SUGAR SHOCK! Fan and Her 9-Year-Old Former Sugar-Addict Daughter Find Me at Whole Foods While I’m Out Having Fun

Usually, I don’t post anything here personal on this SUGAR SHOCK! blog. Inevitably, there’s a connection to my book SUGAR SHOCK! In fact, many readers, I suspect, aren’t even aware of the fact that I’m a single, available chick living in Manhattan and that I have ample time to play these days now that my book is published.

But today, after much blog-soul-searching, I’m going to break new ground and get personal, because my two worlds collided recently in the most unexpected way imaginable. (Perhaps I got motivated by advice from popular blogger Melissa Lafsky, who I interviewed this afternoon on my Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Show, which you can listen to now.)

…So, having said that, I invite you to go back with me in time about a week and a half ago to one of the Whole Foods locations in New York City, where I was going through first-get-together rites with a good-looking, interesting, charming man. (Let’s call him "Dignified.")

Dear readers, I invite you to imagine now the following scenario: So there we were, my brand new acquaintance and I, sitting at a counter at Whole Foods.

Picture us: I’m eagerly relishing my scrumptious salad while Dignified chomps an organic Fuji apple and pulls out his just-purchased copy of SUGAR SHOCK! (Honest, it wasn’t my idea to buy the book at the Border’s upstairs!)

As my companion and I went through getting-to-know-you questions ("Where are you from originally? What are your favorite sports?," etc.), along comes a slim, attractive blonde.

She stops dead in her tracks when she spies SUGAR SHOCK!

She then looks directly at Dignified and asks him point blank, "Have you read that book? That’s a great book. I’ve given it to a number of friends."

Needless to say, my jaw dropped! A slim, pretty woman, who read SUGAR SHOCK! pops by out of the blue to talk to a new friend and me about my book?


SUGAR SHOCK! Snapshot — What Have You Witnessed Lately? Tell Us!

Have you been out and about and witnessed an incident where a mother encourages her already overweight kid to eat his ice cream?

Have your jaws dropped as you saw a woman get angry as she waits in line to buy candy and gets quite belligerent when she finds out that her favorites are no longer in stock?

Have you personally been privvy to a scene of which you’re not proud?

In other words, have you either noticed or participated in a SUGAR SHOCK! moment?

To get a flavor for what I’m talking about, see this SUGAR SHOCK! Snapshot from Jasmin Singer, a fellow graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, who was shocked upon witnessing an incident on the subway in New York City.

And here’s one I wrote about my encounter with a low-fat brownie.

If so, tell us here, and we’ll consider posting it on this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog.

This is your blog, and we’d like to share some of your stories. Write to me now to contribute your SUGAR SHOCK! Snapshot.

My Encounter (Non-Edible) With the Low-Fat Brownie! The What? You Heard Me Right

This morning, I’m taking you on a journey to New York City, to so you can experience with me what I call a "SUGAR SHOCK! Snapshot."

The other day, I dashed into a deli to grab some lunch (while an appointment kept me waiting), and I had the most shocking encounter with a brownie.

Mind you, this was no ordinary brownie. This was a "low-fat brownie." Huh? How could that be?

You see, as I walked up to the checkstand to pay for my juicy salad, topped with enticing veggies, eggs and tuna, I saw this gorgeous-looking treat.

Yes, despite the fact that I’ve been sugar-free for close to 9 years (come April 15), every so often, desserts do hold a visual appeal. (But bear in mind that this doesn’t mean that I allow myself to indulge in them. These days, I prefer to feel good, and I full well know that giving in to a tempting sugary dessert would bring on what I call "The 3-Day Crud.")

Anyhow, back to the deli delicacy. Because as I was waiting to turn over my money in this bustling luncheon establishment, there, in big bold letters, you saw that this sugar-laden brown creation was being trumpeted as "low-fat."

As I faced this culinary concoction — a low-fat brownie — all I could do was flash a big smile — or did I actually smirk? I mean this brownie-pushing was absurd advertising at its best.

My brain became busy:

  • How the heck could such a nonsensical dessert even exist?
  • Did the deli owner really thank that this sign would boost brownie sales?
  • And how could usually smart-and-savvy New Yorkers be dumb enough to be duped by that ridiculous description and assume that this sugary food would be any healthier than your average sugary, nutrient-deficient, blood-sugar-bouncing dessert?

Anyhow, my encounter with the brownie basically spotlighted one of the many food-label misconceptions that many Americans have.

You see, people get confused. In fact, as I reveal in my book SUGAR SHOCK!, folks may assume that "low fat" and "fat free" mean "sugar free."

But that plain isn’t so. While you may think a low-fat brownie — or low-fat yogurt, for that matter — may be a more healthy choice, it’s entirely feasible that this allegedly low-fat creation does, in fact, contain as much, if not more sugar, than its high-fat counterpart.

Think about it: If you’re going to remove fat and you want to keep a food tasty, what do you do? Well, you add sugar!

So, the next time you see a sign or label which proclaims that a food is "low fat" or fat free," be forewarned. It may not be as good for you as you may initially presume. And it may be made tasty by tossing in sugar.

You can learn about "Top 10 Food-Lable Misconceptions About Sweeteners" in Chapter 20 of my book SUGAR SHOCK!, which, of course, I invite you to check out now.

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SUGAR SHOCK! Snapshot: Kids Are Like Crack Addicts By Jasmin Singer

Today, I’m pleased to present another SUGAR SHOCK! Snapshot guest column from fellow IIN grad Jasmin Singer. Her observations are quite astute.

Kids Are Like Crack Addicts by Jasmin Singer

My mother is an art teacher at an elementary school located in an inner city in New Jersey. I recently spent a day observing her at work. 

It was jarring to me as I witnessed children go from bouncing off the walls to almost comatose within a matter of minutes. Here are the notes I doodled on the side of my paper as the day progressed:

9:00 a.m.:  The kids seem well-behaved, though very tired. Did they sleep last night? Either they are sleep-deprived or yawns are contagious, because I just witnessed three fourth-graders share a gigantic yawn. 

11:00 a.m.: The children are restless, whining about wanting lunch. How does my mother handle this on a day-to-day basis?                                       

12:30 p.m.:  I asked my mother to let me sit in the cafeteria with the children as they ate their “food.”  I am appalled by what we’re feeding our youth. One example was pizza with a side of mashed potatoes!  When I was a child, I used to have bagged lunch with celery and peanut butter. This stuff that the children are eating is not real food. It is processed chemicals with a side of more processed chemicals. 

1:15 p.m.: The children are downright OFF THE WALL!  My mom had to put the lights down so that they would know to be quiet. They are behaving like wild animals, though without the exotic mystique. 

2:30 p.m.:  Ah, finally, they’ve crashed. The children are whiny again, kind of like this morning, but not so cute and fresh. About an hour ago, I witnessed a student run to the vending machine and buy himself a chocolate bar, stuff it down his throat, and return to his classroom. 

3:15 p.m.: The kids picked up again. There was a line at the vending machine after the school bell rang.

Thoughts: It’s all too obvious. The students at my mother’s school all suffer from SUGAR SHOCK! 

Phew! I’m glad I don’t eat sugar, but I sure wish I drank alcohol right now (which I guess is technically sugar anyway). (OK, I’m joking.)

After spending a day with children, I’m thinking of getting my tubes tied. Either that or I will introduce my future children to whole-based foods and get them excited about celery and peanut butter, as my mom did for me

Want to write a SUGAR SHOCK! Snapshot for this blog as Jasmin did? Contact me now to contribute your observations.