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Gifted British Children Want to Decide What Foods They Eat

I’m always intrigued when reading about health and nutrition news from Great Britain for a number of reasons. First off, the country has many cutting-edge researchers over there (some of whom I interviewed for my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK!). Secondly, in many ways, we Americans can learn so much from them, especially when it comes to their more consumer-friendly, common-sense rules and guidelines regarding TV advertising and food.

But this latest bit of news from the BCC entertains me. A new survey of gifted British kids reveals that these youngstgers believe they’re smart enough to decide what they want to eat rather than have their food choices dictated to them.

In fact, 68.7 percent of children polled (770 kids in all the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth) felt that they should be responsible for what they put in their mouths.

What’s more, the BBC tells us, these young ones say that "they would choose healthy options over junk food."

The timing of the poll is interesting. "The findings come as the government is setting its nutritional guidelines for school meals in England," the BBC explains.

But bear in mind, as I reported here earlier, Great Britain has a wonderful anti-junk-food champion over there — young, hip TV chef "Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver — who’s thrown his weight behind a campaign to change food in schools and to use more fresh ingredients.

Cool American celebrities, are you listening? You could do so much good if you emulated Oliver even in a small way!

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2 thoughts on “Gifted British Children Want to Decide What Foods They Eat

  1. My step-daughter, who is in the gifted program in Missouri, surprises me often by chosing salads, apples, and other healthy options over junk food often. I believe that the media has just ingrained it in our heads that kids will pick nothing other than cookies or candy, but at a buffet she is often too full to make it to the dessert lane. I admit — I’m learning how to get off the sugar train and often buy her candy, but I am a work in progress.

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