Sugar Addiction Begone! Kick Sugar With Me This Month

New York Open Center If you're like many Americans, you want to shed your excess weight so you can fit into your favorite slim outfit, have the trim, toned, sexy body you crave and be healthy.

Just imagine how you'd feel if you had more energy, more cheerful moods and more satisfying relationships.

Envision what your life would look like if you were more productive, thinking more clearly and experiencing a boost in your libido.

All of the above can happen if you eliminate sugar and refined carbs.

But losing weight, getting more energy, concentrating better, becoming happier and having a bigger sex drive are just a few of many benefits you can gain from eliminating sugar, as I pointed out in my book SUGAR SHOCK!

In fact, when I quit sweets and refined carbs on doctor's orders in 1998, a whopping 44 ailments disappeared and I felt reborn!

But, let's face it, cutting out sugar or those "culprit carbs" can be challenging for most people.

After all, you didn't develop a sugar habit overnight. So let me educate, inspire and guide you to become joyously sugar free.

Kick sugar cartoon Join me Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 6 pm for my fun, interactive, life-changing free introductory class, "SUGAR SHOCK! Breaking Free of Your Sugar Habit" at the New York Open Center, the largest urban holistic center in the United States.

On that one night, you'll get some tips and tactics to begin to break free of your sugar habits.

But, as you can imagine, since you've probably had a lifetime of being overly attached to sugar, one hour with me is isn't enough to change your destructive patterns for good.

That's why I'm also teaching a 4-week course at the New York Open Center, which begins next week, from Jan. 12 to Feb. 2.

In this four-week course, I'm sharing proprietary techniques that I developed and which worked for me when I removed sugar from my diet in 1998.

In addition, you're getting dozens of tips that have helped my clients. Plus, you'll receive many ideas from a variety of health experts, who kindly shared them with me.

For instance, in my 4-week course at the New York Open Center, you will:

  • Discover the 10 reasons people fail when making New Year's resolutions or when breaking a sugar addiction or other bad habits (what I call babits™).
  • Get 7 Smart Starter Strategies so you can conquer your sugar habit for good.
  • The most dangerous word in the English language that is disempowering when seeking to kick sugar.
  • Find out 5 ways to save money on food and beverages in this economy but still make healthy choices.
  • Find out why this course has the wrong title! (But we had to name
    it "SUGAR SHOCK! Breaking Free of Your Sugar Habit" so you'd know what you're getting.)
  • Receive 50 simple, effective tips and tactics to squash your sugar cravings.
  • Get a helpful, comprehensive sugar-free shopping list and sample meal plans.
  • Discover what 3 most empowering questions to ask yourself whenever sugary foods "call out" to you to stop your destructive cycle.
  • Find out how you can use "failing" or being human (i.e., imperfect) to your advantage.
  • Have fun discovering tasty, sugar-free desserts from 2 guest bakers.
  • Taste delicious sugar-free treats from 2 local chefs.
  • Find out which 3 foods can drive away your "sweet tooth."
  • Get educated about 20 cutting-edge research studies, which reveal the dangers of sugars and refined carbs.
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  • Learn how you can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes, cancer, infertility, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Be trained as a "Savvy Sugar Sleuth" so you easily unmask sugar's many disguises and read food labels in the grocery store.
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  • Get the
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  • Get your questions answered.

Register now for my complimentary introduction on Jan. 5 and 4-week course, from Jan. 12 to Feb. 2 at the New York Open Center.

Please note: If you're in another part of the re in another part of the country or world and cannot make my talk at the New York Open Center, please join us
virtually or telephonically in other upcoming programs so you can still get helpful tips, tactics and
tempting tidbits.

  • Register now for four-week course, staring Jan. 12 at the New York Open Center.

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  • Can Diet Soda Make You Fat? Soft Drink Industry Replies to Stories Claiming Just That

    As you’ve read here before, some recent research has found that diet drinks can pack on pounds, not help you lost weight.

    This research is so compelling that both nationally known nutritionist and weight-loss expert Jonny Bowden and esteemed naturopath Michael Murray, N.D. recently wrote about this possibility.

    Well, saying that diet soda may make you fat ruffled the feathers of the unhappy American Beverage Association — that’s the group previously called the National Soft Drink Association.

    So the ABA wrote to both Jonny, author of several books, including The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, and to Dr. Murray, author of How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes With Natural Medicine.

    Read this letter that Jonny received from the soft drink group in reaction to his recent article, "Is Your Diet Soda Making You Fat?"

    Then read Jonny’s response.


    Aspartame is Safe, Experts Claim, But Should We Believe Them?

    Note from Connie: Well now isn’t this interesting? A panel of American, British and Dutch experts reviewed 500 studies, reports, and articles published over the last 25 years and they concluded that aspartame doesn’t cause cancer, seizures, neurological damage or obesity.

    Hmmm. Scientists from all over? That sounds impressive. Well, it turns out there’s a catch, as Reuters tells us. The study was funded by Japanese food corporation Ajinomoto, which makes aspartame. Jennifer gives us the story.

    University of Maryland nutrition professor Bernadene Magnuson, lead author of this study, claimed that the aspartame maker had no control over the panel and that panel members didn’t know who funded the study until after it was finished. She even told Reuters, "I have no qualms in terms of who funded the study," she said.

    I guess I’m just a distrustful person, because I sure do have qualms. Is it really possible that the panel was entirely independent of the company who paid for its work? Do we have any independent verification of that?


    One Or More Soft Drinks Linked to Metabolic Syndrome, Study Finds

    The evidence against soda — both high-fructose corn-syrup filled and artifically sweetened — keeps mounting.

    Today, yet another study, which appeared appeared online in this month’s Circulation, revealed that middle-aged people adults one or more soft drinks — whether sugar-filled or "diet" drinks — have a higher prevalence and incidence of multiple metabolic risk factors, AP and CBS reported.

    The biggest surprise to researchers was that drinking diet sodas could have that kind of health-harming effect, too.

    The study’s senior author, Vasan Ramachandran, M.D., D.M., told CBS that the findings don’t show diet sodas are a cause of increased heart disease risks, but he said they show a surprising link that must be studied.

    Although the president of the soda industry’s trade organization, the American Beverage Association, pooh-poohed the fact that diet soda could be linked to weight gain, this concept actually is nothing new, and I’ve written several times previously, including here and here, about this "paradoxical weight gain" effect.

    For the study, researchers looked at 9,000 middle-aged men and women, who are part of the massive, multi-generational heart study following residents of Framingham, Mass., a town about 25 miles west of Boston.

    Watch the CBS news video with Dr. Jon LaPook.

    Speaking of CBS, are you aware of the fabulous CBS News Sunday Morning story, "Americans May Be Too Sweet on Sugar," for which I was interviewed a month ago?

    Cancer Prevention Study Urges Immediate Review of Aspartame Safety

    Note from Connie: Oh goodness, here comes the latest in a number of studies suggesting that aspartame could be dangerous. As I mention in my book SUGAR SHOCK!, in spite of the fact that experts insist the artificial sweetener is safe, more than 10,000 complaints flooded the FDA, reporting 92 different symptoms. Now, here’s Karen’s item on this new, alarming study.

    Aspartame caused dose-related increases of lymphomas, leukemias and breast cancer in rats when ingested at levels approaching "acceptable daily intake" for humans, according to a study conducted by the European Ramazzini Foundation (ERF) and recently reported on by

    The study, "Lifespan Exposure to Low Doses of Aspartame Beginning During Prenatal Life Increases Cancer Effects in Rats," confirmed earlier findings by the non-profit cancer prevention organization that identified the artificial sweetener as a carcinogen and demonstrated that those effects increased when lifespan exposure began during fetal life.

    Groups of male and female rats ingested aspartame with their feed at concentrations of 2,000, 400 or zero parts per million from their twelfth day of fetal life until natural death. Among the results:

    • 31.4 percent of female rats and 17.1 percent of male rats that received aspartame at a concentration of 2,000 ppm developed lymphomas or leukemias.
    • 12.6 percent of female rats and 9.5 percent of male rats that received no aspartame developed lymphomas or leukemias.
    • 15.7 percent of female rats and 2.9 percent of male rats that received aspartame at a concentration of 2,000 ppm developed breast cancer.
    • 5.3 percent of female rats and zero male rats that did not receive aspartame developed breast cancer.

    The report appeared online earlier this month in the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences journal Environmental Health Perspectives and issued a chilling conclusion:

    "On the basis of the present findings, we believe that a review of the current regulations governing the use of aspartame cannot be delayed. This review is particularly urgent with regard to aspartame-containing beverages, heavily consumed by children."

    By Karen James for SUGAR SHOCK! Blog

    Sugar Addicts, Diabetics, Hypoglycemics & Health-Minded People: Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Debuts July 10

    Today, I’m pleased to announce that come July 10, the Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Show will make its debut.

    My new radio show — which is an extension of this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog — is designed to be provocative, empowering, and inspiring. It will feature news tidbits and takes, tips and tactics to squash your sugar habit and "Gab With the Gurus™" interview segments.

    Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio is being hosted by the innovative This is clearly one amazing platform that is right on the cutting edge. (I’m thrilled to be able to host my show on their site — I just had a training session, and I’m quite impressed with what offer and do for you.)

    Curious? Get your questions answered here about

    Now, learn more about my show here.

    Got ideas and input? If you have suggestions for subjects I should cover or guests I should have, let me know here.

    Coke Sales Bubble Up As Company Repositions Diet Sodas as “Healthy”: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Article Also Quotes Me

    Duane also explains how the company is now positioning soft drinks as "healthy." (Read on to see my shocked comments about this new wildly creative marketing approach.)

    Perhaps because of the fact that I’m a trained journalist, I do respect Duane’s measured approach to the subject when he writes:

    "To, sell even more sodas, [CEO Neville] Isdell is pushing back against the stigma surrounding carbonated soft drinks, escalated in part by a debate over childhood obesity. He told stock analysts at a recent convention in Scottsdale, Ariz., that he wants to reframe what defines the category. His argument: The decision to drink a diet soda also can be a health-conscious choice."

    Health-conscious? Oh please. But back to Duane’s more objective assessment:

    The reporter also reveals that:

    • Coke plans to unveil a new vitamin-enhanced diet soda, called Diet Coke Plus.
    • The company began "dropping the term `carbonated soft drink’ from its communications last month in favor of the term `sparkling beverages.’"

    I’m sorry, but I think "sparkling" is applies only to the bottled water I had at dinner tonight, not soda.

    Duane then covers the other side of the issue, which is where my point of view belongs.

    He says that:

    "Coke’s effort to refresh the image of carbonated soft drinks as healthy has been panned by some, who say it’s just window dressing."

    Then come my remarks:

    "I think it’s really laughable to try to pass off diet drinks as healthy," said Connie Bennett, author of the book "Sugar Shock," which details health risks of sugary foods and beverages. "They sell water. Why don’t they just market that more."

    Duane pretty well captured my sentiments.

    He also brings up another valid point, which is that:

    "Some consumers also "worry about artificial sweeteners in diet drinks, in part because of studies suggesting links between the sweeteners and cancer and other illnesses. The federal government, which regulates artificial sweeteners, has said there is no clear evidence of such links."

    You know, despite the fact that I consider diet drinks anything but healthy, you really have to almost grudgingly admire these absolutely outlandish marketing tactics — which clearly have been designed to make a buck.

    I sure hope no one falls for this absurd concept. Diet drinks are not healthy. End of the story.

    Coca-Cola Tries to “Get the Target Off Our Backs” by Persuading the Public That Diet Coke and Other “No-Calorie” Drinks Are Healthy and More Clever Marketing Tactics

    Coca-Cola is getting into some very clever, if not misguided marketing tactics to somehow convince John Q. American Public that there’s a place in the diet for both empty-calorie, sugary soft drinks and/or chemical-laden "diet drinks."

    Not only that, but Coke is "on a mission" to tack on the phrase "health and wellness" onto Diet Coke and other "no-calorie" drinks. You can learn about these marketing ploys, thanks to Duane D. Stanford of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who was in Scottsdale, Arizona recently, where he attended the annual conference of the Consumer Analyst Group of New York.

    Mind you, I wasn’t in Scottsdale myself, but journalist Stanford heard Coke CEO Neville Isdell share insights into the soft drink company’s marketing approaches to offset flat sales of its carbonated soft drinks.

    For instance, in his astute article, entitled "Coke tries to shift obesity focus off its drinks," Stanford reportsof the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Isdell announced plans to broaden the debate over the obesity epidemic so Coke can "get the target off our backs."


    Yes, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Duane Stanford, Isdell branded millions of us who are health-minded as "targets"! And he wants us to quit revealing the truth about Coke’s products, including seemingly innocent ones named "Coke Zero" or "Diet Coke Plus."

    Reportedly, one way Coke plans to "get the target off our backs" is to use different terminology for diet drinks. Indeed, rather than rightly referring to them as "carbonated soft drinks," Coke wants us to name them "sparkling beverages." Hmm. Sounds a bit deceptive to me.


    Big Day Today: I’m On My SUGAR SHOCK! Blog Tour And More

    Today and tomorrow are big days for me. Just look for me all over the Internet!

    You see, I’m doing the SUGAR SHOCK! Blog Tour. Look for my very different postings on the following blogs:

    I’m off to these other blogs. Check back later for more exciting news!

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    My Special Invitation to You: Act on Wed., Jan. 17 to feel better and get exciting gifts.

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    I’m thrilled, because some really wonderful, cutting-edge experts, whom I greatly admire — including Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Fred Pescatore, and Dr. Liz Lipski — are kind enough to send out special e-mails to their fans on (or before) Wed., Jan. 17, inviting them to purchase my book, SUGAR SHOCK!

    These healthy heroes of mine — plus dozens of other wonderful authors and experts in a variety of fields — are sharing the fact that I accidentally discovered a wow of a secret that could boost your moods and bring you good health, too.

    They’re telling their followers about how after my years of needlessly suffering, I discovered one simple change that banished all 44 of my mysterious ailments. As I now happily reveal: My mood swings disappeared. My severe fatigue vanished. My horrible headaches took a hike.

    Why? Because I cut out sugar. That’s right: I kicked my sugar habit.

    And, as my friend Dr. Jonny Bowden — a hotshot, savvy nutritionist — points out in his letter to his followers: "If you (or your doctor) still thinks there’s no such thing as carbohydrate addiction, then you definitely want to read this book."

    These absolutely wonderful supporters also point out that my book SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley Books) dishes the sour scoop about sweets.

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    My friends and supportive colleagues also point out that SUGAR SHOCK! tells the full sugar story. What’s more, they tell their fans, my book "gives you hope and valuable tips so that you, too, can break free, boost your moods, get more energy, and more."

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    Just check out what three experts said:

    * Frequent Oprah guest Dr. Mehmet Oz, coauthor of the # 1 bestseller, YOU: On A Diet:

    "[SUGAR SHOCK!] spills the beans on the shocking impact of simple carbohydrates on aging and
    quality of life…"

    * Renowned expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of the wildly popular

    "If you can’t say `no’ to foods made with sugar or processed, white flour, then you will want to read Connie Bennett’s SUGAR SHOCK! …it is loaded with many practical tools and resources…"

    * Dr. Mark Hyman, author of the New York Times bestseller, UltraMetabolism:

    "Read this book. It could save your life."

    So, I invite you, too, to join the fun. Follow these experts’ advice.

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