Halloween Tricks Kids Into Sugar Overload: Op Ed Piece

Hall leftover-halloween-candy-by-harris-graber Are you re planning on passing out sugar-filled candies for Halloween tomorrow night?

If so, you should know that every time you hand out candies, you're tricking kids into sugar overload. 

Halloween isn't just one night. It paves the way for bad eating habits year-round.

Read more about this in our opinion piece in today's Newark Star-Ledger.

Spread the word to your friends, fans and family members.

Make comments. Get heard, too.

My Author Friend & I Are Going Zany During Book Expo America This Week

For this important week in publishing — during which Book Expo America takes place — my fun author friend Dr. Diana Kirschner and I are playfully going out on a limb to drum up interest in our books. Here's a press release that's now going out to the media today.

Authors Develop Zany, Outrageous Marketing Gimmicks to Nab Publishers & Fans in this Uncertain Economic Climate:

Author Connie Bennett Playfully Wears Sandwich Board Asking, “Are You ‘The One?’” at Book Expo America

                CONTACT: Connie Bennett, connie@sugarshock.com, (866) 542-5784 

(May 28, 2009) NEW YORK—As authors vie for publishers’ and readers’ attention in this uncertain economic climate, some innovative, pro-active authors are developing over-the-top, outrageous, humorous marketing gimmicks.

“It’s time to become an out-of-the-box-thinking author-preneur, who creates captivating messages and publicity stunts that nab the attention of readers and publishers,” claims author Connie Bennett, who is laughingly walking around Book Expo America on Friday and Saturday sporting a provocative, 24”-by-30” sandwich board that says, “Are You ‘The One’?”

The amiable author’s “Are You `The One?’” message—which looks like a single’s personal ad—pokes fun of the fact that Bennett is available as a single woman and as an author with a Big Platform. Her sandwich board goal: A “committed relationship” with a “compatible publisher” to release her second book.

“I wanted to playfully show that I have the guts, initiative and ingenuity to be a successful author no matter what the economic climate,” adds Bennett, an experienced journalist, certified health counselor, self-described “Ex-Sugar Shrew!,” the Better Habits Coach™ and author of the book SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley Books) (www.SugarShock.com).

SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkeley Books)—a bestseller on Amazon—has a foreword by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and has been endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup and film mogul Harvey Weinstein. The book’s contributing author is cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

Bennett’s second book—for which she’s publisher hunting—is a fun, friendly, compassionate, diet book,
The Better Habits Diet: Slim Down, Boost Energy, Rev Up Your Libido & Be Happier in Only 21 Days. Fans of Bennett already are signing up in advance to buy it at the blog, www.BetterHabitsDiet.com.

The single author facetiously promises on her sandwich board, “Will put out on first date!!”—meaning that she’ll be happy to share information about her new book with interested publishers. Admittedly, Bennett is “embarrassed” by her bold sign. To that end, she’s even offering passers-by nuts to underscore the nuttiness of her marketing campaign. The author also promises to meet publishing suitors—not at the Empire State Building like “Sleepless in Seattle”—but at “Booth 3534 at the Top of Every Hour.”

Another author using out-of-the-box marketing techniques is psychologist and relationship expert Diana Kirschner, Ph.D., who, in March began starring with her 4-pound Pomerian, Madison, in a series of zany, dating-advice videos posted on YouTube to drum up sales for her new book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love (Center Street).

In Dr. Diana’s “Simply Irresistible Flirting Moves” webisode series (www.YouTube.com/lovein90days), she humorously illustrates flirting techniques with her adorable pooch, who “plays” a hot guy. In one month, the series has had 40,000 views. Dr. Dianas videos, which she launched without publisher support, also have attracted more than 56,000 friends, over 81,000 viewers and nearly 3,000 new subscribers to her YouTube channel. The author’s zany marketing gimmick has been so successful that YouTube—which links directly to the Amazon sales page for her book—has granted Dr. Diana partner status, driving even more traffic to her website. (www.lovein90days.com).

With the publishing industry at a crossroads, Bennett and Dr. Diana are part of an emerging trend of pro-active author-preneurs, who are building their platforms and driving book sales through creative PR stunts that also bring laughter into the equation.           # #  #

Sugar Addicts & Overweight People: Get Help Now! Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge

Are you tired of being a slave to your sugar habit?

Would you like to find a way to break free of your excess
weight, mood swings, fatigue and addiction to sugar and refined carbs?

Did you listen to numerous guests on my 2-hour radio
that kicked off the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge?

Numerous experts will tell you about sugar's dangers and more.

Listen to the show now.

Get "tweets" (messages up to 140 characters
each) with information and information for 24 hours, from noon today to noon


Sign up to take the challenge here.  (http://tinyurl.com/sugar-out-sign-up)

Join us. This is one life-changing program.

Listen now to the show with:.

  • Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, author of “Get the Sugar Out”; 
  • Dr. Peter H. Gott,
    nationally syndicated medical columnist and author of “Dr. Gott’s No Sugar, No
    Flour Diet”;
  • Elizabeth Abbott, author of “Sugar: A Bittersweet History”; Dr. Eric
    Westman, director of Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic; 
  • Dr. Hyla Cass, integrative psychiatrist and
    author of “8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and Natural Highs”;
  • MeMe Roth, founder and president of the National Action Against Obesity;
  • Dr. Woody Merrell, author of “The Source: Unleash Your Natural Energy, Power Up Your Health, and Feel 10 Years Younger”;
  • Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of “The Hamptons
  • Amy Kalafa, co-founder of “Two Angry Moms,” which is dedicated to cleaning
    up the school food environment; 
  • Susan
    Linn, director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood; 
  • Dr.
    Larry McCleary, author of “The Brain Trust 
  • Valerie Berkowitz, R.D. and certified diabetes
    educator, author of the upcoming book, “The Stubborn Fat Fix.” 
  • Jimmy Moore
  • Amanda Lerner
  • Mark Berry
  • Susan Shapiro

Sign Up Now for the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge on Jan. 16

Are you like Oprah — tired of lugging around excess weight?

Do you feel that you have no control over your sugar or carb habit?

Are sugary foods your "drug of choice"?

Would you like to get more energy, focus better, rev up your libido, get along better with loved ones and get a hot, trim body?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you'll want to join the First Annual Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge, which takes place Jan. 16.

Many of us experts are here to help you begin to lick your sugar habit.

We're here to give you the support, compassion, information and education that you need and deserve.

My co-organizer Dr. Scott Olson and I invite you to take our challenge by submitting your comment here.

Spend time on Jan. 16 to look  at your sugar issues, learn about the
dangers of sugar overloading (which people around the world are doing) and cut
it out totally on that one day.

Wondering what could happen if you kick sugar? Read these amazing success stories now.

So sign up here now.

Make sure to tell us about your sugar history, what a lot of sweets do to
you and what you envision for the future if being sugar-free was a

What are you waiting for? Join us now.

And spread the word. We want to get a huge viral campaign going.

After you sign up, mark your calendar.

Our festivities begin Jan. 16 at 12 p.m. Eastern on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show for the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge,.where we'll be joined by some of the biggest health and sugar experts in the country. (You can listen live or later, at your convenience, to a podcast.)

For instance, we'll be joined by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, author of Get the Sugar Out; Elizabeth Abbott, author of Sugar: A Bittersweet History; Dr. Eric Westman, director of Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic; (?),
Cass, integrative psychiatrist and author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health
and Natural Highs
; MeMe Roth, founder and president of the National
Action Against Obesity
; Dr. Nancy
Appleton, author of Lick the Sugar Habit;
 Dr. Woody Merrell, author of
Your Natural Energy
; Dr. Fred
Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet;
Amy Kalafa, co-founder
of “Two Angry Moms,” which is dedicated to cleaning up the school food environment;
 Susan Linn (?), director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood;
 Dr. Yvonne Sanders Butler, principal of
Browns Mill Elementary School in Lithonia, Georgia; the first sugar-free school
in the country; Roberta Ruggiero,
founder of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation;; Dr. Larry McCleary, author of The Brain Trust  Program; Dr. Roberta Lee, vice chair of
the Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel's Center for Health and Healing in New York City; the “Nutrition Twins” Tammy Lakatos Shames and
Elysse ("Lyssie") Lakatos, authors of Fire Up Your Metabolism;
and integrative medicine practitioner Steven J. Bock, M.D.

In addition, several
happy, successful “Sugar Kickers” will participate, including popular low-carb
blogger Jimmy Moore, who lost 180 pounds, mostly by cutting out sugar and
refined or starchy carbs, and Amanda Lerner, who shed 25 pounds and got more
energy, clearer skin, increased focus, creativity and a profound feeling of
freedom. In addition, her cravings, depression, eczema, candida and fainting spells

Then from 12 noon Friday to 11:59 Saturday, we'll conduct a supportfest on Twitter. If you don't have an account yet, just sign up at Twitter and then start following @TwitAsYouQuit.

Frustrated right now? Want support this minute? Get going now by becoming a member of my free online Kicksugar discussion group.

Remember, if you have sugar issues, this Sugar Shock Blog is your place to get news updates, information about upcoming programs and much more.

Sign up now for the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge.

Dieters, Sugar Addicts, Diabetics & Hypoglycemics To Be Helped By Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge on Jan. 16 (Press Release)

Note from Connie: Get help and hope, beginning this Friday if you're overly attached to sugar, want to lose weight, have diabetes, hypoglycemia or pre-diabetes. Here's the press release s going out tomorrow. Feel free to republish this, but please use in its entirety.

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge Kicks Off Jan. 16 to Help Dieters, Sugar Addicts, Diabetics And Hypoglycemics Worldwide

Learn the Sour Sugar Facts from Experts Dr. Ann Louise
Gittleman, Dr. Nancy Appleton, Dr. Hyla Cass and Others

Another kind of inauguration is happening on Jan. 16: The
first ever annual Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge.

Health, wellness and sugar experts have come together to
draw attention to the many health hazards that could result from over-consuming
sugar and refined carbohydrates, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, infertility and Alzheimer's disease. (They warn about all caloric sweeteners, including sucrose, high fructose corn syrup and dextrose.)

This is the first time that a worldwide event has been
held to draw attention to the massive amounts of sugar that the typical person
consumes, which is about 170 pounds a year or one cup a day for the average
American and the same for someone living overseas.

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge — which takes place through the end of January — is also the first
time authors of  "competing" sugar books have banded together to invite people worldwide to learn the sour sugar facts and to urge them to remove sugar for at least one day (or at least cut back on it).

Persons of all ages and sexes — even if they don't think
they have a sugar problem — are invited to find a buddy and take the Great
Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge.

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge begins on Jan. 16, at noon Eastern, with a fast-paced, two-hour, sugar-consciousness-raising program on the Gab With the Gurus Radio Show (http://tinyurl.com/sugar-out-challenge-radio-show).

The show will feature such health experts as Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, author of Get the Sugar Out; Dr. Peter H. Gott, nationally syndicated medical columnist and author of Dr. Gott’s No Sugar, No Flour Diet; Elizabeth Abbott, author of Sugar: A Bittersweet History; Dr. Nancy Appleton, author of Lick the Sugar Habit; Dr. Hyla Cass, integrative psychiatrist and author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and Natural Highs; MeMe Roth, founder and president of the National Action Against ObesityDr. Woody Merrell, author of Unleash Your Natural Energy; Dr. Fred
Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet; Amy Kalafa, co-founder of “Two Angry Moms,” which is dedicated to cleaning up the school food environment;
Susan Linn, director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood; Roberta Ruggiero, founder of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation;; Dr.
Larry McCleary, author of The Brain Trust  Program; and Dr. Eric Westman, director of Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. 

In addition, several happy, successful “Sugar Kickers” will participate, including popular low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore, who lost 180 pounds, mostly by cutting out sugar and refined or starchy carbs, and Amanda Lerner, who shed 25 pounds and got more energy, clearer skin, increased focus, creativity and a profound feeling of freedom. In addition, her cravings, depression, eczema, candida and fainting
spells disappeared.

The Sugar-Out Challenge is coordinated by Dr. Scott
Olson, author of “Sugarettes," and Connie Bennett, host of the Gab With
the Gurus Radio Show and author of "SUGAR SHOCK! How Sweets and Simple
Carbs Can Derail Your Life — And How You Can Get Back on Track." Low-carb
blogger Jimmy Moore and MeMe Roth of the National Action Against Obesity are Sugar-Out advisory board members.  

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge also features a
24-hour twitfest, where frequent, inspiring, motivating, informative tweets
will be sent out from www.Twitter.com/TwitAsYouQuit. In addition, participants will give each other support. Twitter is a popular, fast-growing, microblogging program, with 6 million users now sending out
messages of up to 140 characters.

"Most people don't realize that whenever you eat or
drink foods or drinks from a bottle, can or package, you’re probably getting
sugar or high fructose corn syrup,” says "Sugar Liberator" and
Sugar-Out Challenge co-coordinator Bennett, a journalist, certified health
counselor, speaker and life coach.

"Of course, you get sugar and other sweeteners from
candy bars, soda and cookies, but you also get it from less obvious sources
like yogurt, whole grain cereal, peanut butter, salad dressings and mayonnaise,"
continues Bennett, who, before kicking sugar in 1998 “needed” frequent sugar
"fixes" to meet her article deadlines.

“People who want to lose weight as their New Year’s
resolution need to know that if you just cut out sugar and refined carbs, your
weight will lift right off.”

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge co-planner Scott
Olson, N.D., a Colorado-based naturopath, who was once overly attached to
much-like-sugar carbs, such as breads, crackers and chips, adds, "People
assume that diseases are a normal part of aging, but that’s not true. Many
illnesses are caused by the sugary foods and drinks and refined carbohydrates
that we put into our mouths. Our mission is to get people and medical
authorities to admit to this reality."

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge will take place
virtually, on the Internet:

= To join the challenge, sign up anytime by posting a comment at http://tinyurl.com/sugar-out-sign-up or click on the “Sign Up
for Sugar-Out Challenge” button (on the upper nav bar)

= Listen live on Jan. 16 (at noon Eastern) to a 2-hour
show/podcast on the Gab With the Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio. Or listen
later, at any time to: http://tinyurl.com/sugar-out-challenge-radio-show

= Get inspired by following a 24-hour-long TwitAsYouQuit campaign (from Jan. 16 at noon to Jan. 17 at 11:59 p.m.) on www.Twitter.com/TwitAsYouQuit.
Supportive, motivating, inspirational, 140-character tweets will help dieters,
sugar addicts, diabetics and hypoglycemics, who also will give each other
twitter support. (If you’re not yet on Twitter and don't know how to use it,
get a link to a great Columbia University, Twitter for Journalists podcast at http://tinyurl.com/get-twitter-trained-CJ

= Begin to immerse yourself in a sugar education at www.SugarShock.com and www.SugarShockBlog.com

The goals of the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge are:

= To wake people up to the sour truth about the huge
amounts (about 170 pounds per year) of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and
other sweeteners that they are consuming — often without knowing it.

= To educate people about the many dangers of sugar overloading, which could lead to more than 100 health problems, including obesity, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome,
infertility, sexual dysfunction, Alzheimer's disease, failing memory, mood
swings, depression, anxiety, severe PMS, heart palpitations, acne and premature

= To motivate challenge-takers to eliminate sugar and other sweeteners all day, Fri., Jan. 16 and/or to stop anytime before the end of the month, and/or to begin phasing them out so they can lose weight, feel and look more youthful, boost their energy, diminish depression, concentrate better, rev up their sex drive and improve their
general health overall.


To take the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge either on or after Jan. 16:

1) Just join at http://tinyurl.com/sugar-out-sign-up or go the “Sign Up for Sugar-Out Challenge.”

2) Then, listen to the Gab With the Gurus Radio Show  at http://tinyurl.com/sugar-out-challenge-radio-show
either live at noon Eastern or later, at your convenience.

3) Next, sign up at Twitter (if you don't have an account yet) and begin following www.Twitter.com/TwitAsYouQuit and posting encouraging posts to other sugar addicts.

4) Read quotes from supporters of this first-of-a-kind
campaign att: http://snipurl.com/sugar-out-supporters



== Connie Bennett is the author of the book "SUGAR
SHOCK!," with cardiologist/anti-aging expert Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D.
"SUGAR SHOCK!" has a foreword by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and endorsements from numerous experts, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, former presidential candidate/former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, actress/author Marilu Henner and film producer Harvey Weinstein. Bennett — who is a journalist, certified health counselor, sugar-liberation expert, speaker and life coach — is a former sugar addict, who was once besieged by 44 baffling ailments, including ferocious headaches, crippling fatigue, troubling "brain fog" and severe PMS. More than 10 years ago, she reluctantly
kicked sugar on doctor’s orders and within days, she felt “reborn,” becoming
more energetic, focused, cheerful and more. Bennett has helped thousands of
people around the world break free from their sugar and carb addiction. She is
based in New York. Her website is www.SugarShock.com; her radio show is www.GabWithTheGurus.com, and her blogs are www.SugarShockBlog.com and www.GabWithTheGurusBlog.com


==Dr. Scott Olson is a naturopathic doctor, an expert in
natural medicine, as well as a writer, researcher, speaker, health adviser,
health coach and author of the book “Sugarettes,” which spotlights the
addictive, nicotine-like nature of sugar. He was once overly attached to
much-like-sugar carbs such as breads, chips and crackers. He is based in
Denver. Dr. Olson specializes in treating people with sugar addiction, cancer,
type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. His website is www.OlsonND.com

To read quotes from supporters of the campaign, visit: http://snipurl.com/sugar-out-supporters

Best Gab With the Gurus Radio Shows in 2008 and 2007

Btrbetalogo As 2008 comes to a close, let's look at the 20 most popular Gab With the Gurus Radio Shows I hosted since beginning it in July 2007. (Yes, I'm covering a time span of more than a year, but last year, I was too busy to give you a Best of Shows list.)

In case you're new to the Gab With the Gurus Radio Shows, they're designed to inspire, motivate, entertain and educate you. Guests are brought on to help you bring your life to a better, more exciting, happy and fulfilling place.

Connie4 headshot My Gab With the Gurus Radio Shows, as fans know, are hosted over at the much-acclaimed, cutting-edge, user-friendly Blog Talk Radio. What's so cool about doing a show there is that it's easy to do, all  you need is a phone and people can listen at any time to your programs.  

So without further ado, let's delve into the Best of Shows. We'll begin by highlighting shows at the current URL, www.BlogTalkRadio.com/GabWithTheGurus. If you forget this URL, you can always listen to my shows by just typing www.GabWithTheGurus.com. That's, in turn, routed to the Blog Talk Radio site.

Nicholas boothman_n 1. Earlier this month, in December 2008, fans were thrilled with idea that you could get people to like you in 90 seconds or fall in love in 90 minutes. Listen now (or later, at your convenience) to this show: Instant Attraction: How to Make People Like You & make Someone Fall in Love With You With Nicholas Boothman

2. In November, after people swamped me with emails asking me about high fructose corn syrup (because they'd seen the new ads from the Corn Refiners Association), I invited several gurus to give you the truth about this cheap, widely popular, chemically synthesized, corn-based sweetener that's now used in some 2/3 of processed foods found in grocery stores today. My guests included: Curt Ellis, director of "King Corn," cardiologist Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra (contributing author to my book SUGAR SHOCK!); food formulator Russ Bianchi and nutritionist Pedro Bastos. Learn their thoughts at: High Fructose Corn Syrup: Should We Believe the New Ads? Get the Scoop About This Popular Sweetener. Get more valuable info about HFCS from researcher Dr. Richard Johnson, author of The Sugar fix, who chatted with me for the last 15 minutes of this show.

Alex Jamieson - healthy_chef_alex 3. In addition, in November, Thanksgiving put me in a grateful frame of mind so we paid tribute to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), which I atttended. You can now listen to more than a dozen graduates of IIN, including Alex Jamieson (who you may have seen on "Oprah" with her husband Morgan Freeman), Amy Kalafa (one of "Two Angry Moms," who appeared on the "Today" show), acclaimed physicians Dr. Karlene ChinQuee and Dr. Jill Baron, dietitian Lynn Goldstein, Seth Braun, Dena Smith Givens, Jeanette Bronee, Jena la Flamme, Nancy Weiser, Sandra Keros, Glen Colello, Ameet Maturu, Mary Kent Hearon, Dages Keates, Kristen Domingue, Stacey Morganstern and Marilena Minucci. Learn about the school now and get their helpful  health tips: Integrative Nutrition Grads Share Health Tips & How IIN Transformed Their Lives

Ablow 4. During October, the acclaimed Dr. Keith Ablow gave his unique style of straight-up advice and strategies to resolve your conflicts. He guides you to move beyond the script of your past to a bright future. Get ideas now: Learn to Live the Truth With the Renowned Dr. Keith Ablow

5. September was time to answer your many questions about Twitter, this fascinating social networking phenomenon. We turned to Shel Israel, author of Naked Conversations; Arik Hesseldahl, technology writer for Business Week; David Mathison, author of Be the Media; Gedeon Maheux, Iconfactory co-founder; and Warren Whitlock, co-author of Twitter Revolution, who told you how Twitter can help you. Listen now: Twitter Talk With the Gurus — Get The Scoop on This Social Networking Phenomenon – Sep 23,2008

Stephen Baker solarized%20face,%20may%204%2002%20030 6. Also that month, you got the scoop from Business Week's Stephen Baker, the author of The Numerati, about mathematical whizzes that are watching our every purchase and surveying our interests. In addition, Curt Ellis, director of the fascinating documentary, "King Corn," talked to us about the new high fructose corn syrup ads. Listen now: Corn Syrup Ads: True or False? The Numerati: Invading Privacy? Stephen Baker & Curt Ellis Dish Dirt
Tickmatch 7. Then, on August 5, we shed light on the scary, tick-transmitted Lyme disease, which, unfortunately took place as I was struggling with this condition myself. Guru guests included: Pamela Weintraub, author of the groundbreaking book, Cure Unkown; Pat Smith, president of the Lyme Disease Association; Bernard D. Raxlen, M.D.; Steven J. Bock, M.D., Dr. Qingcai Zhang; author Rebecca Wells (Ya-Ya novels) and Kris Newby, senior producer of the new documentary, “Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease.” Get educated now: Lyme Disease: Get the Truth on the Fast-Spreading Disease With Pamela Weintraub & Other Experts  (See how small ticks here by looking at the artwork to your left.)

Harley Pasternak 8.  In mid-July, fans loved the show, Lose Weight With Celebrity Diet & Fitness Expert Harley Pasternak and "The Charmed's" Victoria Moran. Harley, one of America's most sought-after diet and fitness experts, shared details about his "5 Factor Diet" (also the name of his book. We also heard about some of his hot celebrity clients, who include Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Mandy Moore, Orlando Bloom, Zack Braff and Robert Downey, Jr. Then, the formerly overweight Victoria Moran, author of Fat, Broke & Lonely No More, shared how she has kept weight off for 24 years.

Marci_standing_web3 9. A month previously, on June 17, you raved about the show, in which you got (and can still get) pearls of wisdom and helpful tips on how achieve joy in your life with Marci Shimoff, a featured teacher in The Secret. Marci, author of Happy for No Reason, gives you tools so you can become happy from the inside out. Listen now to this empowering, exciting show: Happiness: Learn How to Get It With Marci Shimoff of The Secret

FYI, mid-June 2008 was when The Gab With the Gurus Radio Show, formerly called the Stop SUGAR SHOCK!, moved to a new URL, www.BlogTalkRadio.com/GabWithTheGurus. (You can also get there by just going to: www.GabWithTheGurus.com.) 

Julia Cameron - julia-color The new Gab With the Gurus URL was reflective of a broader focus. Rather than just spotlighting gurus in health, wellness and fitness, the show now also features experts in personal empowerment, blogging, social networking, Law of Attraction, relationships, romance, fiction and more.

Listen now to this brief announcement that Gab With the Gurus Show Moves to A New Location and covers a variety of fields. While it was called the Stop Sugar Shock Radio Show, more exciting guests intrigued you. Here are some of your favorite shows, according to the hundreds of emails I've received. 

10. Fans of this show also enjoyed May's show with the acclaimed creativity expert Julia Cameron, author of The Writing Diet and The Artists Way. She chatted with me and gave you tips on how to journal your way to weight loss. You can catch her show now: Write Away Your Weight With Creativity Expert Julia Cameron.

Sree Sreenivasan smockvert 11. Also that month, a panel of acclaimed experts gave you the scoop about social networking. Find out now about it: Social Networking 101 With Sreenath Sreenivasan, Yvonne DiVita, Rohit Bhargava, Toby Greenberg and David Riklan.

12. Then in April, in honor my 10 years sugar-free, I hosted Part I and Part II of a one-of-a-kind Gab Fest With the Gurus, "The Keys to Sweet Glee Naturally," where numerous experts spent some 5 minutes to share something inspiring to help them take their lives to the next level. It was a speed-interviewing guru extravaganza, sort of like speed dating except that you left each and every interview feeling uplifted, as thousands raved of pleased fans wrote to me. 

Dr. Bernie siegel Part I was a 2-hour show that featured 15 influential people in health, wellness, nutrition and personal empowerment, including Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, Alex Jamieson, Marla ("FlyLady") Cilley, Liz Lipski and Dr. Hyla Cass. Listen now to Gab-Fest With the Gurus — 15 Renowned Guests to Inspire & Educate You (In Honor of 10 Years Free)

Part I, which was held on April 15, 1998 — my actual, 10-years-off-sugar anniversary date, or what I now fondly call the year I was reborn — was a big hit with listeners, who enjoyed getting short, motivational tidbits from the gurus.

Jack_lalanne_bio_pic2Likewise, Part II went over well with listeners, who appreciated hearing from the 93-year-old Jack LaLanne, who has more energy than people half his age — or even one-third his age.

Jack, who also was kind enough to be interviewed for my book SUGAR SHOCK!, was joined by "Mr. Fire" Joe Vitale, one of the teachers in the hit movie and book, The Secret, "First Lady of Nutrition" Ann Louise Gittleman and "Secret Weapon" Donna Le Blanc. , the inspirational has more energy than people half his age — or even one-third his age. This was a real treat! Listen to part II now, Jack LaLanne, Joe Vitale, Ann Louise Gittleman & Donna LeBlanc: Gab-Fest With the Gurus.

13. You also liked March's important show educated people about one of the biggest dangers today. Listen now to: Diabetes: Are You One of 21 Million Americans With this Disease? American Diabetes Alert Day Show with Dr. Ann Albright, President, Health Care & Education for the American Diabetes Association, cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, who is contributing author for SUGAR SHOCK!; and nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden.

Lisa nichols 14. Fans of this show also were entertained and helped In February by the charismatic Lisa Nichols, one of the acclaimed teachers in The Secret. When she came on this radio show, she shared invaluable tips so you can make your dreams happen, whether you want to lose weight, make money, find love or get more friends. Catch this exciting show now: The Secret: Oprah Guest Lisa Nichols Tells You How to Use The Secret to Lose Weight, Find Love, Etc.  

15. Meanwhile, the previous month, in January 2008, people were shocked to learn that sugar can mess up your brain. This was part of a fascinating program, Glucose Shrinks, Withers & Atrophies Your Brain! Listen to pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Larry McCleary. Listeners loved getting the scoop from the famed pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Larry McCleary, who told you the sour news about how glucose shrinks, withers and atrophies your brain! In addition, Dr. McCleary, author of The Brain Trust Program, ave you tips to improve your memory and reach your brain's full potential.

JJ Virgin 16. Another very popular show in January with renowned nutritionist J.J. Virgin, C.N.S., C.H.F.I. gave you the truth about certain accepted, weight-loss untruths. Listen now to: Debunking Common Weight Loss Myths With Guest Nutritionist J.J.Virgin of "Dr. Phil." J.J. shares her insights and eye-opening revelations while blasting such misconceptions as these: (1) You need to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. (2) You should count calories and restrict them by 500 per day to shed weight. (3) You need to do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily for weight loss. Learn how they're not true.

Top Shows 2007

Flylady_toon 17. Another very popular show — one of the biggest favorites with listeners — took place in December, when "FlyLady" (Marla Cilley) kindly joined me as co-host, and together, we answered your questions during a special 1-hour program. We helped you with your queries about what to do over the holidays, and we inspired you (we hope) to realize that the holidays don't have to mean sugar sprees and being disorganized. A very special thanks to Marla, who has her own wildly popular call-in show here at BlogTalk Radio, for joining me. In addition, I'm tremendously grateful to Marla for so graciously talking to me numerous times and offering me the most amazing guidance. Marla, I just can't thank you enough! In fact, it's because of Marla that I now host an hour-long, call-in show, Just Ask Connie & Company show, on the last Tuesday of every month. Listen now to Marla's and my call last year: Just Ask Connie & FlyLady — Call Live to (646) 716-7312 to Get Help to Stop Your Sugar Shock! 

18. People also were really intrigued by my show last December with Alan Levy, the innovative founder of Blog Talk Radio, who told you all about this exciting platform. Listen now to: BlogTalkRadio.com Founder/CEO Alan Levy Talks About Rewards, Joys, Challenges & Goals of BTR.

Barbara deangelis 19. Listeners to this Gab With the Gurus Radio Show, then called the Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Show, also were enthusisatic about the November show with the renowned relationships and personal growth expert and # 1 bestselling author Dr. Barbara DeAngelis. Unless you've been under a rock, you've heard of her many books, including How to Make Love All the Time, What Women Want Men to Know, Are You the One for Me? and her most recent book, How Did I Get Here? Catch this popular show now: Dr. Barbara De Angelis Tells You Learn How to Achieve Success & Happiness from the Inside Out.

Dr__MehmetOz 20. Meanwhile, one of the most popular shows to date was when I interviewed the acclaimed physician, frequent "Oprah" guest and # 1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mehmet Oz on October 20, 2007. At the time, his mega-bestselling book, YOU: Staying Young, was being released that week — curiously the day before Halloween. As usual, Dr. Oz was fascinating, enthralling and captivating. Just click here to listen now to this exciting show: How YOU Can Stay Young & Youthful With Dr. Mehmet Oz

Harvey_bg 21. In that same month, October, another favorite show with fans was the one I held with the dynamic Harvey Walden IV, the impassioned, inspirational work-out trainer on the popular TV show, "Celebrity Fit Club" on VH1. I booked Harvey after meeting him at a popular Learning Annex Class. He inspired participants so much to start exercising that I immediately set things in motion to book him on this radio show. Click here now to catch the motivating show: No Excuses, Folks! Get Off Your Butt! Get Inspired W/ "Celebrity Fit Club" Trainer Harvey Walden IV. Please note that the interview begins at 40 seconds in.

 22. Another popular show was the one I held in September 2007 with award-winning Gary_taubes science journalist Gary Taubes, whose groundbreaking new book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, had just been released. In an enlightening interview, he shared how those fast-acting, refined carbs can lead to a host of chronic diseases, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. He'll shock you when he reveals that exercise doesn't lead to weight loss; obesity isn't caused by overeating and sedentary behavior; and salt does not cause high b1ood pressure. Listen now: The Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet Hoax: Why Conventional Wisdom Wrong — With Gary Taubes

23. That same month, fans loved learning about how to Find Yourself Through Blogging: Unlocking Self-Expression Online With Opinionistas.com Founder. This was a lively, informative show with Melissa Lafsky, the provocative founder of Opinionistas.com.

24. In August, listeners enjoyed the fact that the show tickled your funny bone. My guest was the entertaining Brian Frazer, author of the acclaimed book, Hyper-Chondriac. Listen now to: Are You a Hyper-Chondriac?

Jimmy Moore 446429211_64abb9cb6f_m 25. And finally, our first show on July 7, 2007, which featured popular low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore, was also quite popular. Listen to Jimmy share his astounding success story. He even answers the question for you: How Do You Lose 180 Pounds?  

I hope you'll have fun listening to these Best of Gab With the Gurus Radio Shows from 2008 and Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Shows in 2007. Remember, you can catch my radio shows anytime that's convenient for you by visiting the Blog Talk Radio site here.

At this point, I also wanted to thank the many wonderful pleople at Blog Talk Radio, who've been incredibly friendly, imaginative and helpful to me since I started the show in July 2007. By the way, if you want to host your own radio show, I highly recommend that you do it over here.

Alan Levy This post would not be complete without some thank yous. In addition to thanking Marla ("FlyLady") — see above — I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the folks at Blog Talk Radio.

In particular, I'd like to thank the forward-thinkng Blog Talk Radio founder Alan Levy for being smart enough to have this idea for a citizen-driven radio network on the Internet. What an amazing place we have! Thank you, Alan!

In addition, I want to convey my profound appreciation for other fabulous Blog Talk Radio people, many of whom have bent over backwards to help this techno idiot!

I especially want to thank:

  • Christina Blodgett
  • Amy Domestico
  • Hillary Leewong
  • John Sweet
  • John Havens
  • Shannon Dingee
  • Demos Yannikos and
  • Nikki  Starr

You've all been so amazingly friendly and helpful to me. Thank you so very much, my BTR friends!

Readers, I encourage you now to write back. Please submit a comment to let us know which shows you liked the best and why. And send your ideas for future shows, too.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Dig Deeper Before Believing the New Corn Lobby Ads & Consuming the Stuff

Have you seen any of the TV spots, print and online banner ads that seek to convince us that high fructose corn syrup is fun to consume?

Before you believe the many new ads from the Corn Refiners Association – which is spending a reported $20 million to $30 million to convince us of its safety — I urge you to get facts from my recent Gab With The Gurus Radio Show, where I had the following guests:

Before, during or after you listen to the Gab With the Gurus Radio Show about high fructose corn syrup, I recommend that you:

Remember, you can listen at any time to the Gab  With the Gurus Radio Show about high fructose corn syrup.

Gifts That Make A Difference, No Matter What Your Budget — Fr*ee Special Program on Tuesday

RobynHeadshot2 The recent program on How to Give Gifts at Any Budget was such a hit that Robyn Freedman Spizman has agreed to come back for a follow-up program on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show on Tuesday.

Join us live on Tuesday, Nov. 25 at 3 p.m. or later to learn How to Find Gifts That Make a Difference, No Matter What Your Budget. Listen here either on Tuesday or any time that works for you.

Robyn will be joined by Casey Golden of the Small Act Network and philanthropy leader Edie Frasier.

They will talk about how you can make a difference with your gifts during this holiday season. Plus. they'll tell you how to find gifts on any budget.

Do your giving 7c4b51c88da09066e436d110__AA240__L Robyn and Edie — co-authors of the new book, Do Your Giving While You Are Living – will also share some inspiring, heartwarming stories about giving.

Got gift-giving questions? Call us live on the show at 3 pm Eastern Tuesday, Nov. 25.

Call-in number: (347) 426-3366.

Listen live to this show or listen later, at your convenience. 

As I mentioned earlier, Robyn is known as the "Gift Guru" and "Super Shopper." She is the author of numerous books, including Make It Memorable: An A-Z Guide to Making Any Gift, Event or Occasion… Dazzling! and, of course, her new book, Do Your Giving While You Are Living, co-authored with  Edie Fraser.

Edie_Fraser Edie Fraser is president, founder & CEO of Diversity Best Practices (DBP), Business Women's Network (BWN) and Best Practices in Corporate Communications (BPCC), which are part of the Public Affairs Group, an iVillage Company. Edie is a visionary business leader and strategist with stellar leadership in the area of best practices and benchmarking, workforce and market trends overall — diversity, women and corporate communications. She and her team support more than 170 organizations, corporate and government members through Diversity Best Practices, and reach out to thousands of womens groups and entrepreneurs through BWN

Casey Golden of the Small Act Network will be on hand, too, to tell you how to be philanthropic and give gifts that really matter.

Learn about why it's important to get involved now and why small acts help.

You can listen live to Tuesday's program or listen afterwards, at your convenience.

Halloween: Handing Out “Treats” Is “Tricky”—6 Tips To a Healthier Holiday

Here’s an article I wrote to help all of you. Feel free to distribute it, but please include the entire document, with the links to this Sugar Shock Blog.

Halloween: Handing Out “Treats” Is “Tricky”—6 Tips To a Healthier Holiday

By Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C.

Halloween is a spooky time and not because of goblins, ghosts or ghouls. Oct. 31 is downright frightening because it is a nationally accepted Sugar Overload Day.

Around Halloween, just about everyone “forgets” the truly scary facts: Kids have been growing more and more obese, even developing type 2 diabetes—conditions that researchers attribute to such unhealthy activities as over-consuming sweets and refined carbs and lack of exercise.

Despite the dangers to our children’s  health, every Halloween, it’s accepted—even encouraged—to pass out gobs of sugar-filled candies that could harm the health of our neighbors’ kids.

But every time you give candies to youngsters who come knocking on your door to playfully trick-or-treat, you’re tricking them, not treating them.

Indeed, the average child easily wolfs down about 20 to 40 teaspoons of sugar and more than 500 calories on that one night alone. Then, for days or weeks afterwards, the typical kid is still pigging out on leftover candies.

Research at Harvard, Yale and other institutions have discovered that eating fewer sweets and skipping the soda and other sugary drinks could help children and adults alike lose weight and reduce their risks of getting type 2 diabetes.

This Halloween, I invite you to quit encouraging sugar gorging and instead to begin to take some steps to make Halloween more healthy. Here are 6 tips to create a healthier holiday.

1.     Give raisins, nuts, cheese and seeds on Halloween. In other words, come up with some non- sugary options. For instance, you could pass out little packets of cheese, fruit leather (with no sugar), almonds, pistachios or shelled sunflower seeds. (Make sure to tell the trick or treaters not to eat what you give out if they have particular allergies.)

2.     Offer wrapped dark chocolate pieces. Try giving youngsters tiny pieces of less-sugar-filled dark chocolate rather than sugar-rich milk chocolate. Research shows that dark chocolate has beneficial antioxidant properties and it usually contains less sugar than the light chocolate counterparts.

3.     Hand out little water bottles. By offering water, you’ll be helping the young trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood stay hydrated.

4.     Feed your own kids well first. Before your kids cavort around the neighborhood on Halloween, make sure to give them a healthy meal of ample protein (such as a piece of free-range chicken) and quality carbs (like a salad, cooked veggies such as broccoli, a sweet potato with olive oil drizzled on top, a small portion of brown rice). Powering up with protein, quality carbs and superior fats will make your kids less inclined to eat too many candies.

5.     Pass out non-edible treats and toys. Bring healthy fun to Halloween by giving trick or treaters party favors, which you can find at drug stores and 99 cent stores. Children love getting toys, according to Marlene B. Schwartz, Ph.D., deputy director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University. In fact, Dr. Schwartz headed up a study, which found that half of 3- to 14-year-old trick-or-treaters preferred non-sugary favors over candies. Here are some ideas of non-sugary treats to pass out on Halloween:

  • Rubber worms, spiders or other animal figures
  • Creepy fingers
  • Engine whistles and kazoos
  • Plastic key chains
  • Baseball cards
  • Halloween-themed stickers
  • Orange-and-black-colored pens, pencils or chalk
  • Animal-shaped erasers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Non-Halloween-themed party favors such as hair clips, hair bands, scrunchies, plastic bracelets and rings
  • Spin tops

6.  Watch out for high fructose corn syrup and sucrose. If you’re not ready yet to break away from the Halloween candy-giving tradition, then avoid passing out candies with lots of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup. The easiest way to steer clear of these sweeteners is to make sure that they’re not the first five ingredients listed on food labels. (To find out how much teaspoons each piece of candy contains, just divide the number of grams by 4.)

Halloween can be a wonderful, festive celebration for you and your kids. So why not do your part this year to show your children that they can have lots of fun and excitement without so much emphasis on unhealthy candy?

Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C. is the author of SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley Books). She is a “Sugar Liberator,” certified health counselor, life coach, writer, frequent TV and radio show guest (“CBS News Sunday Morning,” “Oprah & Friends Radio,” “The Howard Stern Show,” etc.) and speaker. In 1998, Connie quit sugar and refined carbs on doctor’s orders, and her horrible headaches, crippling fatigue and brain fog vanished, as did 41 other ailments.” Connie, who now laughingly dubs herself an “Ex-Sugar Shrew!,” has helped thousands of sugar addicts break free from the depressing, debilitating aftershocks of overloading on “culprit carbs.” She hosts the weekly Gab With The Gurus Radio Show (www.GabWithTheGurus.com); runs the Sugar Shock! Blog (www.SugarShockBlog.com); and offers Break Free With Connie group and private coaching (www.BreakFreeWithConnie.com) Connie is an experienced journalist and columnist, who has been widely published (The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, TV Guide, eDiets.com, SheKnows.com, etc.) To learn if you’ve been brainwashed to become a sugar addict, take the SUGAR SHOCK! Quiz at www.SugarShockBlog.com.

TV & Food Don’t Mix: Kids Eat More While Watching TV, Study Finds

We’ve heard much anecdotal evidence about how watching TV isn’t conducive to being fit and trim, but now a new Canadian study — hailed as "the first study of its kind" — suggests that eating in front of the boob tube can cause kids to consume more. Not only that, but apparently watching TV overrides our ability to know when to stop.

"What Television Can Tell Us about Childhood Obesity," a study headed up by University of Toronto nutritionist G. Harvey Anderson, Ph.D., showed that kids who received an extra calorie bump prior to their meal but who did not watch TV ("The Simpsons," by the way) ate the least.

Based on his results, Dr. Anderson this simple suggestion to parents—just turn off the TV during mealtime.

Hurray to Dr. Anderson for buttressing the don’t-watch-TV-or-you-could-get-fat argument with bona fide data.

Gerry Pugliese contributed to this report for the SUGAR SHOCK! Blog.

However, kids who watched TV consumed an average of 228 extra calories at lunch.

As the study, from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), points out, while 228 more calores "may not seem like much, the effect of such extra calories on a regular basis adds up."

"In effect, mindless television watching produces mindless eating,” Dr. Anderson told Reuters reporter Randall Palmer.