Deep-Fried Coca Cola? My Stomach is Turning

As if fried Twinkies and fried candy bars aren’t enough.

Now, Deep-Fried Coca Cola is apparently is all the rage at state fairs in Texas, North Carolina and Arizona.

The sugary, fatty dish — which made its debut at the State Fair of Texas in 2006 — even won the "Most Creative" title that year.

Today, as I was cleaning my office, I ran across the recipe, which a fan of mine sent to me. As I examine the ingredients list, I’m aghast: White flour, eggs, Coca Cola and Cola Cola syrup, plus whipped cream and cherries.

Yuck! I’m feeling sick.

I deeply care about you, dear readers, and there’s simply no way I’m going to share this disgusting creation with you, because I don’t want you to harm your health by getting this anywhere near your mouth.

Granted, at street fairs and festivals, people go gaga over these fad-laden, sugar-filled, artery-clogging concoctions, but I shudder to think of the damage that they could cause.

Why would such a recipe even be floating around the Internet?

Oh, and get this, the recipe raves, "The kids love them because they’re so sweet and gooey."

Then, if the batter thickens, there’s a "solution," reveals the recipe. "If this happens, thin the batter by adding more Coca Cola." (More Coke? You’ve got to be kidding!)

Aren’t the distributors of this Deep-Fried Coca Cola recipe at all concerned about our obesity crisis and that heart disease is one of many risks associated with it?

UPI put it best: When the sweet snack emerged on the scene, the wire service ran a story with the following revealing headline, "A new way to get fat in Texas: Fried Coke."

Thanks to Brenda for sending me this recipe, along with her amazed comment, "I can’t believe it either."

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One thought on “Deep-Fried Coca Cola? My Stomach is Turning

  1. I teach nutrition in college. I’ve shared this story since 2006 and even my students are amazed! Just goes to show that people all over the world will EAT ANYTHING FRIED, even if they have never seen the food–fry it and they will eat it!!