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Confessions of Sugar Addicts: Share Your Success Stories from Sadness to Sweetness

Freedom Calling former sugar addicts: Have you kicked sugar and refined carbs? And did cutting out sweets or cutting back on them give you more energy, easy weight loss, a happier disposition, better relationships and other amazing benefits? If your sugar addiction is a thing of the past — or is under control — we want to hear from you!

Share your Sugar-Free Success story with me so I can share it on this Sugar Shock Blog and other places. Please help me to encourage, educate and inspire other people.

Wondering what a Sugar-Free Success Story sounds like? Read motivational Kick-Sugar Success Stories shared previously on the Sugar Shock Blog.

To be featured as a Kick-Sugar Success Story on this Sugar Shock Blog and on other places, you should have either cut out or heavily cut back on your sugar and quickie-carb consumption for at least 3 months and achieved wonderful results. By sharing your story, you agree that I can publish all or parts of it on my Sugar Shock Blog, any other websites or in an upcoming book or books. You agree that I can use your name and photo and that I will edit your story for accuracy and readability. You agree that you are contributing this piece to help others and that you are sharing it without compensation. (Sorry!) To tell your sour-to-sweet story and to be considered for inclusion in this column, just write to me with answers to the following questions. Please also send photos — preferably before-and-after photos.

  • Your Name (full or first name only), City, State & Country (or just list state, if you like) & Age (if you choose):
  • Your Previous Weight & Height & Your Present Height:
  • Favorite Hobbies & Activities Now:
  • When did you kick sugar? Have you quit other foods, too? If so, what?
  • What are the biggest BENEFITS you've received from kicking sugar?
  • What was your rock-bottom moment before you decided you needed to change your diet?
  • Just how bad were you feeling? What ailments did you have? Please be specific.
  • Please describe any pivotal moments. For example, you could share
    something that happened in your doctor's office, how you behaved
    towards a loved one (like I confessed in Chapter 1 of my book SUGAR SHOCK!), or what embarrassing event made you decide that it was high time to tackle your sugar habit, etc.
  • What made you finally decide to eliminate sugar and refined carbs to help with your health issues?
  • Describe the day that you finally decided it was time to break free! 
  • What were the very first 3 things that you did to prepare yourself to quit sweets?
  • DS (During Your Sugar Days), what did you used to eat?
  • Tell us how bad you felt. What was your lowest point? What was it like?
  • What do you think most people don't know about processed carbs that they need to know?
  • How did you first learn about the dangers of sugars and refined carbs?
  • Did you find a doctor or other health professional (acupuncturist,
    nutritionist, etc.), who understood all about how eating sugar triggers
    drastic blood sugar swings, etc. Tell us about him or her.
  • What were your biggest challenges when kicking sugar and refined carbs?
    Please help prepare others for any potential pitfalls ahead.
  • Do you have any favorite websites, blogs, books, organizations or support groups that have helped you to lick your habit?
  • What are your best 3 tips and tactics to help other people kick sweets and quickie carbs?
  • Please share some final words of wisdom, inspiration, encouragement or
    motivation to others who are thinking of cutting out sugar and simple
  • Add your own question and response, if you like:

Please feel free to share this call for Confessions of Sugar Addicts No More on your blog or website, in your ezine, on your Facebook page or via Twitter. Please note that Connie Bennett, author of SUGAR SHOCK!, and the founder of the Sugar Shock Blog ( is compiling this collection. Please let me know if you've shared this call to action.

If you are not yet a success story but want to me, learn how to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks.

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One thought on “Confessions of Sugar Addicts: Share Your Success Stories from Sadness to Sweetness

  1. Hi! I’ve been 4 days (doesn’t seem like much eh) off sugar completely. I need to do this as I’m not overweight, but at age 61 am getting worse reactions daily to the stuff. Can’t say that I feel all that much different so far, except for sleeping better and no dry mouth and dizziness. So time will tell. Also if I eat high fat and protein and very little carbs, my constant hunger is diminished. I would love to hear TONS of success stories on quitting sugar and refined carbs, and also sample menus of what people eat in a day. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Bev

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