > Nutrition
n°1 dans Boutique Kindle > Ebooks Kindle > Ebooks en langues étrangères > Ebooks en anglais > Health, Mind & Body > Personal Health > Healthy Living
n°1 dans Boutique Kindle > Ebooks Kindle > Ebooks en langues étrangères > Ebooks en anglais > Health, Mind & Body > Diets & Weight Loss
n°1 Dernières nouveautés en Nutrition
n°1 Dernières nouveautés en Personal Health
n°1 Les meilleures ventes en Diets & Weight Loss

For instance, here’s the screen shot that illustrates how Beyond Sugar Shock hit # 1 under Diets and Weight Loss in France.

Amazon FRANCE KINDLE #1 Diets Weight Loss

Over in Canada, Beyond Sugar Shock reached #1 in Hot New Releases in Healthy Living. (It also grabbed the # 3 spot at the same time.)

It also reached #2 in Hot New Releases in Personal Health in Canada.

Amazon CANADA #1 HNR Healthy Living



How suprising it was the book also did so well in Germany, where it hit a # 10 slot.

Amazon Bestseller-Rang: Nr. 4.116 in Englische Bücher (Siehe Top 100 in Englische Bücher)
Nr. 10 in Englische Bücher > Gesundheit, Geist & Körper > Persönliche Gesundheit > Gesund leben

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, it hit # 26 in Books: Healh, Family & Lifestyle Books > Health Issues > Popular Medicine.

Now, it’s with great gratitude that I extend my heartfelt thanks to the many supporters of Beyond Sugar Shock.Over at Barnes and Noble, Beyond Sugar Shock also sold well, reaching #10 in Trending.

I’m filled with profound appreciation for the following people, who were kind enough to spread the word via email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn:

  • Andrea Coulter
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  • Well Beyond Cravings

Wow, what a lot of wonderful supporters!

Again, thank you, amazing partners, for making Beyond Sugar Shock an international bestseller.

And much gratitude goes to Hay House, my publisher, for doing so much to promote my book, too, including running my article, A Sour Life Turned Sweet on Heal Your Life. More thanks also are due to Darcie Rowan and Jane Wesman, for spreading the word about Beyond Sugar Shock.

How exciting it is to know that we’re helping people around the world to break free of their sugar addiction so they can get slimmer, sexier, and sweeter.