Sugar Shock Readers: What Would You Like in My Next Book? (Last Call)

Attention, readers of my first book, Sugar Shock.

Amazon Sug Sh 51RDZ7DBVAL._SL110_ This is the last call for any ideas on what to include in my next book.

I'm now making last-minute changes and editing to my next book, The Sugar Shock Diet,which will be released next year by Hay House. (Here's the original announcement.)

My next book will provide you a simple, six-week mind-body-spirit plan that will allow you to easily cut back on those quickie carbs so you can shed excess weight, boost your libido, increase your energy, and much more.

Please, dear readers of Sugar Shock, as I'm doing final rewriting and editing for Sugar Shock Diet, tell me what you'd like to see included.

What would make your life easier and sweeter?

Please tell us now, on this Sugar Shock Blog, and on the Facebook Smart Habits Fans Page what you'd like to see in this next book.

Not Enough Sleep Can Trigger Weight Gain

Sleep Yet another study was released, which reveals that if you skip  on sleep, you may gain weight.

This new research, which was discussed in the Annals of Internal Medicine, looked at two groups of people — those with 5 1/2 hours of sleep and those with 8 hours of sleep.

The researchers concluded that “The amount of human sleep contributes to the maintenance of fat-free body mass at times of decreased energy intake. Lack of sufficient sleep may compromise the efficacy of typical dietary interventions for weight loss and related metabolic risk reduction.”

Clearly, the message here is to get enough sleep, and if you do, it’ll be much easier to peel off those pounds.

What an easy way to shed excess weight.

Share your tales of sleep leading to weight loss.

Obesity & Sex: New Study Finds Surprising Results

obesity People who are obese are less likely to have been sexually active in the past year, but even though they had fewer intimate encounters, single obese women reported unplanned pregnancies four times more than thinner, unmarried women, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal.

In addition, obese people were more likely than people of average weight to have sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies, the researchers from France found upon surveying more than 12,000 men and women between age 18 and 69.

While weight didn’t appear to affect women’s ability to climax, erectile dysfunction was two and a half times as common in obese men as in men with healthy BMIs.

As iVillage so aptly points out, this research underscores “how important it is to always put your health first.”

From my perspective as a former sugar addict and author of the book Sugar Shock!, it seems that people who are obese or overweight often feel are more interested in sweets, refined carbs and other junk foods than in getting in the sack with a partner.

But from time to time, though, they realize that those nutrient-deprived foods they’re so reliant on don’t give them what they really want — which is to become emotionally and physically intimate with a significant other.

For those of you who are struggling with weight, I invite you to ask yourself: Do you want to seek “comfort” in food or in the arms of loved ones?

FYI, I realize that it can be tough to break free of your addiction to sugar and refined carbs, which is why I’m dedicated to helping people do just that.

World Diabetes Day

WDD_logo_EN_200px Today is World Diabetes Day, a global awareness campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation
(IDF) that highlights the diabetes epidemic and aims to bring hope to the 285 million people living with diabetes worldwide.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated each year on 14 November, a date chosen to mark the
birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who is credited with the discovery
of insulin.

Learn more about the campaign here.

While I'm all for raising awareness about the dangers of diabetes, I'm also in favor of helping to educate people to learn how overconsuming sugar and refined carbs — which most Americans do — can lead to type 2 diabetes, as you can learn in my book SUGAR SHOCK!

Halloween Cartoon “Shows” Sugar’s Reaction

Special thanks to Mike Adams and for this cartoon, which cleverly illustrates the dangers of trick-or-treating for candies on Halloween.

Sure, eating sweets too many sweets won't make you look like a snarling monster, but all that sugar can  harm kids in many ways, including causing them to gain weight, develop type 2 diabetes, and even become more violent, according to a recent study in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

  Halloween cartoon

My Author Friend & I Are Going Zany During Book Expo America This Week

For this important week in publishing — during which Book Expo America takes place — my fun author friend Dr. Diana Kirschner and I are playfully going out on a limb to drum up interest in our books. Here's a press release that's now going out to the media today.

Authors Develop Zany, Outrageous Marketing Gimmicks to Nab Publishers & Fans in this Uncertain Economic Climate:

Author Connie Bennett Playfully Wears Sandwich Board Asking, “Are You ‘The One?’” at Book Expo America

                CONTACT: Connie Bennett,, (866) 542-5784 

(May 28, 2009) NEW YORK—As authors vie for publishers’ and readers’ attention in this uncertain economic climate, some innovative, pro-active authors are developing over-the-top, outrageous, humorous marketing gimmicks.

“It’s time to become an out-of-the-box-thinking author-preneur, who creates captivating messages and publicity stunts that nab the attention of readers and publishers,” claims author Connie Bennett, who is laughingly walking around Book Expo America on Friday and Saturday sporting a provocative, 24”-by-30” sandwich board that says, “Are You ‘The One’?”

The amiable author’s “Are You `The One?’” message—which looks like a single’s personal ad—pokes fun of the fact that Bennett is available as a single woman and as an author with a Big Platform. Her sandwich board goal: A “committed relationship” with a “compatible publisher” to release her second book.

“I wanted to playfully show that I have the guts, initiative and ingenuity to be a successful author no matter what the economic climate,” adds Bennett, an experienced journalist, certified health counselor, self-described “Ex-Sugar Shrew!,” the Better Habits Coach™ and author of the book SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley Books) (

SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkeley Books)—a bestseller on Amazon—has a foreword by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and has been endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup and film mogul Harvey Weinstein. The book’s contributing author is cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

Bennett’s second book—for which she’s publisher hunting—is a fun, friendly, compassionate, diet book,
The Better Habits Diet: Slim Down, Boost Energy, Rev Up Your Libido & Be Happier in Only 21 Days. Fans of Bennett already are signing up in advance to buy it at the blog,

The single author facetiously promises on her sandwich board, “Will put out on first date!!”—meaning that she’ll be happy to share information about her new book with interested publishers. Admittedly, Bennett is “embarrassed” by her bold sign. To that end, she’s even offering passers-by nuts to underscore the nuttiness of her marketing campaign. The author also promises to meet publishing suitors—not at the Empire State Building like “Sleepless in Seattle”—but at “Booth 3534 at the Top of Every Hour.”

Another author using out-of-the-box marketing techniques is psychologist and relationship expert Diana Kirschner, Ph.D., who, in March began starring with her 4-pound Pomerian, Madison, in a series of zany, dating-advice videos posted on YouTube to drum up sales for her new book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love (Center Street).

In Dr. Diana’s “Simply Irresistible Flirting Moves” webisode series (, she humorously illustrates flirting techniques with her adorable pooch, who “plays” a hot guy. In one month, the series has had 40,000 views. Dr. Dianas videos, which she launched without publisher support, also have attracted more than 56,000 friends, over 81,000 viewers and nearly 3,000 new subscribers to her YouTube channel. The author’s zany marketing gimmick has been so successful that YouTube—which links directly to the Amazon sales page for her book—has granted Dr. Diana partner status, driving even more traffic to her website. (

With the publishing industry at a crossroads, Bennett and Dr. Diana are part of an emerging trend of pro-active author-preneurs, who are building their platforms and driving book sales through creative PR stunts that also bring laughter into the equation.           # #  #

Michelangelo’s David Returns to Italy After Touring the U.S.

This clever, fictional visual spoof — posted by a variety of bloggers such as the Director Blue Blog, the Democratic Underground and British reporter Daniel Hannan (The Telegraph) — aptly portrays the terribly tragic, ever-widening, health-harming effect that certain American food companies have on the waistlines of people living or visiting here.

This satiric photo essay is sad but also funny, isn’t it?

Now, read the brief commentary that goes with this satiric transformation.

“After a two-year loan to the Smithsonian Museum in the United States, Michelangelo’s David has returned to Italy.”

Where did David’s vava-voom appeal go? Well, just look at the fictional sponsors.

“The visit was generously funded by:


What a brilliant, but horribly depressing commentary on our epidemic of obesity.

What do you think of this clever commentary? Share your thoughts.

Obesity: All Americans May Become Obese by 2048? Absurd!

Obesity_surgery According to a frightening new study in the research journal Obesity , by 2048, all American adults may become overweight or obese.

A whopping 100 percent of us in the U.S. obese? What an absurd notion!

Despite the fact that the projections are based on national survey data, etc., I just don't buy this outrageous idea. There's just no way that all of us will allow ourselves to become fat! 

Millions of us care way too much about being at optimal health, putting quality food into our bodies and getting or staying in shape to let ourselves fall prey to flab. 

Fitness-camp Just go to any gym and you'll see the exercise-driven people, who would never let themselves become obese.

My workout buddies and any fitness enthusiast would simply scoff at this projection.

After all, every year, millions take drastic measures to peel off pounds — in particular, they buy diet products and diet books to get slim bodies. (In fact, I'm hoping that my upcoming book, The White-Out Diet(TM), will become a major bestseller. Soon, I'll be asking you for your help to make this happen.)

What do you think of these nightmarish projections? Would you let yourself become obese?

Sugar Addicts & Overweight People: Get Help Now! Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge

Are you tired of being a slave to your sugar habit?

Would you like to find a way to break free of your excess
weight, mood swings, fatigue and addiction to sugar and refined carbs?

Did you listen to numerous guests on my 2-hour radio
that kicked off the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge?

Numerous experts will tell you about sugar's dangers and more.

Listen to the show now.

Get "tweets" (messages up to 140 characters
each) with information and information for 24 hours, from noon today to noon

Sign up to take the challenge here.  (

Join us. This is one life-changing program.

Listen now to the show with:.

  • Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, author of “Get the Sugar Out”; 
  • Dr. Peter H. Gott,
    nationally syndicated medical columnist and author of “Dr. Gott’s No Sugar, No
    Flour Diet”;
  • Elizabeth Abbott, author of “Sugar: A Bittersweet History”; Dr. Eric
    Westman, director of Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic; 
  • Dr. Hyla Cass, integrative psychiatrist and
    author of “8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and Natural Highs”;
  • MeMe Roth, founder and president of the National Action Against Obesity;
  • Dr. Woody Merrell, author of “The Source: Unleash Your Natural Energy, Power Up Your Health, and Feel 10 Years Younger”;
  • Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of “The Hamptons
  • Amy Kalafa, co-founder of “Two Angry Moms,” which is dedicated to cleaning
    up the school food environment; 
  • Susan
    Linn, director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood; 
  • Dr.
    Larry McCleary, author of “The Brain Trust 
  • Valerie Berkowitz, R.D. and certified diabetes
    educator, author of the upcoming book, “The Stubborn Fat Fix.” 
  • Jimmy Moore
  • Amanda Lerner
  • Mark Berry
  • Susan Shapiro

Sugar Addicts, Dieters, Hypoglycemics & Diabetics: Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge Kicks Off at 12 Noon Eastern Today

Today's a big day for sugar addicts around the globe. You will get 24 hours of help. Here's a press release that's going out. Feel free to pass this along to friends in its entirety. Please note that we need someone overseas (Australia, Great Britain or other non-American countries) to help send out tweets when we're asleep over in the U.S. Write to me if available.

Obese and Overweight People and Sugar Addicts Can Get Back on Dieting Wagon By Joining The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge from Jan. 16 to Jan. 31

Learn Sour Sugar Facts and Get Sweet Benefits by Listening to Experts Dr. Peter Gott, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, Dr. Nancy Appleton, Dr. Hyla Cass and Others

Millions of Americans who, like Oprah, have fallen off the diet wagon and are now obese or overweight can get inspiration and education for the next two weeks by joining the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge, which kicks off Jan. 16.

This is the first time that health and wellness experts—including authors of so-called “competing” sugar books—have banded together to issue a wake-up call to help obese and overweight people for whom food (often culprit-carb snacks) is their “drug of choice.”

The health experts — who are seeking to help the 34 percent of Americans who are obese and the 32.7 who are overweight — feel compelled to speak out in this New Year's resolution-oriented month to deliver the sour sugar news: Over-consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates could lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, infertility and Alzheimer's disease. (The experts warn about all caloric sweeteners, including sucrose, high fructose corn syrup and dextrose.)

While most Americans may think they they're not big sugar eaters, the facts disagree. The average American consumes about 170 pounds a year or one cup a day. Figures for people overseas vary, but excessive sugar consumption is also a huge problem in Great Britain and Australia, among others.

But the health experts also bring lots of hope, too, to people in all parts of the world.

Already, millions of people have discovered the enormous benefits of kicking or reducing sugar and refined carbs. For instance, they could lose lots of weight, as well as reverse or prevent type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Azheimer’s disease.

For years, many celebrities have been savvy about sugar’s dangers and the many benefits you get from eliminating it or cutting back on consumption of it.

Marilu Henner, Suzanne Somers, Daisy Fuentes, Vanessa Marcil, Halle Berry, Mariette Hartley and Susie Coelho are among those who've previously spoken to reporters about this subject.

Meanwhile, people of all ages and sexes around the world — even if they don't think they have a sugar problem — are invited to find a buddy and take the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge for the next two weeks.

The challenge kicks off Fri., Jan. 16, at noon Eastern, with a fast-paced, two-hour, sugar-consciousness-raising program on the Gab With the Gurus Radio Show ( featuring numerous health experts and authors of sugar books.

The show – which you can listen to live or later via podcast — will feature such acclaimed health experts Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, author of “Get the Sugar Out”; Dr. Peter H. Gott, nationally syndicated medical columnist and author of “Dr. Gott’s No Sugar, No Flour Diet”; anti-sugar pioneer Dr. Nancy Appleton, author of “Lick the Sugar Habit”; Dr. Elizabeth Abbott, author of “Sugar: A Bittersweet History”; Dr. Eric Westman, director of Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic;  Dr. Hyla Cass, integrative psychiatrist and author of “8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and Natural Highs”; MeMe Roth, founder and president of the National Action Against Obesity; Dr. Woody Merrell, author of “Unleash Your Natural Energy”; Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of “The Hamptons Diet”; Amy Kalafa, co-founder of “Two Angry Moms,” which is dedicated to cleaning up the school food environment;  Susan Linn, director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood;  Dr. Yvonne Sanders Butler, principal of Browns Mill Elementary School in Lithonia, Georgia—the first sugar-free school in the country—and author of “Healthy Kids, Smart Kids: The Principal-Created, Parent-Tested, Kid-Approved Nutrition Program for Strong Minds and Healthy Bodies”; Roberta Ruggiero, founder of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation; Dr. Larry McCleary, author of “The Brain Trust  Program”; Dr. Roberta Lee, vice chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel's Center for Health and Healing in New York City; the “Nutrition Twins” Tammy Lakatos Shames and Elysse ("Lyssie") Lakatos, authors of “Fire Up Your Metabolism”; and integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Steven J. Bock, and Valerie Berkowitz, R.D. and certified diabetes educator, author of the upcoming book, “The Stubborn Fat Fix.” 

In addition, happy, successful “Sugar Kickers” will participate, including popular low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore, who lost 180 pounds, mostly by cutting out sugar and refined or starchy carbs, and Amanda Lerner, who was delighted when kicking sugar made her shed 25 pounds, as well as get more energy, clearer skin, increased focus, more creativity and an exhilarating feeling of freedom. In addition, her sugar cravings, depression, eczema, candida and fainting spells disappeared.

The Sugar-Out Challenge is coordinated by Dr. Scott Olson, author of “Sugarettes," and Connie Bennett, host of the Gab With the Gurus Radio Show and author of "SUGAR SHOCK! How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life — And How You Can Get Back on Track (Berkley Books)," which has been endorsed by “Oprah” regular Dr. Mehmet Oz, bestselling author Dr. Christiane Northrup, actress/author Marilu Henner, film producer Harvey Weinstein, fitness expert Kathy Smith and many others. Cardiologist Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra is the contributing author, and Dr. Nicholas Perricone wrote the foreword.

Serving as advisory board members to the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge are MeMe Roth of the National Action Against Obesity and low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore. 

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge also includes a 24-hour helpfest on Twitter, where short, educational, motivating tweets will be sent from In addition, participants will give each other support. Twitter is a popular, fast-growing, microblogging program, with 6 million users now sending out messages of up to 140 characters.

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge then continues for another two weeks of sugar-consciousness raising, with overweight and obese people, as well as sugar addicts, hypoglycemics and diabetics, encouraged to particiapte in an Internet-based viral campaign by sending out a link of the Gab With the Gurus podcast with health experts to friends and loved ones around the world.

"Most people don't realize that whenever you eat or drink foods or drinks from a bottle, can or package, you’re probably getting sugar or high fructose corn syrup,” says "Sugar Liberator" and Sugar-Out Challenge co-coordinator Bennett, a journalist, certified health counselor, speaker and life coach.

"Of course, you get sugar and other sweeteners from candy bars, soda and cookies, but you also get it from less obvious sources like yogurt, whole grain cereal, peanut butter, salad dressings and mayonnaise," continues Bennett, who, before kicking sugar in 1998 “needed” frequent sugar "fixes" to meet her article deadlines.

“People who want to lose weight as their New Year’s resolution and to get back on track need to know that your weight will lift right off if you just cut
out sugar and refined carbs.”

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge co-planner Scott Olson, N.D., a Colorado-based naturopath, adds, "People assume that diseases are a normal part of aging, but that’s not true. Many illnesses are caused by the sugary foods and drinks and refined carbohydrates that we put into our mouths. Our mission is to get people and medical authorities to admit to this reality."

The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge will take place virtually, on the Internet, and in the media:

= To join the challenge, sign up anytime by posting a comment at or click on the “Sign Up for Sugar-Out Challenge” button (on the upper nav bar)

= Listen live on Jan. 16 (at noon Eastern) or later, at any time, to a 2-hour show/podcast on the Gab With the Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio with notable health and sugar experts. Just go anytime to:

= Get inspired by following (either live or later) a 24-hour-long TwitAsYouQuit campaign (from Jan. 16 at noon to Jan. 17 at 11:59 p.m.) on Sign up at Twitter to get supportive, educational, motivating, 140-character tweets, designed to help dieters, sugar addicts, diabetics and hypoglycemics. , who also will give each other twitter support. (If you don’t know about Twitter, join  Twitter for Newbies program on Jan. 20 on Connie’s Gab With the Gurus Radio Show.

The goals of the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge are:

= To wake Americans and others around the world to the sour truth about the huge amounts (about 170 pounds per year) of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners that they are consuming — often without knowing it.

= To educate people about the many dangers of sugar overloading, which could lead to more than 100 health problems, including obesity, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, sexual dysfunction, Alzheimer's disease, failing memory, mood swings, depression, anxiety, severe PMS, heart palpitations, acne and premature aging.

= To motivate challenge-takers to eliminate sugar and other sweeteners all day, Jan. 16, and then to begin phasing them out until the end of January (at the least) so they can lose weight, feel and look more youthful, boost their energy, diminish depression, concentrate better, rev up their sex drive and improve their general health overall.

To take the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge that begins on Jan. 16 and continues until Jan. 31. Here’s how to participate:
1)    Join at or click on the sign-up button at
2)    Listen to the Gab With the Gurus Radio Show  at (You can listen live Friday from 12 noon to 2 pm Eastern, but most people will listen later so people are encouraged to send the link to friends and colleagues around the world for the next 2 weeks.)
3)    Sign up at Twitter (if you don't have an account yet) and begin following short posts (up to 140 characters) at Participants are also urged to post encouraging words to fellow participants.  Boost sugar consciousness by reading the short posts or “tweets,” starting Jan. 16. As with the radio show, people are encouraged to send the @TwitAsYouQuit address to people around the world until the end of January.)
4)    Get educated and inspired by reading quotes from supporters of this first-of-a-kind Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge. Just visit:


== Connie Bennett is the author of the book "SUGAR SHOCK!," with cardiologist/anti-aging expert Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. "SUGAR SHOCK!" has a foreword by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and endorsements from Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, former presidential candidate/former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, actress/author Marilu Henner, film producer Harvey Weinstein and numerous other experts. Bennett — who is a journalist, certified health counselor, sugar-liberation expert, speaker and life coach — is a former sugar addict, who was once besieged by 44 baffling ailments, including ferocious headaches, crippling fatigue, troubling "brain fog" and severe PMS. More than 10 years ago, in 1998, she reluctantly kicked sugar on doctor’s orders and within days, she felt “reborn,” becoming more energetic, focused, cheerful and more. Bennett has helped thousands of people around the world break free from their addiction to sugar and “much-like sugar carbs” such as breads, crackers and chips. She is based in New York. Her website is; her radio show on Blog Talk Radio is and her blogs are and

==Dr. Scott Olson is a naturopathic doctor, an expert in natural medicine, as well as a writer, researcher, speaker, health adviser, health coach and author of the book “Sugarettes,” which spotlights the addictive, nicotine-like nature of sugar. He was once overly attached to much-like-sugar carbs such as breads, chips and crackers. He is based in Denver. Dr. Olson specializes in treating people with sugar addiction, cancer, type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. His website is

Experts Support Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge

“People like Oprah who want to lose weight as their New Year’s resolution and to get back on track need to know that your weight will lift right off if you just cut out sugar and refined carbs. It’s that simple. Just read food labels before you eat or drink foods or beverages out of bottles, cans or jars. Better go, choose `real food’ that isn’t processed.”

– Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C., Sugar Liberator, Speaker, Health Counselor, Life Coach Author, “SUGAR SHOCK!” and Co-Coordinator, Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge

“People assume that diseases are a normal part of aging, but that’s not true. Many illnesses are caused by the sugary foods and drinks and refined carbohydrates that we put into our mouths. Our mission is to get people and medical authorities to admit to this reality."

-  Scott Olson, N.D., Author of “Sugarettes”, Naturopath and Co-Coordinator, Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge

"Cholesterol is not your enemy when it comes to heart disease. It’s sugar. Cholesterol may be found at the scene of the crime, but sugar is the major perpetrator, not cholesterol.”

– Cardiologist Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., contributing author of “SUGAR SHOCK!”

"Sugar and high glycemic starches rapidly convert to sugar when eaten and they cause a highly destructive pro-inflammatory response in our bodies. This is the single greatest precipitator of aging and age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, certain forms of cancer, and wrinkled, sagging skin."
– Nicholas Perricone, M.D., C.N.S., Board-Certified Dermatologist and Bestselling Author "You are brilliant, Connie! Thanks for showing everyone what 24 hours without their “drug of choice” feels like…fingers crossed that you will change 1000s of lives in one day!"

– JJ Virgin, Ph.D., C.N.S., Nutrition & Fitness Expert & Former Nutrition Consultant to Dr. Phil’s “Weight Loss Challenge”

"Dramatically reducing refined carbohydrate intake is one of the greatest health challenges the U.S faces in the next decade, as we seek to restore our national health and health care system."

– Woodson Merrell, M.D., Chairman, Department of Integrative Medicine, Beth Israel Medical Center & Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons & author of “The Source: Unleash Your Natual Energy, Power Up Your Health and Feel 10 Years Younger”

"Sugar is so last millennium! We now know that refined carbs and sugar get us high (great fun for the moment!), then wreck our moods, endocrine system and, ultimately, our health. It's time to Sugar-Out this Friday and every day after. And for crying out loud, don't teach your kids to use sugar to get high. Instead give them the natural highs that come with playtime, holding hands and laughter. The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge: what a great idea!"

– MeMe Roth, Nutrition Adviser, National News Pundit and President, National Action Against Obesity

"Sugar Disease–with its progressive manifestations of hypoglycemia, insulin resistance and, finally, diabetes–is America's leading health problem.  Coming to grips with this epidemic would go a long way towards eradicating the chronic diseases that threaten to undermine our nation's health and sink our economy."

– Ronald Hoffman, M.D., Medical Director, Hoffman Center in New York City, and Host of Health Talk on WOR

"Many so-called mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction and even bipolar illness have a strong relationship to blood sugar imbalance, caused by eating–you guessed it, sugar! These often-serious conditions can be overcome by eliminating sugar, eating a healthy diet, and taking specific supplements, as needed. I have helped many of my patients and readers replace medication using this natural approach, with excellent results!…."

– Hyla Cass M.D., Integrative Psychiatrist and author of “8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and Natural Highs”

" It is so much easier to prevent obesity, sugar addiction, and Type II Diabetes than it is to reverse these problems (although they ARE reversible!). Education is the very best medicine we have.  When we bring healthy school food into the curriculum, we connect kids with their environment; we get them active in school gardens and in tasting and trying real, whole food; and we get them thinking differently about what goes into their bodies.  Lots of new research shows that better food makes kids better learners, improves classroom behavior, attendance and athletic ability.  Let's bring this conversation into every Board of Ed meeting, every state assembly, and front and center of the new Federal administration!!

– Amy Kalafa, Co-Founder, Two Angry Moms & producer of "Two Angry Moms" film, which shows parents what they can do to clean up America's school food environment.

"As a certified nutritional microscopist (live and dried blood analysis, trained by Dr. Robert O. Young), I have seen the devastation caused by the fermentation of sugar in the body.  You see, sugar will either burn as a fuel (because you have enough oxygen present) OR since our body has limits to how much oxygen we can intake…  sugar that cannot have oxygen to be able to burn will ferment which increases acidity considerably."

– Rick Panson, Certified Nutritional Microscopist, Raw Food Creator of Raw Jaw Foods &  Water Filtration/ionization Consultant

"Sugar is a major cause of inflammation in the body and therefore a cause of many modern diseases. I support your efforts fully!"

– Gerianne C. Geszler, M.D., The Center for Health and Restoration, Inc., Fayetteville, North Carolina

"I'm excited to be a part of Connie Bennett's and Dr. Scott Olson's First Annual Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge, because kicking my sugar habit five years ago saved me from morbid obesity and certain heath destruction."

– Jimmy Moore, Founder of the Livin' La Vida Low Carb Blog, who lost 180 pounds.

"I am a registered nurse… and I have avoided sugars for 10 years now. I think that The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge is a great idea. Let's all decrease our sugar intake so that we can increase our intake of nutrient rich, delicious foods that will leave us healthy and satisfied. We'll feel better, look better, live longer, be more efficient, think more clearly and enjoy more."

– Laura Stanley, R.N., Author, “Don't get Diabetes: a short and simple guide”

"Sugar isn’t just bad for our bodies. When we consider its history – how it changed the nature of meals, fueled the Industrial Revolution, generated a brutal new form of slavery, jump started the fast-food revolution and fueled the obesity epidemic through soft drinks, we realize that sugar is also toxic to society in general. The Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge is a great way to begin to challenge the supremacy of the seductive sweet stuff."

– Dr. Elizabeth Abbott, author of “Sugar: A Bittersweet History”

"Connie, Dr. Olson and these other health experts participating in this Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge could help cure the single largest cause of many diseases in America by exposing the fact that highly refined and processed foods and beverages are killing us, because they're full of harmful, refined sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup that can… lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, as well as cause insulin harm and many forms of nutrient depletion. In my opinion, corn [from shich you get ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup] is to real food what porn is to fine art. You, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your associates, your clients and your fellow citizens are being led to early disease and death by processed food and beverages… to be further harmed by Big Pharma drugs." Want to get well? Stop consuming any product or brand with refined sugar (cane or beet), high fructose corn syrup, fructose (which is not fruit sugar), agave (which is criminally fraudulently labeled and is chemically refined hydrolyzed high fructose inulin syrup), etc. It's shocking how much sugar we consume. The per capita consumption of refined sweeteners in the U.S. is almost 190 pounds per year when a century ago, it was less than 6 pounds per year. Perhaps it's so popular, because after air, water and salt, refined sweeteners are the least costly (for-profit) bulking ingredient in the food and beverage chain. We are what we eat and will we die (much faster, costlier and more painfully) when we eat junk, fast, take-out, processed, refined, food or beverages, full of bad-for-you sweeteners. We need to eat real foods in their natural state."

– Russ Bianchi, Managing Director and CEO, Adept Solutions, Inc., a global, natural product development firm "Connie, you are doing more for the world than than any doctor or scientist. Keep it up."

– Jeraldine Saunders, author of Hypoglycemia: The Complete Health Care Handbook

"We must focus on educating the public about the significant health benefits of eating whole and unprocessed foods to combat the growing public health epidemic of obesity."

– Jill R. Baron, MD, Primary Care and Holistic Medicine Specialist New York, New York

Thoughts on Sugar From Other Experts, Who Endorsed Connie and Dr. Sinatra’s Book “SUGAR SHOCK!”

“When I finally decided to turn my life around through exercise and better nutrition, one of the first things I did was give up eating refined, processed sugar. “ – Former presidential contender and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

"Too much sugar and refined carbohydrates could make you very sick — and maybe even kill you.”"
– Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder, www.M, the # 1 ranked natural health website

“Millions of people, including me, have been plagued by their relationship with Sugar…”
– Film producer Harvey Weinstein (“Chicago,” “The English Patient,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Life is Beautiful,” “Good Will Hunting,” etc.

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