Do 1 New Thing a Day

The Fast, Easy Way to Play, Grow, Thrive

Would you like to find the fastest, easiest, most fun way to Get a Life that Rocks™, as I put it?

If you’re a sugar or carb addict (as many of you are), would you like to discover an incredibly amazing way to quit jonesing over your favorite junk foods?

Well, when was the last time you tried something new, exciting and energizing?

Drum roll here.

It’s with tremendous joy, excitement and enthusiasm that I’m about to share one super-simple, super-fun, super-awesome way to Get a Life That Rocks; quit fantasizing about unhealthy, processed snacks; and have a blast in the process.

Just do 1 New Thing a Day™.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

For the past 18 days, I’ve been using myself as a guinea pig to gauge the power, effectiveness and transformative power of doing 1 New Thing a Day.

Wow! I’m not the same timid, reclusive, introspective person I was a little over two weeks ago!

It’s been invigorating, exhilarating and challenging to try new things I’ve always wanted to try, challenge myself to tackle others I’ve been avoiding; and undertake activities that push my boundaries.  For instance, here are some of many things I did in 18 days.

  • Went to my first meetup group in the San Diego area.
  • Started the 1 New Thing a Day Facebook group.
  • Took my first Pilates, Chi Gong and Tai Chi classes.
  • Woke up early to see the sun rise from Mount Soledad with my friend Clemencia Sandoval, my partner in this 1 New Thing a Day Project.
  • Joined a new gym and took an awesome exuberant Zumba class.
  • Went on several early morning walks, starting between 6:15 to 7 am, each time changing things up a bit to make it still 1 New Thing a Day. (One time I forced myself to say hello to everyone I encountered (unless they were busy or on their cell phone), and another time, I paid special attention to Nature’s many wonders, taking lots of fun photos.)
  • Held my first contest for our new 1 New Thing a Day logo.
  • Began writing the introduction to my new book, 1 New Thing a Day for 30 Days to show people how to put this fun, powerful, tranformative process in action.
  • Took three life coaching classes, which go towards my iPEC coaching re-certification.
  • Went to a comedy club for the first time in years.
  • Did research on how to start a movement, including watching Seth Godin’s fascinating TED talk.
  • Reconnected with a number of colleagues and made several new friends, including the ultra-inspiring LuAnn Cahn, author of I Dare Me: How I Rebooted and Recharged My Life by Doing Something New Every Day. (What’s wild is that I never knew LuAnn’s book existed until after forming our 1 New Thing a Day Facebook group.)

But for the two most challenging activities. I needed backup or gentle nudging from friends:

  • For instance, Clemencia gently held my accountable while I finally began to face my long-standing fears of public speaking by going to a Toastmaster’s meetup. The most awesome thing is that I won a Toastmaster award (an actual Toastmaster box) or my two-minute impromptu talk despite my many ums and ah’s.
  • And I took my first pole dancing class, after I got inspired by nutritionist Sara Vance, who finds that a good pole dancing class washes all her stress away. After hearing her rave about this fitness trend, I just had to try it.  “Before I found pole dancing, I had been getting uninspired with my workouts. But now I’m climbing up poles (it is not easy and will kick your butt!), explains Sara, who says pole dancing has not only made her stronger and more flexible but it’s helped her face her fears (“hanging upside down on a pole can be scary,” says Sara, author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan

You get the idea about the kinds of fun you can have by doing 1 New Thing a Day.

So what about you?

  • What new, different, fun things have you been wanting to try?
  • What activities most scare you, challenge you intrigue you?
  • What activity makes you glow with pride and make you smile with glee?

So have some fun with us. Join the fun, free 1 New Thing a Day Project on Facebook.

We’re here waiting for you:

We want to do 1 New Thing a Day with you.

We’re eager to see your photos and videos.

We’re looking forward to sharing your successes.

So join our 1 New Thing a Day Facebook group now:

Junk foods will be the last thing on your mind.

See you soon? Just find us in the 1 New Thing a Day Project on Facebook.


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Connie Bennett is the bestselling author of Sugar Shock (Berkley Books) and Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House), one or both of which have been praised by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman and many others. Connie is now dedicated to discovering and sharing fast, super-simple, science-based secrets to Crush Your Cravings. (Her renewed interest in this topic began in late 2012, when she was walloped by Crazy Carb Cravings after losing her mother . She is now completing her next book, Crush Your Cravings On the Go™ and creating the companion Crush Your Cravings System.

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2 thoughts on “Do 1 New Thing a Day

  1. I+am+desperate+to+shed+my+dependence+on+sugar+and+carbs+before+I+gain+back+all+of+the+180+lbs+I’ve+lost.++I+have+been+gaining+for+2+years.+++I+will+try+anything!

    • So sorry for your challenges. Have you looked at the posts on my blog, which offer tips to quit sugar? Also, a member of my team will contact you to find out if you’d like to have a Sweet Freedom Kickstart Session with me