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Win a Year of Typepad: Blog Contest in Honor of Beyond Sugar Shock’s Book Launch

TypepadToday marks the official launch of my new book, Beyond Sugar Shock, and I've been seeking to provide lots of fun programs and activities for you. 

To my delight, Typepad, the easy-to-use blogging platform where I've been hosting this Sugar Shock Blog since 2005, has generously offered to help me hold a contest.

Calling all would-be bloggers or current bloggers (on other platforms) — because the winner of this contest will get a year of Typepad Unlimited ($179.40 value).

I love BloggingNow, if you're a blogging newbie, this contest should be especially appealing. And it's also ideal if you're a person with a strong, savvy voice about a certain topic.

In particular, sugar and carb addicts and people with weight goals, this is your big chance. If you've been thinking about writing a blog about going sugar-free, leading a healthier life, or sharing tasty recipes, I urge you to apply. This is an ideal opportunity for you to write about a topic that's dear to you — and get support from your readers in the process.

By the way, in my book, Beyond Sugar Shock, I discuss the value of blogging or journaling to help you release your sugar addiction.

You even get some helpful blogging pointers from veteran journalist Dana Kennedy, who ran her popular Year Without Candy blog from Feb. 28, 2010 to Feb. 28, 2011.

Entering the contest is simple. In order to win, you have to be either new to Typepad, or have to want to migrate your blog from another provider to this more-user-friendly platform.

Here's how to join the contest:

Your deadline to enter the Typepad giveaway is Friday, June 15 at midnight (EST), and I'll announce the show later that day.

To select a winner, I'll confer with Typepad and a panel of two other experts (like on a TV game show) to select that special person, who seems most motivated to create and maintain her or his blog to further an important goal.

By the way, I've thought quite a bit about how people should apply. This is such a nice offer from Typepad so I want the applicant to be serious. In other words, I want both you and Typepad to find this to be a worthwhile endeavor

I'll announce the winner on June 20. And please, of course, only entry per person, please.

Remember this giveaway is only open to those who aren't already blogging with Typepad.

So why would you want to be with Typepad? From my perspective, as a non-techy kind of person, I've found it easy to learn. What's more, their customer service is excellent — you can actually reach a live person via a Help ticket.

That's one of my favorite features of Typepad. If I ever have a question about how to use a particular function or program, I just fill out a support ticket, and a Typepad representative generally gets back to me within about 24 hours with a detailed answer.

I just love that Help section. It makes life so easy for me. Because they're so good at explaining things, I no longer have to scramble to find answers.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter this blogging contest now.

Typepad-featured-weblog-125Please note that while Typepad agreed to sponsor this giveaway, I will choose the winner. 

In addition, all opinions are my own, and I wasn't compensated by Typepad in any way to sing their praises. I've just been a happy customer for seven years, because it's so easy to use!

By the way, I'm thrilled to report that Typepad is also doing something else very nice for me.

Any moment now, my Sugar Shock Blog will be featured shortly in the Everything Typepad section.

Stay tuned for details. 

Now just post a comment here to enter the contest and get one year free at Typepad.

Special thanks to Hollywood Housewife for giving me some ideas regarding this contest.

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8 thoughts on “Win a Year of Typepad: Blog Contest in Honor of Beyond Sugar Shock’s Book Launch

  1. I would love to try blogging. I am very excited to be following your blog now. I have read Sugar Shock and ready for Beyond Sugar Shock. I got Sugar Shock on Sunday and am finished already! So ready to start a new way of thinking and eating.

  2. I am a current blogger since 2007. I am currently detoxing with a coworker. It’s the Daniel Fast, which also calls for no sugar. I am very interested in what your take on sugar addiction/toxicity.
    My blog is more about my personal journey since I moved to Dallas in 2007. I am chronicling my journey to health. Just one week on the fast and down 10lbs (about 90 to go) but I feel so much better.

  3. Talula, Good to hear from you. That’s great you’re detoxing. My take on sugar addiction/toxicity? I’m not sure I understand that question. There’s some recent research, which suggests that sugar addiction exists. It’s all very compelling. It’s wonderful that you’re already blogging here on Typepad so I assume you’re not entering the contest.

  4. Hi Connie. What an awesome idea for a blog. I havebeen trying to live sugar free for over a year and a half. Lately I have lost my edge. It is so hard to remain sugar free in America. Your book sounds like something I need to read in order to “get back in the game”. I will be following your blog starting today. Can’t wait to read more.

  5. I am a paper crafts blogger but I’m afraid that my 4+ years of Typepad have been pretty basic. I haven’t gone beyond the basic format with the look and feel of my blog. What I am really excited about is that since the end of January I am on a journey to change my health. I’ve changed the way I’m eating and I’ve lost 20lbs. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I even just bought a mini rebounder to start getting active. Your book Sugar Shock sounds like something I very much need to look into. Thank you for that and for the chance to win 1 free year of blogging. That might even motivate me to learn a few computer savvy things!

  6. I just signed on for a trial memebership to typepad-and saw this link. I had just decided today, after a 37 year-long love affair with sugar, to give it up and find life elsewhere! I signed on to start blogging my experience of life without sugar-is it worth living or not? A terrible question, but out of the soul it doth honestly tumble! Now I’m curious to read your book!

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