Take Your Smart M.E.D.S.

No, I'm not talking about drugs - Your Cravings-Crushing Monday, New Year's Jumpstarter

Now that the year is winding down, if you’re like millions, you’re starting to think about your deep desire to shed sugary, fatty, possibly gluten-filled junk foods; shed excess weight; and Take Back Your Willpower.

To help you keep on track on a daily basis, I’d like to introduce you to a simple acronym, which will  help you easily remember what to do to take care of yourself on a daily basis so that you’ll easily Crush Your Cravings.

Every day, I urge you to Take Your Smart M.E.D.S. (as I call them) as to way to enrich yourself and to lead a sweeter, better happier life. Bear in mind that MEDs does not mean medication. Rather, I’m sharing some ideas with you that are safer and healthier than prescription pills.
happier life

You can print out this blog post and carry it with you to remind yourself of the fun, healthy, rewarding activities you can do instead of Caving into your Cravings for dangerous sugar, gluten, fat or salt cravings.

Learn now how to Crush Your Cravings by applying (not taking) what I call Smart M.E.D.S.


Smart Habit Video Tip of the Week: Get the Sour Scoop About Sweets

Greetings! Today, I'm pleased to present a new feature, a short Smart Habit Video Tip of the Week. Hope you like it. Spread it around!


I invite you to get the books I discuss now — my book SUGAR SHOCK! now, as well as Get the Sugar Out by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman and Suicide by Sugar by Dr. Nancy Appleton.

My ABC’s to Break Free of Sugar & Other Bad Habits (Babits™)

Freedom Have you seen my video yet on YouTube, in which I shared My ABC's to Break Free of Your Sugar Habit and Other Bad Habits?

Here's a companion article to give you more information and tips to release your bad habits or what I call babits™.

My ABC's to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Other Bad Habits by Connie Bennett, CPC, CHHC

If you’re like most people, you’re often tempted by gorgeous, mouth-watering, nutrient-poor “treats”—dazzling donuts, colorful cereal or buttered bagels—and other bad habits such as excessive coffee-drinking, negative thinking, procrastinating and obsessive texting. 

As I mentioned on my companion YouTube video, It's certainly understandable if you feel tempted. Wherever you go and wherever you live, you’re inevitably bombarded by unhealthy foods, substances, thoughts and activities.

But I invite you to look inside and decide: Do you feel trapped or imprisoned by your sugar habit or other bad habit (what I call a babit™)?

And are you plagued by baffling health issues such as annoying weight gain, ferocious headaches or even type 2 diabetes?

I’m here to reassure you. You can escape from the prison of a bad habit.

In fact, I respectfully challenge you. Get out from under your sugar habit or other babits™ so that you can have a life that rocks!

You may be wondering WIFY (What's In It For You?) if you overcome your bad habit. You can benefit in many ways!


Help for Sugar Addicts: Tips to Cut Back on Sugar

cut back on sugar Would you like to lose weight, get more energy and possibly boost your libido?

Just kick sugar and refined carbs!

Admittedly, for many, that’s easier said than done, especially if you feel like you have a sugar addiction or carb addiction.

Of course, as my clients often admit and as I discovered back in 1998, quitting sugar can be quite challenging.

After all, for many of us, we learned to like the sweet stuff in our wombs! (Yes, one fan told me that when her mom was pregnant, she guzzled soda. Seriously, many of us are born hooked on sugar!)

So allow me to help you begin to break free. To get you going, here are three stories full of tips and tactics.

First, I invite you to read my Huffington Post Holiday Health story, 10 Tips to Conquer Your Cravings for Candies, Cookies Or Cakes.

Next, I encourage you to check out my 10 Ways to Kick Sugar article on eDiets.com.

And finally, I recommend that you read nutritionist Jonny Bowden’s fabulous piece, Top 10 Ways to Cut Back on Sugar.

Hope our articles help you. Let us know here. And if you have other tips, please share them with us, too.

For more help, I invite you to join the Smart Habits Fans on Facebook and to check out my book SUGAR SHOCK!

Food Diary Time: Soul-Searching Food Journal™ to Help You Now

food diary

At the end of the day, have you completely lost track of what you ate? Are you at a loss as to what sweets, culprit carbs or fatty snacks you’ve put in your mouth? Do you wonder why you’re packing on the pounds or feeling sluggish and unfocused?

Well, research shows that if you keep a food journal, you stand a greater chance of losing weight and achieving better health.


Get a Musical “High” from Philip Glass, Etc. (Smart Habit of the Week)

musical high Late yesterday afternoon, despite the fact that I was still getting over a hacking cough, sore throat, exhaustion, etc. — which has kept me home bound for six days — I wrapped myself up and ventured out into the rain to catch the York premiere of a String Sextet by my favorite living American composer Philip Glass.after I  learned about the performance from his calendar.

Obviously, I’m passionate about music by Philip Glass, which I find mesmerizing, hypnotic and exhilarating.

Sure enough, after the Philip Glass concert, I felt joyful, upbeat and uplifted.

The Hours soundtrack 51flzLWUtkL._SL500_AA240_ In short, I got “high,” but not from sugar, alcohol, drugs or any other substance.

You may be wondering how my musical tastes can help you. Well,  I invite you: Please contemplate:

– How do you feel after listening to your favorite composer?

– What emotions well up in your soul?

– How does the music change your attitude and outlook?

– What do you feel like doing when or after listening to some melodic tunes?

If you’re like most people, music — the international language — will cheer you up, calm you down and boost your optimism.

It even can help you fall asleep or become productive,

So I urge you to take the musical passion challenge. Read on to learn more.

But first find out if Philip Glass triggers your musical passion, too. Do you get “high” after listening to the soundtrack to the movie, The Hours?

Perhaps now you’ll understand why I think that getting The Hours CD is highly effective bad-habits-breaker.

Now listen to part of his famous opera, Koyaanisqatsi:

Now it’s time to take your musical challenge. I invite you: The next time, you long to grab a high-calorie, sugary brownie; a cup of whipped-cream-topped coffee, an eggnog or a cigarette, instead get high on your favorite music! This will be, I hope, one of your favorite, Smart Habits.

Please let us know which music gets you “high.” Submit your suggestions here for the Music That Uplifts You list I’m putting together.