Want Your Program or Brand to Go Viral? Bestselling Author Peggy McColl Tells You How to Ignite Viral Explosions

Peggy-mccollAre you a wellness advocate, information marketer, author or other expert, who wants to gain exposure, credibility and fans?

One of  the best ways to do that is to create a buzz on the Internet.

And the woman who can tell you how to do that is New York Times bestselling author Peggy McColl, whose book, Viral Explosions!: Proven Techniques
to Expand, Explode, or Ignite Your Business or Brand Online
is  scheduled for release next month.

Yesterday, Peggy appeared on my Gab with the Gurus Radio Show,  and you can listen now to the show.

In our interview, Peggy shares groundbreaking ideas on how to make your business skyrocket using the power of the Internet.

You'll be wowed by this show with Peggy, who is also author of the amazing books, Your Destiny Switch:
Master Your Key Emotions
, and Attract the Life of Your Dreams, The
Won Thing: The `One' Secret to a Totally Fulfilling Life
, and 21
Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve.

You also can listen to the show below.

Abundance: Quick Tip to Have it From Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson Are you weighed down by worries about your finances? Are you wondering how you’ll be able to buy   memorable holiday gifts for your loved ones? Do you want — or even yearn — for something to help you to turn your money situation around?

Well, life coach Cheryl Richardson, the bestselling author of  The Art of Extreme Self-Care and Take Time for Your Lifehas a wonderful pointer for you to bring abundance into your life.

The caring, charismatic Cheryl — who I was thrilled to meet at the fabulous Hay House Movers & Shakers conference last weekend — offered a great, simple tip on Twitter yesterday. (You can follow her there @coachoncall.)

This pointer is so valuable that I felt compelled to share it here, giving it a post on this Sugar Shock Blog. Cheryl tweeted:

“$$ woes? Repeat all day: Abundance flows into my life in surprising & miraculous ways every day.”

Thank you, Cheryl, for this inspirational tweet! I already have it posted to my computer, along with some Louise Hay affirmations.

How do you feel after repeating Cheryl’s affirmation 10 times or more? Reassured, I’m willing to bet!

To connect with Cheryl’s vibrant community, go here. While you’re there, check out her really inspiring Touch of Grace cards. And listen to Cheryl every Monday on her “Coach on Call” radio show for Hay House.

Social Media: Let’s Connect, Chat & More

Facebook Have you become a fan of social media yet? It’s an amazing way to be in touch.

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Ning_logo Perhaps you’d like more support to kick your sugar habit.

To get involved in a community of people who are also seeking to break free from their sugar addiction, join the new Stop Sugar Shock social network, which I co-founded with fellow life coach James Hahn, II, also a former sugar addict. (His story is quite inspiring — he shed over 100 pounds by removing sugar from his diet.)

The Stop Sugar Shock community is hosted at Ning, where you can set up a profile, post photos, watch videos and learn about events.

Kick_sugar_with_us Most importantly, you can have discussions with your fellow would-be sugar kickers and get tips and inspiration from both James and me.

The Stop Sugar Shock social network is replacing KickSugar, which is at Yahoo, where it has been running since Nov. 2002.

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