Agave is Worse for You than High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): Please Stay Away From the Stuff!

Agave_syrup1 In recent years, health-minded people and health food restaurants have been excitedly ingesting and switching to the supposed, “safe, “all natural” sweetener agave or agave nectar.

Time and time again, since 2003, four years before my book Sugar Shock! was published in December 2006, I’ve been warning people that agave is not safe. In fact, I’ve been telling people, it may be worse for you than high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Again, for some seven years now, whenever people have asked me if agave is a good idea to use, my answer has always been the same:

“Stay away from agave, because it’s very high in fructose and may have more fructose than high fructose corn syrup.”


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Is Your Sugar Addiction Making You Crabby?

Stop Sugar Shock! Large Are you moody, cranky and edgy for no apparent reason?

Well, it could be your sugar addiction that’s contributing to your embarrassing highs and lows.

Hurray to Well + Good NYC for pointing out this not-so-well-known fact about sugar’s effect on your moods.

Gratitude also goes to Well + Good NYC for interviewing me for this story, “Are you just cranky or addicted to sugar? A local expert explains the pernicious side of sweetness.

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Learn About This Amazing School Thursday

IIN 3085333270_0c0b637805 People often ask me if I recommend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) when they learn that I attended this largest nutrition school in the world. (I’m a June 2006 grad.)

One of the biggest questions I get is: “Connie, what can the Institute for Integrative Nutrition do for me?

Find out this Thursday.

Join me Thursday, Jan. 7 from 3 pm to 3:30 pm EST in a free teleseminar/webinar to discover:

  • The 1 powerful principle I learned at IIN, which changed my life and opened my eyes
  • 2 simple, life-changing tips to break your sugar habit — or for that matter, any bad habit (or what I call babits)
  • What inspired me to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • How  attending the IIN wowed me, because I had the opportunity to meet absolutely amazing, positive, compassionate, health-conscious people, who seek to make a difference in the world and to do their part to improve the quality of other people’s lives
  • How the Institute for Integrative Nutrition gives lots of practical, focused help through its special Fast Track program that helps you build a successful career as a health counselor
  • What I was doing before and while attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

You can listen to this teleseminar/webinar either live or later, at your convenience.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition In the meantime:

– Learn about the IIN difference

– Check out the remarkable curriculum

– Or take a quiz to learn if IIIN and you are a match.

Then get my answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about IIN:

You: Do you recommend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Connie?

Absolutely! Attending IIN was a fabulous, life-changing experience. I absolutely loved it, and I wholeheartedly
recommend that you speak to an admissions advisor now to learn more.

You: What are some of the things I can expect if I attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

You will get so much from attending IIIN. For instance:

  1. You have the opportunity to attend or listen via Ipod to lectures by world-renowned speakers — big names like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Joe Mercola and, plus you learn from experts in self care, dancing, eating disorders — you name it, you get it! (Learn about the stupendous speakers here.) This, for me, was one of the big draws that prompted me to sign up for the school. These lecturers are amazing!
  2. You get to meet hundreds of amazing, high-energy, positive-thinking people from all over the country even the world. What’s so exciting is that you meet people all on your wave length — you’re all into eating healthfully, making a difference
    and becoming a better person. By attending IIN, it’s sort of like joining one big, health-minded, optimistic family. Whenever you meet anyone from IIN, you instantly bond. (Meet graduates here and notable alumni.)
  3. The curriculum is all encompassing. For instance, you learn about a variety of dietary theories,
    from Atkins to macrobiotics. (What other nutrition school does this? None of which I’m aware. Sure, as with any school or program, you may not agree or relate to everything you learn. But that’s perfectly OK. For instance, I disagree with the sweetener recommendations. But I can live with that, because that’s just one very tiny piece of what this wonderful school teaches. What’s that expression? Why throw out the
    baby with the bath water? You will LOVE all this instruction on conflicting theories! That’s my prediction.
  4. You get educated about the value and importance of what founder/director Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd calls “primary food.” I just love this concept — one that I’ve been advocating for years myself (using a different name). You’ll hear me talk about primary food on our Thursday call. So make sure to sign up here for the free Thursday teleseminar/webinarI
  5. You get to meet fabulous new friends! That is so cool!
  6. You are consistently educated, inspired and motivated. How can you not be
    when your fellow classmates are all sweet, dedicated, empowering
  7. You get much, much more than a nutrition education.
    You get a whole experience. For instance, you do fun, interactive
    exercises. You even attend meetings and study groups in your
    area.You connect with classmates in many ways.
  8. You learn about yourself as a person. Plus you’ll grow!
  9. You get lots of practical training to help you build your
    health-counseling career, which to my knowledge, no other nutrition
    program does to this extent. They teach you some really wonderful
    skills and techniques. The marketing instruction from Robert Notter is simply fabulous.
  10. You can chat with classmates through the wonderful, nurturing, fun online
    education community. On the “OC,” as we called it, you also can get questions
    answered, find out about upcoming programs, read articles, etc. (I spent a lot of time on the OC while attending IIN, because I was spending a lot of time home researching and writing my book SUGAR SHOCK! during this time.)  You can even
    participate in an alumni OC after you graduate.
  11. You’re greeted and helped by warm, welcoming, hard-working Graduate Leaders and professional staff members whether you attend live or through the distance learning program. Believe you me, they have one incredibly challenging job to do! (FYI, if you attend live in New York City starting in February, you may be able to meet me, because I’m applying to be a Graduate Leader.)
  12. Everything almost always runs smoothly. (They really do pull off major logistical miracles.)
  13. After you graduate, you’re still welcomed and invited to attend alumni conferences, continuing education teleseminars and functions. Plus, if you’d like to get more involved, you can attend immersion.

You: Can I really begin a career as a health counselor after attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition either live or through the distance learning program?

Absolutely. What’s so impressive about IIN is that you get such incredible training not only in nutrition principles but in how to build a career.

You: So, how would you sum up what you get from attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition either live or through the distance learning program?

To sum it up, I’d say that at IIN, you get a lot more than just a nutrition education. You get an exhilarating, expansive, nourishing, life-changing experience.

You: If I attend classes live in New York City, can I meet you and pick your brain about kicking sugar or building a health coaching career?

Yes, let’s meet for lunch one of the weekends. Not only that, but I will take you to lunch — my treat.

You: How would we meet if I sign up the distance learning program?

It would be my pleasure to give you a complimentary laser coaching call or just a fun Q & A if you attend the distance learning program.

You: How can I learn more about IIN?

Join us Thursday from 3 pm to 3:30 pm EST in a free teleseminar/webinar to find out about this amazing school and my experiences there. You’ll even get some tips to break free of your sugar habit, too. In fact, IIN was kind enough to post this on the Integrative Nutrition Blog about the sugar blues, too. (FYI, my figures are higher. People consume more like 170 to 190 pounds of sweeteners per year per person.)

You: How can I sign up?

It’s easy.

I hope this Q &A answers your questions about the Institute for
Integrative Nutrition. If you have more questions, feel free to contact

Join us Thursday from 3 pm to 3:30 pm EST in the free teleseminar/webinar! Can’t make it live? Listen later.

Please make sure to mention that Connie Bennett, author of SUGAR SHOCK!, sent you. And tell these wonderful people that I said hi.

Now learn about some exciting Case Histories, too.

Now watch some IIN grads talk about their experience at the school:

Meatless Monday: Will You Join Us?

Meatless Monday Tomorrow, I’m joining the important Meatless Monday campaign.

I now pledge to do my part in 2010 to help reduce meat consumption by 15 percent “in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet.”

Will you, too, join this important, healthy, fast growing movement, which is a non-profit initiative sponsored in association with the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health?

Of course, you smart, astute, health-conscious readers will have questions. Get answers and learn important information below how going meatless on Monday can improve your health, save gasoline and much more.

Get some history about this important program.

Why go Meatless?

Why Monday?

Learn about Movers & Shakers going Meatless.

And find out about Top Meatless Monday Moments in 2009 involving Michael Pollan, the movie Food, Inc., Al Gore, Lou Dobbs, Glen Beck, Laura Ingraham, Kathy Freston and Paul McCartney.

Make Meatless Monday one of your New Year’s resolutions, too.

Let’s get down to basics now. What can you eat if you skip the meat?

It’s very easy to go meatless on Monday. Instead of having chicken, beef or pork,
just get your protein (2 to 3 servings) from beans, legumes, eggs, nuts and seeds instead.

Naturally, you’ll want to eat ample vegetables (5 to 5 servings) and fruits (2 to 3 servings), as well as, whole grains (if you choose) and small portions of quality fats (2 to 3 tablespoons).

Plus, I’m excited to learn, the Meatless Monday folks encourage you to limit sweets, sweetened beverages, fried foods, salty snacks and foods with hydrogenated oils. Of course, as readers of this Sugar Shock Blog and my book SUGAR SHOCK! know,  I highly recommend cutting out or at least cutting back on sugary foods and drinks for the sake of your health, moods and relationships.

Get some tips on easy substitutions to eat here.

Now get answers on your nutritional quandaries.

Learn about Seasonal Picks.

Join the Movement now.

Learn about Meatless Monday in the Media. 

Listen to what the experts are saying.

Get some Monday Recipe Videos, too.

You can even get cool ideas for foods to try on the Meatless Monday site. Learn now about magnificent almonds. and get a recipe for Almond Butter Cups. (I’m not sure if the chocolate chips are sugar-free. I hope so.)

Are you a blogger. Join Bloggers on Board to promote Meatless Monday to our readers.

Special thanks to Joshua Rosenthal, founder and executive director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, for inspiring me to join Meatless Monday. It was this article, which I learned about on Facebook, which inspired me to action.

Find out about IIN this Thursday, Jan. 7 from 3 pm to 3:30 pm EST, when I’m interviewed for a teleseminar/webinar. Sign up now.

Sugar Addicts: Get Free Support Now

Kick_sugar_with_us Now, that it’s a new year, would you like to overcome your sugar addiction?

In 2010, would you like to to connect with others, who also want to break free from a sugar habit and its accompanying frustrations?

And would you like to get support, encouragement and motivation from people who’ve successfully conquered their sugar addiction and carb addiction?

It would be my honor and privilege if you’d allow me to help you break free of your frustrating habit this year.

As I learned back in 1998, when you conquer your sugar addiction and carb addiction, life opens up to you in ways that you may have previously thought unimaginable. You may feel reborn like me!

Allow me to help you learn the wonders, joys and exhilaration that you get from leading a life free of an attachment to sweets and other artificial substances.

You can get support, encouragement and information to kick your sugar addiction in several ways.

  • Perhaps the best place to connect and chat with successful Sugar Kickers and soon-to-be Sugar Kickers is on Facebook, on the Smart Habits Fans page. There, you can ask questions, receive tips and tactics, get links to interesting articles, watch intriguing videos, learn about free teleseminars, lectures, coaching programs, get links to downloads and have access to me. Although I have a regular Facebook account elsewhere, if you’re a reader of SUGAR SHOCK! or desire support for your sugar habit, the Smart Habits Fans page is the best place to go.
  • You’re also invited to join the Stop Sugar Shock support group on Ning, where you can post a profile, ask questions, chat with fellow members, get information, watch videos, share recipes and more. I am hosting this site with my friend and colleague James Hahn II, who, like me, is a former sugar addict and life coach. In Stop Sugar Shock, you can learn about James’ remarkable journey to freedom here, in which he he peeled off nearly 100 pounds just by removing sugar. We hope to see you in Stop Sugar Shock soon. (Please note that this group began in Nov. 2002 as KickSugar on Yahoo, and it has now been renamed as Stop Sugar Shock and moved to Ning, which offers more interactive features.)
  • You also can attend a variety of free and paid programs with me, which I tell you about on this blog. For instance, no matter where you live around the country and world, I’m offering a free teleseminar/webinar on Thursday, Jan. 7 at 3 pm EST with my friends from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which I attended. Find out now how you can have lunch with me in New York City (my treat) if you attend IIN, starting in February.
  • Then, on Monday, Jan. 11 at 8 pm EST, I’m offering another free teleseminar/webinar. Get details about this event by subscribing to my free Motivating Morsels ezine.
  • For those of you serious about changing your life and making your dreams come true, I also offer private and group coaching. Learn about coaching with me here.

I hope to see you very soon on Facebook or in Stop Sugar Shock and to meet you on one of my upcoming teleseminars/webinars.