Dr. Mehmet Oz Interview with Dr. Sinatra and Me

Join the conversation. What is your biggest A-ah from our interview with Dr. Oz? Post your comment now.

Dr. OzI just found this Oprah & Friends Radio Interview from a few years ago, when Dr. Mehmet Oz, along with Dr. Michael Roizen, interviewed Dr. Stephen Sinatra and me about our then-new book, Sugar Shock: How Sweets and Carbs Can Derail Your Life–And How You Can Get Back on Track.

Sugar Shock was my first book, which delves into the dangers of sugar and refined carbohydrates.

In our Dr. Oz interview, you can listen to me share:

  • How sugar addiction is pervasive in this country.
  • How everyone is affected differently by sugar.
  • How sugar consumption can dampen your sex drive.
  • The truth about agave and brown rice syrup.
  • And more…

In the interview. Dr. Sinatra:

  • Offers the truth about statins.
  • Shares the scoop about salt.
  • Discusses coconut oil.
  • And more…

Listen to our interview now.

Join the conversation. What is your biggest A-ah from our interview with Dr. Oz? Post your comment now.

Howard Stern Show Pokes Fun of Me Again!

It seems like every few months I hear from listeners of "The Howard Stern Show" about how they heard the interview I did a while back in which I was the brunt of their jokes, as I blogged about first here and then again here.

At this point, I’ve lost track of the number of times people — mostly cool guys — have written to me after the segment aired — it must have run easily three, four, five (?) times. It’s all very amusing.

Anyhow, I just received a wonderful e-mail from John, a Howard Stern fan in British Columbia, Canada. Here’s what he wrote:

"Hi Connie,

Just wanted you to know that we think that you must have a really great sense of humour to allow the Howard Stern Show to air the "interview" you had with High Pitch Eric posing as a sugared-up
little girl.

You may have heard this from other Howard fans, but we found you and are spending time exploring your site, solely because we love Howard and by extension, anyone who has enough of a sense of humour to laugh, even at themselves.

Thanks for one of the one of the most classic laughs ever. We just heard it again this morning and were inspired to visit your site.

Wishing you continued success in your admirable work."

What a sweet e-mail! Any other Howard Stern fans just hear the interview again?

FYI, the reason I was so ideal to is that it’s been years since I listened to Howard Stern (I was a fan while living in L.A. and trapped in traffic a lot) and I didn’t know that High Pitch Eric is just a fun, wacko character. See, for instance, his MySpace profile (if it’s to be believed?)

Howard Stern Show Airs My Interview Again In Which I Hung Up On the Show!

I’m amused. It seems like every few months, entertained fans(mostly guys) of the Howard Stern Show write to tell me that they just heard me on the show.

Interesting. Apparently, I’ve been getting people laughing so much that the Howard Stern Show keeps re-running an interview I unknowingly gave to the show in back in October 2007.

As I’ve laughed about on this blog several times, I flat out hung up mid-interview, as I explained here, and then then later here.

Yes, you got that right. I abruptly ended an interview, ending a phone call (politely, I think) with the Howard Stern Show!

Only I didn’t know I was being interviewed for the Howard Stern Show. NO one told me, as you can learn here. (And it’s been some six years since I listened to the show, when I lived in L.A. and sat in my car a lot.)

Anyhow, I’m taking it all in good humor, even if I’m repeatedly the butt of ridicule and laughter. FYI, here are two comments I just received:

Here’s Allen from Maryland: 

"Just heard an amusing "interview" with you on the Howard Stern Show. Not only do you dispense good informaiton <CQ> but you’re a good sport as well."

Surprised that it aired yet again — this must be at least the third or fourth time, guys have written to me — I wrote back to Allen to find out more. He further explained in a follow-up e-mail:

"I heard it on Friday morning and couldn’t stop
laughing. Hi Pitch Eric is the one that they use for phony phone calls a lot on the

Meanwhile, Michael from Washington, D.C., also contacted me:

"Loved you on the Jack
and Rod Show!!!"

He also wrote back with more information, when I asked:

"It was
funny. You seemed to take the joke well. I think they aired it] yesterday [Wed., Aug. 13]… It was when the show started…they play some ‘bits’ before
Howard goes on air."

Thanks, guys, for keeping me in the loop. Fans of the Howard Stern Show, keep writing to let me know when the piece re-airs again.

And feel free to keep laughing both with and at me!

Radio Interview on Dr. Fitness & the Fat Guy

Ever hear me on a radio interview giving tips and information about sugar? Well, you can catch a podcast now of the radio interview I gave Thursday to Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy (Dr. Adam Shafran and Lee).

FYI, you can listen to the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy show Sundays from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 pm EST on 710 WGSR-Atlanta.

You also can get their free newsletter here.

Thankfully, I came off coherent during the interview despite the Lyme disease which has been creating some cognitive challenges for me, as I mentioned during my Lyme disease radio interview this week. (Thankfully, I had my book Sugar Shock! in front of me and was able to refer to it, with no ne the wiser.)

Listen now to our interview on Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy.

“Business Matters” Features Sugar Story

Recently, I was interviewed by leadership innovator Thomas White for his radio show, Business Matters, which which focuses on how businesses are shaping our culture.

The show aired today, and you can listen now to the interview, "The Truth is Sweeter."

FYI, I’m one of two people with whom Thomas chats. The other interviewee is anthropology and economics professor Richard Robbins.


SUGAR SHOCK! — Listen Live to Radio Interview Tomorrow

Wanna hear me share insights, info and tips for a half hour tomorrow? Catch m e when Mary Jane Popp quizzes me for The PoppOff Show with Mary Jane Popoff show Wednesday at 1 p.m. EDT.

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