Easter or Passover: You’re Stronger Than These “Treats”

EastereggsWith Easter around the corner and Passover here, sugary “treats” will inevitably tempt you.

That’s our world’s sugary reality.

My role today is to help you to be at peace with that situation.

So let me prepare you as you face those enticing chocolate malt balls (my favorites back in 1998),
chocolate marshmallow eggs, Easter sugar cookies, rugelah, Haroset (that’s appple, cinnamon, honey, and wine), and more.

Whenever you view these sugary temptations, I invite you to arm and protect yourself with four quickie tactics.

1) When you see sweets, think “I am stronger than these desserts. I am strong enough to say no! I can say no.”

2) Look at these desserts with wonder and curiosity — as if you were a child. Try to discover why these sweets look so darn shiny, tempting or delectable. If packaged cookies are seemingly calling out to you,
study that food label carefully — as if you were cramming for a final exam!

If a friend or family member made the dessert, politely ask her or him (if you have a good relationship), what ingredients she used to create such a beautiful and enticing dish.

3) Before you dip your fork or finger into any of these “treats,” ask yourself, “Why
am I doing this?”

4) If you choose to have any desserts or “treats,” make sure to savor it BIG TIME. And decide in advance how to sete some limits. Choose ahead of time exactly how many bites you’ll have.

When you’ve reached your allotment, get off the table, and think to yourself, “I love myself enough to stop now.”

5) Inwardly boast, “I did it! I did it!” I took control over my sugar habit! Woo Hoo!”

I hope these tips help you have a glorious Easter and/or Passover.

Remember, you are strong, and you have the power to choose what goes into
your lovely body.

And remember, if you want to nibble, you can always choose hard-boiled eggs (which are full of wonderful nutrients — even the yolks) and vegetables.

Have a wonderful Easter or Passover.

By the way, stay tuned for an announcement of my FR*EE Teleseminar on Wed., April 18 at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST) on “7 Habits that Keep You Tracked In Your Sugar Addiction — and How to Break Free.”


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