My stomach is all in knots, but I’m getting ready to speak at last!

Right now, I’m shaking. My stomach is tight, tense, and teeming with butterflies. Nervous doesn’t BEGIN to describe how I feel. What I just did was HUGE for me.

I just signed up to participate in the Speak Off event, which is part of the Advance Your Reach Live Program in Denver next month.

This event is presented by speakers’ cheerleader Pete Vargas, who offers programs, which encourage and propel people to get on stages to serve people with their messages.

By entering this Speak Off, I surprised even myself! Last week, I decided NOT to participate.

Today, however, I mustered up the courage to begin to boldly FACE my fear of public speaking. Many, if not most of you, also share my fear of public speaking. So the research says. Like me, I bet, you’ve been avoiding facing it for years.


Do Junk Foods Make You Depressed?

When you’re depressed, do you turn to junk foods?

Then, do you get more depressed and gobble more junk foods?

For years, I’ve suspected and been convinced that there’s a bona fide connection.

Now yet another study, this one in Public Health Nutrition supports this junk foods-give-you-junky moods theory.

Read the conclusion of this study in Public Health Nutrition.


The Book You Want is…

Woo Hoo! The results are in! Thanks to you — wonderful readers of this blog, many of you on my mailing list and fans of my Facebook page — you’ve now unanimously told me which book you’d rather read. You like to dig into a book with a dirty dessert plate.

Now it’s time for my confession… Read on…

When I polled you about which book you’d buy, what I was really asking you was which book cover would pop out and call out to you enough so you’d want to buy the book.

What a book-cover education I’ve had. Did you know that apparently, most of you really do judge a book by its cover?

Why am I focusing so much on the cover of my next book?