3 Gifts to Have a Sweeter Holiday Season

0511-1001-0321-2234_Happy_People_Dancing_Retro_Silhouette_clipart_imageFor many of you, the holiday season is filled with anxiety, stress, financial worries, loneliness, family arguments, gift-giving concerns, many irritations (from flight delays to family squabbles) and many tasty temptations — mostly high-calorie and sugar-filled that you find hard to resist but that pack on the pounds, sap your energy and ruin your moods.

 In fact, many people leave the holiday season feeling drained, deprived and 5 or more pounds heavier.

But I'm here to help you lose weight, get organized, become more organized, joyful, calm down, look younger, plan a vision for the future, attract abundance, and much more.

In other words, my goal is to bring you peace of mind, happiness, and super-simple cool tools to start using so you can have a Sweeter Holiday Season. 

Therefore, it's my pleasure to give you three special gifts.

All three gifts were the opening programs in last year's much-acclaimed Sweeter Holiday Season, which featured a whopping 38 programs featuring a Who's Who in the fields of health, wealth, fitness, personal empowerment, feng shui, organizing, happiness, Law of Attraction, and so much more.

So here are the gifts you're getting now:

Your First Gift with Law of Attraction Guru John Assaraf

John_assaraf_150pxwidthFor your first gift, you'll get inspired and educated by the remarkable John Assaraf, one of the stars of The Secret, founder of several multi-million dollar companies, a Spiritual Entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author.

In our special program, John — who is also a Law of Attraction expert and certified life coach — will help you ll discover:

* What's blocking you from abundance.
* How the super-successful John didn't come from a family of scholars or multimillionaires, but somehow he managed to learn about quantum physics and neuroscience and build several 5 multimillion dollar companies and write a couple of New York Times bestselling books along the way.

  • How oceans and stars are not the last frontier for mankind but the human brain is.
  • Why some people achieve enormous business and financial success while others don't.
  • How there is an inner game to wealth and success and an outer game.
  • Why it's so hard for people to change.
  • What are the exact steps people can take to change from the inside out so that their results are 5,10 20 times better in the next 12-24 months.
  • How some people settle for less than what they can achieve and how you can easily break free from that pattern, achieve huge transformations; and become incredibly confident.
  • How to find out about John's super-sophisticated, amazing brain training program (which I love).

Your Second Gift with America's Relaxation Expert Darrrin Zeer

Darrin-zeerFor your second gift with Relaxation Expert Darrin Zeer, you'll get some very simple, fast techniques to tame your stres.

For instance, you'll discover:

* How to do what Darrin calls "The Bear Claw."
* How to calm down with "The Ragdoll Pose."
* What to do if you get headaches.
* How to do "Keyboard Calisthenics.:
* How to do something called "Email Meditation" (yes, meditation!)
* How to do the "Really Fun Laughter Exercise."

Your Third Gift with the Renowned "FlyLady" Marla Cilley

Flylady_toonThen, your final gift — also from the Sweeter Holiday Summit — comes from the renowned "FlyLady" Marla Cilley, who will give you tools galore to help you get through the holidays. For instance, Marla will reveal:

* How to change your life in 15-minute increments.
* How to crisis-clean your home.
* What to do which days of the week so you don't feel so overwhelmed.
* How to avoid last-minute, gift wrapping challenges.
* What to do before you go to holiday parties.
* How to put the fun in your cleaning and decluttering endeavors.
* How to give "action" gifts.
* How to go on a "cruise" this holiday season.
* And much more. 

These three programs were all part of the Sweeter Holiday Summit, last year's amazing program, during which You'll also get one bonus gift on "How to Relieve Holiday Stress."

In this program, with Love Hypnotist Debra Berndt, author of Let Love In, you'll get easy ways to calm down quickly, no matter where you are. 

    To get your three exciting gifts (and the one bonus gift, go here:

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    Megan Confronts Cake in a Letter

    Megan Bozman DSCN1697 Often, when I'm coaching clients to kick their sugar addiction, I'm hit by moments of intuition as to what may help people. (In coaching school with iPEC, they taught us to honor, respect and look for those flashes.)

    So last Wednesday, during one of my Break-Free Group Coaching sessions, the idea hit me out of the blue that members might be helped if they wrote a letter or poem to their favorite sweets.

    I then asked members what they thought of the idea of doing this. (I never give assignments.)

    On Friday, Megan Bozman, one of our members, ran with the idea and wrote a brilliant, insightful, poignant letter while tempted by a cake at work.

    She then confided to us (the group members and me): "B-day cake, vanilla with white icing is one of my #1 fav sweets — and that happens to be EXACTLY what is in our conference room right now, about 5 feet from my desk. So I figure it's a good time to write that letter to my fav sweet (which, as of Wed night, I was already planning on making white b-day cake!)"

    White-cake Here's how Meg confronted Cake — a letter I'm republishing with her permission:

    "Dear Cake,

    "It's not you; it's me. I am aware this is cliched, but it is the truth in this case. You are not an evil entity.

    "While you are a nutritional wasteland, you are not evil in moderation. I still plan to welcome you into my home to celebrate my son's birthdays and other such occasions.

    "Again, it's not you; it's me. Something in me doesn't react well to you & I realize this. You are fantastic during the too-brief time I get to enjoy you. Ecstatic & wonderful.

    "But too often, before I even finish swallowing the last bite, I just want more! Then, I still want more and more and more. That is where the evil comes into play… it is in large quantities that you become evil.

    "And I won't waste time elaborating on why large quantities of you are bad. That doesn't bear repeating.

    "When I get ensnared by your addictive properties, I feel terrible; both physically & emotionally. The feeling of being hooked is dreadful. For one thing, it's just simply embarrassing! It also has a negative effect on my self-esteem (really, I can't `just say no' & only eat a moderate amount?! What is wrong with me?)

    "I don't have some of the negative effects some experience such as stomach pains, yeast infections, skin problems, & blood sugar crashes causing a rapid decline in both energy & mood. However, I feel bloated, fat, and, well, gross. Feeling fat & gross makes me feel ugly. It's just bad; just all around bad.

    "So there you sit in the conference room. I'm sure others will enjoy you — don't fret. Cake rarely goes uneaten in any office. But for now, I'm 10 days sweets-free & intend to go another 11 days for a round 3 weeks. At that point, I'm thinking I'll stick to a serving of dessert or sweets once every 3 weeks.

    Ta ta,

    Megan then told us that she shared her Letter to Cake with her husband, who came back with a hilarious response. He wrote:

    "Dear Meg,

    "I appreciate your honesty and admire your sincerity. Let me just start off by letting you know that I do cherish our relationship. Throughout the years, we have had countless wonderful experiences together. The feeling of having you fight over me makes me smile. I love how I cause you such anger and turmoil. 

    "I am so simple. Just a few ingredients are all I am.  I am but made of flour, sugar, eggs, salt, and butter. I mean you no harm at all. It is not my fault that you’re bickering over me.

    "All I want is attention from you. I want you to drool over me. I want you to be thinking about me while you drive in your car. I want my cousins (cookie crumbs in your car) to remind you of me also. Please don’t throw away all we have had together.

    "Our relationship is NOT one way. I give you a quick fix, and I receive enjoyment through attention. Attention is what I crave from you. I have been missing you these last 2 weeks or so.  I am lonely without you. Please come back to me so we can be bad together. Sure you will be mad and upset a few minutes after we reunite but it will be so good. Come eat me!
    Hungrily, Cake"

    Aren't these provocative, insightful, eye-opening letters about sugar's power over us?

    If you were going to write a letter to your favorite sweet "treat," what would it say? Share it here with us, please!

    Stay tuned for my Letter(s) to Red Vines or Twizzler's, See's Molasses Chips and Hard Candies.

    It’s International Coaching Week: Call Me Friday 3 to 5 pm EST

    EmpoweredIt's International Coaching Week through Feb. 13.

    In honor of this week-long global celebration of the coaching profession, I'll be taking calls and giving YOU complimentary 20-minute Strategy Sessions for 2 hours this Friday, from 3 to 5 pm EST.

    (If you call during that time and I'm busy, I'll call you back by the 13th, when International Coaching Week ends.) 

    That's right — YOU can call me, and I'll call you right back so you can get a taste of coaching and how it can help you.

    In your FR*EE Strategy Session, we'll zero in on your goals and dreams, whether it's kicking sugar, writing a book or finding the love of your life.

    To get details on how to reach me for your complimentary Strategy Session, join my Facebook Smart Habits Fans page.

    Originally founded in 1999 by ICF member Jerri N. Udelson, MCC, International Coaching Week is "a designated time each year for coaches and clients to educate the general public about the value of working with a professional coach and to acknowledge the results and progress made through the coaching process."

    This week is a "perfect time for coaches to get out in their
    communities and show people what coaching is and how it can benefit
    their lives."

    As my clients have found, coaching has been proven "to help people attain their personal
    and professional goals and those who use it can expect to see a solid
    return on their investment."

    Talk to you Friday from 3 to 5 pm EST? To learn how to reach me, get details at my Smart Habits Fans page on Facebook.

    Sugar Addicts: Get Free Support Now

    Kick_sugar_with_us Now, that it’s a new year, would you like to overcome your sugar addiction?

    In 2010, would you like to to connect with others, who also want to break free from a sugar habit and its accompanying frustrations?

    And would you like to get support, encouragement and motivation from people who’ve successfully conquered their sugar addiction and carb addiction?

    It would be my honor and privilege if you’d allow me to help you break free of your frustrating habit this year.

    As I learned back in 1998, when you conquer your sugar addiction and carb addiction, life opens up to you in ways that you may have previously thought unimaginable. You may feel reborn like me!

    Allow me to help you learn the wonders, joys and exhilaration that you get from leading a life free of an attachment to sweets and other artificial substances.

    You can get support, encouragement and information to kick your sugar addiction in several ways.

    • Perhaps the best place to connect and chat with successful Sugar Kickers and soon-to-be Sugar Kickers is on Facebook, on the Smart Habits Fans page. There, you can ask questions, receive tips and tactics, get links to interesting articles, watch intriguing videos, learn about free teleseminars, lectures, coaching programs, get links to downloads and have access to me. Although I have a regular Facebook account elsewhere, if you’re a reader of SUGAR SHOCK! or desire support for your sugar habit, the Smart Habits Fans page is the best place to go.
    • You’re also invited to join the Stop Sugar Shock support group on Ning, where you can post a profile, ask questions, chat with fellow members, get information, watch videos, share recipes and more. I am hosting this site with my friend and colleague James Hahn II, who, like me, is a former sugar addict and life coach. In Stop Sugar Shock, you can learn about James’ remarkable journey to freedom here, in which he he peeled off nearly 100 pounds just by removing sugar. We hope to see you in Stop Sugar Shock soon. (Please note that this group began in Nov. 2002 as KickSugar on Yahoo, and it has now been renamed as Stop Sugar Shock and moved to Ning, which offers more interactive features.)
    • You also can attend a variety of free and paid programs with me, which I tell you about on this blog. For instance, no matter where you live around the country and world, I’m offering a free teleseminar/webinar on Thursday, Jan. 7 at 3 pm EST with my friends from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which I attended. Find out now how you can have lunch with me in New York City (my treat) if you attend IIN, starting in February.
    • Then, on Monday, Jan. 11 at 8 pm EST, I’m offering another free teleseminar/webinar. Get details about this event by subscribing to my free Motivating Morsels ezine.
    • For those of you serious about changing your life and making your dreams come true, I also offer private and group coaching. Learn about coaching with me here.

    I hope to see you very soon on Facebook or in Stop Sugar Shock and to meet you on one of my upcoming teleseminars/webinars.

    Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction, etc. & Be Happy With Me in 2010!

    Happy-new-year-2009 Wishing you very happy new year to all you wonderful readers of this Sugar Shock Blog.

    May your 2010 be the year in which you fulfill your fondest dreams and wishes.

    Now, I invite you to start the year on a very happy, liberating note with me!

    If you're in New York:

    If you're in another part of the country or world, please join us virtually or telephonically so that you can still get tips, tactics and tempting tidbits.

    Sugar Addiction: Get Help to Break Free, Beginning Jan. 5 at the New York Open Center

    Open Center -- 6a00d834520ed269e20120a4ed2bf5970b-800wi With the new year coming soon, people often decide that it's high time to break free of their sugar habit.

    And I'm here to help you conquer your habit in early 2010. 

    Join me on Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 6 pm, when you can get inspired and educated during a fun, often-interactive, life-changing free introductory class at the New York Open Center. which is the largest urban holistic center in the United States.

    But that isn't all. You also can sign up for the four-week course at the New York Open Center from Jan. 12 to Feb. 2.

    Please note that you get a free gift if you sign up for the Jan. 5 or the 4-week program because of reading about it on this blog.

    But first join us for a complimentary introduction on Jan. 5.

    In case you're wondering why you may want to consider kicking sugar, if you do so, you can:

    • Lose weight
    • Finally feel in control of their habit of consuming sugar and refined carbs
    • Feel free!
    • Get more energy on a consistent basis
    • Become more productive 
    • Walk your talk by consuming only healthy foods and drinks
    • Tap into your spirtuality
    • Be unfazed when desserts and sweet snacks abound
    • Feel exhilarated and excited about your many projects
    • Relish moving your body in a way you've never done
    • Enjoy more enriching, satisfying relationships
    • Boost your libido
    • Learn to calmly watch your sugar desires slide away
    • And much more

    New York Open Center - 04 - Meditation

    Here's the description of the four-week course at the New York Open Center:

    you “need” a candy bar or soda just to get through the day? Are you
    yearning to lose weight for good? Would you like to improve your moods,
    banish brain fog, triple your energy and boost your libido? You can
    peel off pounds, gain energy and improve your relationships just by
    kicking sugar and refined carbohydrates. But removing culprit carbs can
    be challenging.

    Join “Smart Habits Girl” Connie Bennett, author of the
    best-selling book SUGAR SHOCK!, who will show you that
    breaking free of your sugar habit can be fun, exhilarating and
    life-changing. In this four-week course, you’ll participate in
    empowering exercises, eye-opening discussions and coaching scenarios to
    discover how to identify your tempting triggers and well-meaning
    saboteurs; how to soothe and nurture yourself in healthy ways; how to
    use the “5 Ds” to squash your cravings; how to save money on food; what
    to eat; how to “say no with sass”; if you should quit cold turkey or
    phase out sweets; how to find hidden sugars; how to release your
    bingeing-self-loathing cycle; if sugar substitutes are safe; and how to
    find sweetness naturally.

    Hope to see you there! Remember, if you sign up for the course because of learning about it on this blog, you get a free gift from me.