Water Can Wash Away Your Cravings

1 Easy Way to Crush Your Cravings — Cravings-Crushing Monday

This week’s Crush Your Cravings tip is so darn easy that you can do it anywhere, any time. Like most tactics I share, this one is incredibly simple. Otherwise, you may not want to do it, right?

The the next time a craving for candies, cookies or chips strikes, just drink one or two glasses of water and wait five minutes to a half-hour before eating. Yes, it’s that easy!

Bear in mind that despite its simplicity, this tool — as with all the Cravings-Crushing techniques I share — is based on solid science.

Plus, this tactic is very powerful.

Of course, you already know that drinking ample water offers many health benefits.

For those of you with weight issues, you need to know that drinking water before eating a meal or snack can reduce your cravings and appetite.

And what happens when you have less cravings?

You eat less, and you lose weight. Just check out the fascinating science:

Your Cravings-Crushing Takeaway:  This tactic is so darn easy! Just drink water before you even put food in your mouth. Doing so may reduce your cravings for sweets, carbs and other fattening foods so you’ll ramp up your weight loss.

Join the Cravings  Conversation: How has drinking water shut down your cravings and accelerated weight loss? Tell us how it worked for you.

Crush Your Cravings with Me Today

How to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions to Crush Cravings, Shed Excess Weight & Step Into Willpower (Cravings-Crushing Monday)

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Take Your Smart M.E.D.S.

No, I'm not talking about drugs - Your Cravings-Crushing Monday, New Year's Jumpstarter

Now that the year is winding down, if you’re like millions, you’re starting to think about your deep desire to shed sugary, fatty, possibly gluten-filled junk foods; shed excess weight; and Take Back Your Willpower.

To help you keep on track on a daily basis, I’d like to introduce you to a simple acronym, which will  help you easily remember what to do to take care of yourself on a daily basis so that you’ll easily Crush Your Cravings.

Every day, I urge you to Take Your Smart M.E.D.S. (as I call them) as to way to enrich yourself and to lead a sweeter, better happier life. Bear in mind that MEDs does not mean medication. Rather, I’m sharing some ideas with you that are safer and healthier than prescription pills.

You can print out this blog post and carry it with you to remind yourself of the fun, healthy, rewarding activities you can do instead of Caving into your Cravings for dangerous sugar, gluten, fat or salt cravings.

Learn now how to Crush Your Cravings by applying (not taking) what I call Smart M.E.D.S.


What is Cravings-Crushing Monday?

Join the Cravings-Crushing Monday Movement & Get Weekly Help to Slim Down & Boost Your Health

You know how absolutely awful you can feel on Monday, after a weekend of blowing your diet and feeling trapped by overpowering cravings to eat—or, rather scarf— various bad-for-you nonfoods?

For many who’ve eaten badly over the weekend, Monday is often the day they vow to finally get back on track.


5 Ways You Can Indulge over the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

Christmas+Cookies+GaloreAs you’ve undoubtedly been experiencing, every holiday season, there’s no escaping the annoying
excess of sugary foods and sweet “treats” that tempt, taunt and torment you
just about everywhere.

When you go to a holiday party, gingerbread men, colorful
sugar cookies and other “special” holiday desserts seem eager to jump into your
mouth, right?

When you buy necessities like paper towels or batteries at the drug store,
you’ll be enticed by Santa’s favorite, red-and-white candy canes, along with bags and bags of candies, many with a holiday theme.

When you shop for groceries at the supermarket, you’ll find pies,
cupcakes, cakes, and more cookies displayed near the checkout line so that you’ll be enticed to make an impulse buy before you leave.

How can you “win” in these circumstances?

Naturally, in all of these scenarios, you could give in and
over-indulge — as many people do this time of year.

But you know that if you grabbed and gobbled all
those sweet “goodies,” you’d plunge into Sugar Shock. This means all that excess sugar could trigger a number of unwanted side effects, including headaches, mood swings, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, and worse.

As it is, most people over-indulge in sugar all year long — not just over the holidays. The average American consumes some 170 pounds a year (yes, that’s higher than the 140-pound figure most often cited). And all that sugar overdosing can lead to heart disease, cancer, and an early death.

Back to the holidays, though. You can choose to be kind to yourself during this holiday season without feeling deprived and without losing either your willpower or waistline.
(Now, if you already have weight you want to lose, you don’t have to gain more.)

What? The Sugar Freedom Coach (that’s me, Connie), is telling you that it’s okay to do a little bit of indulging?

Yes, I’m telling you that if you can handle it (and you may not be
able to do so)
, you may decide to indulge a little, but not splurge. You can
always quit sugar in January. (You’re even invited to join my Sugar Freedom Course, which begins Jan. 15.)

Admittedly, it’s not easy to say no to alluring desserts,
especially in this season of good cheer and endless partying and let’s face it,
the Holiday Season of Sugar Overload.

That’s why I’m dedicated to creating simple, fun ways to help you easily turn down or turn away from temptations, or to even partake just a little.

Here are five painless tips on How to Indulge over the
Holidays without Losing Your Willpower or Waistline.  

1. Mingle Instead of Nibble or Gobble.

The holidays are really about celebrating with loved ones, friends, and colleagues, as well as connecting with and spreading good cheer to strangers. So, wherever you are, whether it’s a party, drug store or supermarket, step away from your sugar obsession and engage with people around you. Compliment the party hostess on her beautiful decorations.
Tell the drug store employee that you admire her beautiful blouse. Thank the
person bagging your grocery items for his dedication to serving people over the

2. Pick Your “Delight” Wisely.

You know the concept and phrase, “Pick your battles [fights] wisely”? That means you want to focus on one particular issue or annoyance rather than address too many challenges at once. The term actually refers to “a well-known aspect of military strategy, which suggests
that when troops are thinly stretched, they are often unsuccessful.” (Thanks to WiseGeek for this explanation.) In other words, if you’re a country at war, it’s better to fight on one front rather than two or more. Now, in your case, when you indulge, you want to zero in on the absolute best, most delicious-looking dessert. Forget those run-of-the-mill candies or cookies. You want to carefully select the sugary food that most appeals to you.

3. Really See the Sweets.

Usually sugar addicts scarf dessert foods with
lickety-split speed. They don’t even look at what they’re about to eat. Before
indulging, I invite you to seriously study the sugary food that most attracts
you. What colors are the cookies? What’s the texture of the cupcake? What
ingredients do you think were used in that beautiful cake? How long do you
think it took to make them? In other words, look at these sweets as untouchable
art objects.

4.  Claim Your Sugar Power: Know that You Can, but
Won’t—For Now. Make a Quick Getaway.

If you’ve tried the above two techniques
and you still want something sweet to eat, then it’s time to Claim Your Power.
Remember that you have a choice—many choices, a number of times a day,
according to consumer psychologist Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We
. So go ahead and pick up the tempting food. Then glare at it.
Seriously! Know that you can eat it, but you won’t—for now at least. Then
look at your watch or get the time from someone else and give yourself a
15-minute Time-Out. You will not indulge during that time. Then, Make a Quick
Getaway. If you’re at a party, go into another room and chat with other guests.
If you’re at a drug store or supermarket, try to leave as quickly as possible
without succumbing to any of those deceptively appealing treats.

5.  Take
a Taste, If You Can. (You Can Always Quit Sugar Later.)

There may come a time when you have had
“enough” of these cool tricks. Perhaps you’re tired of feeling “deprived.”
Besides, you may be thinking, “It’s the holidays, and they only come once a
year, so why can’t I indulge like everyone else does?” If you feel this way and
if you believe you can handle it, then go ahead: Take a Taste. Please note, however, that not everyone can
do this.
Some people can stop after just one or two bites —but many others
find it brutally tough to have “a little” dessert. (There’s fascinating
research showing just how addictive sugar can be.)  If you honestly think you have the kind of
personality and mindset to rein yourself in and you choose to Take a Taste,
decide in advance exactly how much you’ll have. I recommend one to four small
bites maximum, preferably just one. But before you put any sweets in your
mouth, toss out the rest—preferably into a compostable pail or garbage can.
(This may sound wasteful and disrespectful to starving people, but it’s far
more wasteful and disrespectful to your precious body to over-indulge like many
people do this Holiday Season of Sugar Overload.) Now that you’ve set aside
your modest, sweet portion, go back to really seeing the dessert, and slowly
savor your few bites. As you chew, think about how wonderful this treat tastes,
if it does. (You may find that your small dessert portion isn’t nearly as good
as you thought it would be, as clients have shared with me). Also contemplate
how much more wonderful it will be if you keep the healthy body you have or
even slim down a little over the holidays. Now, that really would be sweet!

Connie Bennett is author of the bestselling books, Beyond Sugar Shock and Sugar Shock. Connie has achieved
international recognition as the Sugar Freedom Coach, and she has helped
thousands of people worldwide to easily break free of their sugar addiction so
they can get slimmer, sexier and sweeter. Connie is also a charismatic
motivational speaker, a certified life coach, a certified health coach, and a
popular radio host (Gab with the Gurus). A former sugar addict, Connie knows
what it’s like to feel addicted to candies, cookies, and cakes. In 1998, she
reluctantly quit sugar on doctor’s orders, and all 44 of her ailments
disappeared, including her horrible headaches, scary heart palpitations, and
severe PMS. Connect with Connie on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/SmartHabitsFans,
and learn about her Sugar Freedom Now Course at www.BreakFreeWithConnie.com.

Thanks for Your Support When My Mom Passed Away

I just wanted to thank all of you wonderful people, who've been sending me kind emails and even cards, because my mother passed away recently. 

I-miss-my-momAnd I so appreciate that many of you clients or would-be clients have been so incredibly patient for nearly a year after I moved across country to be with Mom during her final months and stopped all coaching.

I'm also very grateful to those of you, who, although you wanted my coaching help and who signed up for my Sugar Freedom Now Course, have been patient as I've been taking time to heal after my big loss.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, I invite you to read my blog post, "Mom Taught Me How to Live & Die with Courage, Gratitude and Spunk: She Can Teach You, Too."

Right now, I'm still recovering from my big loss. I miss my mom so much! Anyhow, I've been unable to do help others, because I've been needing help myself since her death. In fact, I'm getting bereavement counseling, in therapy, attending a support group, doing lots of writing (my way of grieving), and going to special grief events.

For those of you with sugar or carb challenges, I'm now getting back to coaching you. Also, make sure to mark your calendar for Wed., Jan. 9, 2013, That's the first day of my upcoming Sugar Freedom Now Course.

Thank you so much, Linda Brendle, for this fabulous "I miss my mom" artwork, which I hope you're okay with my using. If you're a caregiver, check out Linda's Life After Caregiving blog.