The Crush Your Cravings System

Take Back Your Control with This Powerful Program

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Do your cravings for nutrient-poor candies, cookies or chips frustrate you?

Are you tired of gaining weight after pigging out on those or other junk foods?

Has your willpower vanished — or so it feels?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some super-simple, super-short, but powerful, science-based methods to Crush Your Cravings For Good so you won’t overeat health-harming, sugary, salty, fatty junk foods?

Tadum! At last, after nearly five years of researching cravings, I’m thrilled to show you how easy it is to Take Back Your Power.

Admittedly, I became an expert on cravings, because I suffered from my own humiliating, persistent, challenging Crazy Cravings after the year-long terminal illness of my Mom, her inadvertent abuse of me, her unintentional betrayal, her death, major family woes, my PTSD and my housing challenges (as in I had nowhere to live after I’d moved across country for my mother and unexpectedly not gotten her house).

But today, I’m ready to calmly talk about admit my embarrassing Carb Relapse and mortifying behavior.

Initially, though, I was devastated, shocked and embarrassed, because I’m a recognized sugar and carb expert and author of two books on the subject (Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock) and because I’d been off processed carbs (and sugar) for 14 years.

Admittedly, I hid out from other health experts. At first, my Carb Relapse was, in my mind, a huge blow to my credibility. But now I’ve come to a different point of view. 

Ultimately, buy now my Crazy Cravings Became My Greatest Teachers.

Now, pleased to report, I’m the Master of My Cravings. Actually, they vanished years ago. 

It’s my pleasure to finally show you how you, too, can take charge, find your willpower and easily face nutrient-lacking, processed, non-foods.

You just won’t want them any more!

Stay tuned, because soon, I’ll offer my Crush Your Cravings System, which I’ve created so you can Crush Your Cravings For Good.

Just sign up here now to find out when I’ll next hold my next free online workshop. (I offer it once a year at this writing.)

In our free online workshop, you’ll discover:

  • What cravings are;
  • Why they strike;
  • 3 fast, super-simple, science-based tools to begin to Crush Your Cravings

During our free workshop, you’ll also find out about:

  • My new, fun Crush Your Cravings System.
  • How you’ll  get valuable insights
  • How to Crush Your Cravings On the Go™ (as I like to say).

Since I offer this free online workshop only once year, I still want to give you help ASAP.

  • First, sign up for my free Cravings-Crushing, Quick-Start Guide, which quickly tells you little-known info about cravings and gives you three super-simple, science-based tactics to Crush Your Cravings.
  • Then, join me every week, on Cravings-Crushing Monday, when I share cravings insights, tips or Sweet Freedom tips so you can take back your power.

See you soon.


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