Childhood Obesity is Rampant Here, But Thousands of Kids Around the World Are Starving: Help Feed 1 Million Hungry Children

You often hear me talk here about the rapidly growing epidemic of childhood obesity in the U.S. and the horrific consequences, including the fact that the life span of these youngsters may be drastically shortened. Sadly, these overweight or obese kids — who consume too much sugary, fatty junk food — are actually undernourished.

But in other corners of the world, less-fortunate children are facing downright starvation. They don’t have the option to pig out on chips, candy bars and soft drinks like our kids over here. These emaciated youngsters don’t even know where their next meal is coming from.

Which is why I’m happy to join in a unique campaign started by renowned Internet marketer Stephen Pierce to feed 1 million hungry children. But you actually benefit from this effort, which is rapidly spreading around the World Wide Web. (I’ve received about 5 e-mails today about it!)

So here’s the deal. As described on a special website, For A Greater Cause, "When You Download This Free Success Report, We Will Donate A Plate Of Food To A Starving Child On Your Behalf. It’s That Simple. No Strings Attached."

To learn how to help feed 1 million hungry children, visit For A Greater Cause now.

While you’re at this site, I invite you to also donate $30 (as I did) to put food into these hungry kids’ mouths. At the same time, you’ll also get valuable reports from some of big Internet marketers and renowned experts.

So now I’m inviting you to help me fight both childhood starvation and childhood obesity.

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