Forward-Thinking Researcher Suggests That Sugar-Filled “Poisoned” Food Supply May to Blame for Obesity

If you’ve among the two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese, read this first before blaming yourself for being short on self-control when it comes to those tempting, refined carbs that entice you just about everywhere you go.

Instead, our heavily processed, "poisoned," sugar-loaded food supply may be altering your biochemistry and driving you to eat more and more–and making you less inclined to get off your butt and exercise.

So hypothesizes nationally renowned obesity expert Robert Lustig, M.D,, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco, in the most recent issue of Art_robert_lustig_md_1721 Nature Cliinical Practice: Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Folks, this is really big news for those of you who’ve been having challenges saying no to all those sugar-filled, highly refined carbs that you’ve been consuming — like crackers, cookies, yogurt, and white bread.

Basically, Dr. Lustig believes that eating large amounts of sugar makes your body produce more insulin, which, in turn, blocks vital hormones that should normally tell your brain to stop eating.

What’s more, he theorizes, all that excess sugar makes your brain switch into starvation response mode. That then triggers more eating and activates lethargy (you know, the post-sugar "blahs") so that you can conserve energy. And then those extra unused calories are stored as fat. .

According to Dr. Lustig’s hypothesis, "sugar in large quantities drives up insulin secretion," reported in the San Francisco Chronicle.

In one of the more fascinating, well-researched articles I’ve seen recently about this subject — and I’ve seen probably thousands while working on my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK!Chronicle staff reporter Erin Allday explains:

"This insulin floods the brain, and in particular the hypothalamus, which regulates energy use in the body. As a result, leptin, a hormone that tells the brain when the body needs more or less energy, can’t get its signal to the hypothalamus because the insulin is blocking the way."

Allday continues:

"The result is that the body is thrown into starvation mode — the brain thinks it isn’t getting enough energy, so it needs more calories and it needs to save energy, he said. People end up feeling the symptoms of starvation, including malaise, depression, a lack of motivation and, of course, hunger."

Sound familiar? And guess what — all those tempting, culprit carbs sold by major corporations could be what’s driving your poor body into confusion and obesity. That’s right.

"It’s because of the toxic environment that the insulin rises and the problem behavior ensues," Dr. Lustig told Allday.

"That’s why all of these diet programs don’t work. That’s why telling people to diet and exercise alone won’t work, unless you improve the toxic environment as well."

Dr. Lustig contends that it’s vital to break the pattern of sugar consumption, one that he compares to nicotine addiction. (Hurrah, Dr. Lustig! You’re so onto something here! In fact, you just have to read my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK!, because I discuss some of these same things.)

Folks, I can’t tell you how exciting this is to have a cutting-edge pediatric endocrinologist putting forth these fascinating theories. (As you can see, Dr. Lustig’s training is impressive and includes a bachelor’s degree is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a medical degree is from Cornell University Medical College, a pediatric residency at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and and a clinical fellowship in pediatric endocrinology at UCSF.)


More Endorsements For My Upcoming Book SUGAR SHOCK!

About a month ago, I told you that exciting endorsements were beginning to come in from a number of influential experts for my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley, Jan. 2007). 

For example, the famous, bestselling authors Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Christiane Northrup gave kinds words for my book, as did Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. So did renowned nutritionists Oz Garcia, Jonny Bowden, and JJ Virgin, as well as Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Soon afterwards, other notable people also gave kind words about my book.

Now, more distinguished experts offered endorsements, too, which, of course, is all pretty exciting to me.

One of the endorsements I’m most excited about comes from the very generous, always helpful Nancy Appleton, Ph.D., who has been my mentor for about five years.

It just means so much to me to have Nancy say kind words about SUGAR SHOCK! Many thanks, Nancy!

I simply cannot rave enough about Nancy! Over the years (since 2001, when I began my book), whenever I had questions, this generous expert either talked to me on the phone or e-mailed me answers — and we’re talking about an awful lot of e-mails!

Nancy has been so wonderful to me, and she is one of my kick-sugar idols. She is a pioneer in the kick-sugar movement. When people hardly knew what sucrose was (OK, I’m exaggerating), Nancy was speaking out against its dangers and that of other refined sweeteners. Indeed, she’s been active since the 1970s and her book, Lick the Sugar Habit, helped me break free from my habit back in 1998. Here’s her endorsement:

“This book is full of interesting facts and insights.  After reading SUGAR SHOCK!, you will see that sugar, in all its various forms, should be the last ingredient on the NUTRITIONAL FACTS panel, on your food label–or not there at all.  Better yet, eat only whole foods without labels and without sugar.”   

Nancy Appleton, Ph.D., author, Lick the Sugar Habit

I’m also thrilled to get praise from one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Mark Hyman, who is so on the cutting edge. Thank you, Mark! Here’s what he wrote:

SUGAR SHOCK! gives us the opportunity to waken from our sweetened slumber to the serious, well-researched health implications of consuming a diet high in sugar and flour. Read this book.  It could save your life.”

– Mark Hyman, M.D., author of New York Times bestseller Ultrametabolism 

And I’m really pleased to get an endorsement from the bestselling author and relationship expert Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D., who I was lucky enough to meet recently at a conference for authors. Thank you, Barbara! Here’s her endorsement:   

‘’Sweet as sin and deadly as a bullet.  Sugar will make you fat, ruin your health, and end your life. In SUGAR SHOCK! Connie Bennett, M.S.J., C.H.H.C, tells us all about it, and how we can stop it.  A must read!’’

– Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D, author of the international bestseller, Brain Longevity

And Mark Victor Hansen, the always-inspirational guru to many bestselling authors, was kind enough to offer an endorsement, too:

"Sugar is sweet. Tasty to eat. But, it mightily depletes. Read SUGAR SHOCK! your wisdom to complete. It’s deep and will take your health to new peaks."

– Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of One-Minute Millionaire and co-author of more than 65 titles in the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series 

One of my new cyber friends, Julia Havey, also was kind enough to say some nice words:

"Connie Bennett delivers a mind-blowing, provocative, easy-to-read book about how eating lots of sweets can throw you into SUGAR SHOCK! and usher in a host of problems, from depression to crying spells to diabetes. She then offers the most sound, effective, and do-able plan to bust your sugar vice out of your life for good. Let my friend Connie lead you from a scary, destructive Candy Land to a life of better health and fitness–she knows the way because she has walked it and talks it better than anyone else."

– Julia Havey, Master Motivator and author of The Vice Busting Diet

And now we come again to my wonderful physician from back in 1998! It truly warms my heart that Dr. Keith DeOrio, the medical miracle worker, who helped me kick sugar back in 1998 offered an endorsement, too. Kind of a unique experience!

How can the once-sickly and depressed Connie, who sought medical treatment from me in 1998 be the same woman, who, years later, researched and wrote this groundbreaking book about sugar’s  many dangers? Little did I realize that by helping Connie to confront her  sugar habit that she would turn around and help countless others to conquer their sugar problems, too. SUGAR SHOCK! is an
easy-to-read encyclopedia of information about the negative effects of refined sugars and carbohydrates on the human body. I am sure that it will become the leading authority on this subject."

– Keith DeOrio, MD, Integrative  Physician

And, after more than a year of being in contact with his people, the famous film producer Harvey Weinstein also gave me an endorsement! Thank you, Harvey!

"This book is long overdue. Millions of people, including, me have been plagued by their relationship with Sugar, and Connie Bennett has done a superb job bringing the topic into the public’s eye. I wholeheartedly recommend SUGAR SHOCK! to anyone interested in improving their health.” 

– Film producer Harvey Weinstein ("Chicago," "The English Patient," "Pulp Fiction," "Good Will Hunting," and many more)

"This groundbreaking, hard-to-put-down book opens your eyes to little-known facts about how the typical American diet [high in sugar and refined carbs] could be wreaking havoc on your health, emotions, and relationships. You’re hooked from the first chapter, when author and journalist Connie Bennett offers an entertaining, insightful account of how her sugar habit made her so moody that her boyfriend bid her farewell. SUGAR SHOCK! is a must-read — especially if you want harmony in your relationships."

– Human relations expert Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D., author of 14 bestsellers, including the # 1 New York Times bestsellers, Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know and Are You The One For Me?

Recently, while at a conference with Dr. Andrew Weil and other doctors, I met another cutting-edge doctor — this one, a renowned, integrative oncologist Dr. Donald Abrams, who always tells his patients to steer clear of sugar. Thank you, Donald! Here’s his message about my book:

"This book should be required reading for everyone who eats! SUGAR SHOCK! outlines, in a palatable and easy-to-digest style, the ravages of sugar and refined carbohydrates on the body, mind, and spirit, as well as its role in the mounting toll of degenerative and malignant diseases. Along with Fast Food Nation and "Supersize Me," SUGAR SHOCK! provides a much-needed wake-up call.  Not only is this book a valuable, well-referenced resource replete with medical input, but it spotlights Connie’s triumphant journey, which will hopefully inspire countless readers to free themselves from the sweet clutches of sugar!"

– Donald I. Abrams, M.D., Director of Clinical Programs, OSHER Center for Integrative Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, and Chief, Hematology-Oncology, San Francisco General Hospital

And another renowned, bestselling doctor, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, also said some wonderful things:

See Snazzy, Revised Book Cover for SUGAR SHOCK!

I’m pleased to show you the final cover design for my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK! It now features the wonderful endorsement that bestselling author Dr. Mehmet Oz (YOU: The Owner’s Manual) was kind enough to give.

As I’ve mentioned previously, after five years of researching, writing and editing my book, it will finally see the light of day in a few months! Yeah!

Tadum… Drum roll… After 5 long years, Berkley Books will release it Jan. 2007.

What do you think of the book cover design? The cover’s pretty classy, isn’t it? (I hope you agree! Wasn’t the Berkley designer pretty creative? I thought she did a stupendous job. Cover350px

My Doctor Who Helped Me Kick Sugar in 1998 Just Gave Endorsement for My Book SUGAR SHOCK!

This is so very cool! The doctor who saved me back in 1998 just gave me an endorsement for my book SUGAR SHOCK!

This physician really worked miracles for me when I was one sugar-addicted mess suffering from heart palpitations, mood swings, confusion and 41 other symptoms.

Anyhow, this is sort of like graduating when your medical mentor gives his stamp of approval to your project.  What can I say — Wow! All right!

Here’s the endorsement from my hero of a doctor Keith DeOrio, M.D.  (FYI, if you live near L.A., tthis physician really helped me and enabled me to then pull it off:

"How can the once-sickly and depressed Connie, who sought medical treatment from me in 1998 be the same woman, who, years later, researched and wrote this groundbreaking book about sugar’s  many dangers? Little did I realize that by helping Connie to confront her  sugar habit that she would turn around and help countless others to conquer their sugar problems, too. /SUGAR SHOCK! /is an
easy-to-read encyclopedia of information about the negative effects of refined sugars and carbohydrates on the human body. I am sure that it will become the leading authority on this subject."

– Keith DeOrio, MD, Integrative  Physician

More Endorsements Received For My Book SUGAR SHOCK!

Previously, I told you about some exciting endorsements I’ve received from the generous, influential Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, nutritionists Oz Garcia, Jonny Bowden, JJ Virgin, and Joshua Rosenthal for my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley, Jan. 2007).

Here are some more endorsements for SUGAR SHOCK! Bet you can easily guess that I’m thrilled! Thank you, all you wonderful people!


“For years, I’ve been warning my patients about the dangers of sugars and refined carbohydrates. At long last comes a book that tells the full story! SUGAR SHOCK! is hard to put down – it’s a fascinating, easy-to-read, very well-researched book. I’ll be recommending this to all of my patients.”   
– Fred Pescatore, M.D., author of The Hamptons Diet and The Hamptoms Diet Cookbook

“This book is like none other. SUGAR SHOCK! tells it like it is – in a pure, simple, non-sugar-coated way. Everyone, whether hypoglycemic or not, will benefit from these provocative stories, powerful information, and health-healing messages.”

– Roberta Ruggiero, founder and president of The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, Inc., and author of The Do’s and Don’ts of Low Blood Sugar

“Wish this book had been around when I was a teen – my whole life would have been better. Connie’s done enormous research, and millions of sugar addicts and hypoglycemics all around the world will benefit from this enlightening, entertaining, fun book. SUGAR SHOCK! is a great read!”

– Naura Hayden, author of # 1 New York Times bestsellers How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time…and have her beg for more! and Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Energy…But Were Too Weak to Ask 

“The world has been waiting for a book such as SUGAR SHOCK!  It contains powerful, cutting-edge and very accurate information that can help millions. The next time you’re about to sit down to a piece of cheesecake or a soda, SUGAR SHOCK! will certainly make you think twice.  I predict that SUGAR SHOCK! will be a huge bestseller because of the copious and understandable information provided. If you care about your own health, or those among your family and friends, read this book and buy it for them!  Disregard the majority of non-nutritionally trained doctors’ counsel, or so called experts, who tell you `all sugars are alike and metabolized alike’; it’s simply NOT true.”

– Russ Bianchi, Managing Director of Adept Solutions, Inc., a global food and beverage product development firm

“SUGAR SHOCK! insightfully, humorously and convincingly presents a fresh look at what sugar can do to your body, mind and spirit. You will laugh, you may cry, but you will definitely learn surprising facts that you will long remember and that can help you and those you love avoid a lot of future problems. This is an eye-opening book that should be in every home and doctor’s office.”

– Barbara Reed Stitt, Ph.D., President of Natural Ovens Bakery; author, Food & Behavior and Roadmap for Healthy Foods in Schools; and former Chief Probation Officer in Ohio, who helped probationers kick sugar and stay out of trouble with the courts

SUGAR SHOCK! is a totally empowering look at a very disempowering problem. WOW of a topic! This book is more yummy than any sweet `treat.’ Everyone who struggles with sugar will see herself or himself in it. This truthful, courageous look at the dangers of sugar and refined carbs will help millions. The mind-bending info and unique approach will open everyone’s eyes to something that we all suspected was true – but didn’t want to see.  Thank you for putting your stories and research out there.”   

– Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, President, Script Brokers and Noble House Entertainment, and producer of “The Substitute,” starring Tom Berenger

“Oh, my goodness, you’re describing my sister! I bet all the sugar she eats often makes her act quite unlike her sweet self. Maybe she simply needs to stay away from sweeteners! I’ve been telling her for years that sugar disrupts her emotional balance and makes her look unhealthy. SUGAR SHOCK! is amazing!”

– Facial Fitness and anti-aging expert Cynthia Rowland

Fluffernutter Prevails Over Common Sense in Massachusetts; Legislator Caves On Battle to Get Sweet Stuff Out of Schools

I’m still catching up from vacationing in Nantucket. This item was written by my wonderful research assistant Jennifer Moore.

This is utterly pathetic, IMO.

One afternoon, according to the New York Times story, "A Political Kerfuffle Over Marshmallow Fluff," the son of Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett Barrios asked for Marshmallow Fluff after eating one at elementary school. 

This led Mr. Barrios to file an amendment to a school nutrition bill that would keep schools from serving the stuff, according to the Boston Globe.

Fluff is the epitome of junk food, comprised of corn syrup, sugar syrup, egg whites and vanilla.  One serving of this concoction–I don’t dare call it food–has 9 grams of sugar.  A Fluffernutter sandwich combines this sugary garbage with peanut butter. 

In response to Mr. Barrios’s common sense, two legislators from the town of Lynn, where Fluff has its headquarters, filed legislation to make the Fluffernutter the state sandwich.

”We grew up on Fluff,” said Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein of Revere, one of the legislators petitioning for the Fluffernutter.

Ms. Reinstein said the legislature had better things to do than to debate a sandwich spread. ”With all the stuff we’re trying to do,” she said, ”now you’re attacking a local business, taking it out on Fluff.”

Legislators have better things to do than protect children from unhealthy junk?  Really?  That’s ridiculous, if that’s how Ms.
Reinstein truly feels.

What’s worse, however, is that Mr. Barrios gave up his fight after a week of wrangling over it in the legislature, according to a follow-up Times story.  But Ms. Reinstein is relieved that the government can get back to doing more important things than trying to teach kids good eating habits, slow down the alarming rise in childhood obesity, and prevent diabetes.

"If we can just go back to our lives pre-Fluffgate, we’ll be fine," the Times quotes Ms. Reinstein as saying. "I’ve always said from the beginning that it’s insane that we’re doing this now."


Food Cravings Could Lead to Obesity

See this fascinating article from about food cravings being linked to obesity. No time to write more about it.

It’s Official. SUGAR SHOCK! To Be Published Soon – Foreword by Dr. Nicholas Perricone; Medical Consultant is Dr. Stephen Sinatra; Endorsements from Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Joshua Rosenthal, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Gov. Mike Huckabee & More

Tadum! It’s finally official. I’m pleased to announce that my book SUGAR SHOCK! will be released by Berkley Books in January 2007.


I’m incredibly thrilled that a number of amazing people and pioneers have joined forces with me to get the word out about the dangers of over consuming sugar and refined carbs.


For instance, SUGAR SHOCK! will have a foreword by the renowned Nicholas Perricone, M.D., best-selling author of many books, including The Perricone Promise.


In addition, the acclaimed cardiologist and anti-aging specialist Stephen Sinatra, M.D. — author of numerous books himself — has come on board as medical consultant.

Actually, it was a literary match made in heaven, so to speak, to find Stephen, because not only is he personable and respected by his medical peers, but he’s been warning his patients for 20 years about the dangers of sugar and refined carbs. So I was greatly honored that he decided to join forces with me to educate and motivate people.

In fact, when SUGAR SHOCK! comes out, Stephen and I will appear together to give interviews to the press. You’ll see us, I hope, on all kinds of news shows.

Art_northrup_cnblackgold_1002 Art_northrup_book_images

Art_mehmet_oz_images Art_you_images

Meanwhile, much to my delight, a number of recognized medical experts already have provided endorsements.

For instance, it’s a thrill it is to have the much-acclaimed physicians and best-selling authors Christiane Northrup, M.D. (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, etc.) and Mehmet Oz, M.D. (YOU: The Owner’s Manual) say nice things about the book.

(I’m telling you — first one, then the other — made my day (week) when their comments came in!)

Art_huckabee_080604_article_huck Art_huckabee_book_b000fl88z801_bo2204203

Meanwhile, the once-overweight Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas also endorsed my book. If you’re not familiar with his story, it’s quite an inpirational one. He peeled off pounds by kicking sugar, eating more healthily and exercising .

Now, he’s playing an influential, leading role in getting people to realize that they need to change their sugary, sedentary ways. Not only does he now hellp bring about important new legislation that promotes a healthy liftestyle, but he’s written a book advocating that you Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork.


I’m also so grateful to two other people, who said quite wonderful things about SUGAR SHOCK!

Firstly, I cannot rave enough about one of my favorite, go-to nutritionists Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S. — who has been graciously fielding my many, many requests from me over the years while I was working on this book.

It was truly exciting: Jonny kindly delivered a Wow! of an endorsement, too.

Art_joshua_iin_images_1 And I also found it especially gratifying that Joshua Rosenthal, founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition — where I recently graduated as a holistic health counselor — praised SUGAR SHOCK! as well.

Joshua is a man to watch. He is at the forefront a cutting-edge movement to educate people about healthy eating and healthy living. These students, in turn, will play an important role to educate the public. Anyhow, the fact that he said nice things about my book really touched me.

So, briefly, let me tell you how my book came about. The path from conception to publication has been a long one. SUGAR SHOCK! had its origins in spring 1998, when I kicked sugar on dotor’s orders and was amazed to find that all 44 of my ailments vanished, including brain fog, crippling fatigue, mood swings, and heart palpitations.

Back then, while quitting sweets, I began researching the subject with a fervor. In fact, I became quite captivated with the subject. Anyhow, as I watched myself become transformed from a "Sugar Shrew" to "sugarfree sweetie" just by removing those offending "culprit carbs," I just had to know more. Hence, in August 2001, I began this book in earnest.

To be honest, researching and writing this book has been a challenging, at times frustrating, painstaking process. Of course, this is why I’m so incredibly jubilant that a little more than 5 years after I started it, my book will finally see the light of day!

And, to be frank, it’s my greatest hope that this book will help millions.

Briefly, SUGAR SHOCK! is an expose about how over consuming sweets and processed carbs can lead to a whole host of problems, including heart disease, early aging, hypoglycemia, severe PMS, low libido, cancer, mood swings, depression, brain fog, and, of course, obesity. Ultimately, the book leaves you with hope for the future, and I provide all kinds of tried-and-true tips and tactics to help you break free of your sugar habit.

This book wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the cooperation of hundreds of people around the world.

In all, I interviewed more than 300 medical experts, researchers, scientists, public health advocates, Wall Street analysts, attorneys and self-described "sugar addicts," who took time to explain and share their insights, findings, and conclusions. Then, I and a number of research assistants poured over one medical study after another to dig up the latest research that backed my theories. Ultimately, I was astounded at how much validation we uncovered. Of course, you’ll hear more later, but I thought I’d whet your appetite a little first!

Stay tuned for announcements of more exciting endorsements from well-known people for SUGAR SHOCK!

Take Time to Relax

Given that for nearly 5 years, I’ve been working way, way too hard on my upcoming book, SUGAR SHOCK!, this article from really hit home with me. The piece is all about how we need to relax and unwind.

The timing of this article is quite coincidental. This is actually one of my really big goals now — I’m making a concerted effort to take more down time. (Ugh, I think I just made that sound like work!)

By the way, while you’re at, take the "Is Stress Hurting Your Health" quiz.

Anyhow, my friend Dr. Jill Baron, a stress management expert, likes to tell me a lot about the need to de-stress. We even did a couple of tele-seminars together back in March. She’s amazing. She instructed us on some very valuable techniques. You can even purchase replays of our calls here.

One Third of Americans — Some 73 Million Americans — Either Have Diabetes Or They’re on the Way There

When will Americans wake up and change their sugary, sedentary ways?

In case you’re wondering I’m so morose, just check out this latest news:

A whopping one-third of Americans — or 73 million Americans — either already have diabetes or they’re on their way to getting it, according to a study published in the June issue of Diabetes Care, the peer-reviewed journal published by the American Diabetes Association.

While the news is quite alarming, I believe that the figure stated is low. I contend that more than 73 million Americans have dangerous blood sugar conditions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes and hypoglycemia, which I collectively refer to as "SUGAR SHOCK!"

…Anyhow, back to the Diabetes Care study.

Specifically, researchers from the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 19.3 million people (9.3 percent of adults aged 20 and older) had diabetes in 1999-2002.

They also found that the number of people diagnosed with the disease has risen — from 5.1 percent between 1988-1994 to 6.5 percent of the population from 1999-2002. (The number of undiagnosed people remained the same — at 2.8%.)

Meanwhile, in addition to the number of diabetics increasing, the researchers discovered that another 26 percent of American adults had "impaired fasting glucose (IFG)," a form of pre-diabetes that’s generally considered a precursor to diabetes.

(If you have pre-diabetes, it means your glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be considered diabetes. Unless you change your diet and lifestyle, pre-diabetes often leads to diabetes within a decade.)

What’s incredibly alarming is that —  as we’ve been hearing repeatedly — in  many cases, people can stop diabetes in its tracks.

Bear in mind that I’m referring to the 95 percent of people with the disease who have type 2 diabetes, which means they experience a loss of insulin production and sensitivity that’s usually linked to overweight and obesity.

The study’s lead author pointed out as much.

"Despite the fact that we now know how to prevent type 2 diabetes in many cases — through lifestyole changes that include weight loss and increased physical activity — we continue to see this disease climb," Dr. Catherine Cowie, director of the diabetes epidemiology program at NIDDK,said in prepared statement.

You have to credit the ADA’s Robert Rizza, M.D. — president of the Medicine & Science division — for rightly admitting, "Obviously, we aren’t doing enough to convince people they need to make changes in their lives."

What gives? Why aren’t Americans getting the message?

As Dr. Rizza pointed out, "Diabetes is a chronic and often debilitating disease that can cut short your life. The fact that we know how to prevent type 2 diabetes and we’re still seeing this kind of increase is devastating."

Please, folks, take care of yourselves now before it’s too late!

Are you overweight? Hooked on sweets and refined carbs? Suffering other mysterious symptoms. Let us help you.

Join my free, online, KickSugar support group now.