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13 thoughts on “Contact Connie

    1. Kelly, did you follow Book Giveaway guidelines so we can get it to you? What is your biggest concern about sugar? How long have you been addicted?

    1. Jean,

      You would live a much sweeter life. You’d have tons more energy to work out or be with your honey; you’d be able to focus; you’d concentrate better; and you’d be happier. Those are only a few of the many benefits you’d get!

      But I totally understand your reluctance or resistance. I’ve been there myself back in 1998.
      Stay tuned for a blog post to address your concerns. Did you sign up for a complimentary copy of Beyond Sugar Shock?

    2. Jean,

      We didn’t get your address either. Please send it so we can send you a copy of Beyond Sugar Shock.


  1. I hope you are serious about this. I am following all of your request and expect to get a copy of the book. Thank you. I want to share it with my brothers who also have
    borderline or the diseasse. Thank you.

    1. Rene,

      Oh, yes, I’m very serious about this!

      Did you follow the Book Giveaway Guidelines?
      My assistant never got your address.

      See them below.

      I’m sorry about the delay in writing. We’ve been setting up a new website, and I’m learning it still!

      Please make sure to connect with us. Would love to hear from you how you like the book. Connie

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