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For many people who blow their diets, Monday is often the day they plan to finally get back on track with their diet.


Monday is when reality hits hard. Over the weekend, many ate chips, candies or other unhealthy, processed foods or drinks.

“I’ll start a diet again on Monday,” many clients have confessed to me.

Monday, and even Sunday night, is often when self-loathing and excessive self-recriminations set in. So let’s put Monday remorse to our advantage.

Join us on what I call cheap generic viagra mail order pharmacy Cravings-Crushing Monday.

Monday, after a weekend of blowing your diet, you want to begin to take charge and consider why you were triggered and why those triggers led to overpowering, insidious, can’t-ignore, Crazy Cravings™, as I call them.

In fact, most of us have cravings, the research shows. 

Most of us crave fiber-stripped, sugary, fatty or salty snacks and “treats,” which inevitably which send us (or you?) down a dark, dangerous path. (Thankfully, this is me no longer.)

After coaching and guiding sugar and carb addicts for 18 years and having my own challenges four years ago, I’ve come to realize one important fact: viagra online canadian pharmacy Crazy Cravings are the SINGLE biggest hurdle to good health and weight-loss success.

Cravings are what derail all diets.


viagra buy now But you don’t have to be at the mercy of your Crazy Cravings…

And that’s why I’ve now devoted many of the posts on this blog to this subject.

I want to help you take charge. So I’ll be here (as I promised late last year) on Cravings-Crushing Monday throughout 2016 and 2017 to give you fast, convenient information and tools to whip out at a moment’s notice in our fast, convenience-driven world.

On Cravings-Crushing Monday— which will often include fun, shareable cartoons — you’ll discover:

  • Why Crazy Cravings chase you and how or why you’ll continue to be a target;
  • The biggest reasons you get Crazy Cravings;
  • Quick, powerful tools, which have been either discovered by scientists from universities or hospitals around the world
  • How Crazy Cravings are usually not your fault;
  • The tragic consequences of your Crazy Cravings;
  • How to welcome your Crazy Cravings — seriously! — because they give you valuable information;
  • How the food industry thrives on your having Crazy Cravings;
  • Quick, powerful, Cravings-Crushing tools, which have been either discovered by scientists from universities or hospitals around the world;
  • Simple, effective tactics that I created, tested and retested, and then validated to discover how or why they work;
  • And much more.

So let me help you every week, before or on Cravings-Crushing Monday. Then talk to us.

I also have some exciting news. Finally, after months of working on it, my 3 Tips to Crush Your Cravings, Quick-Start Guide is completed.  Order your copy now.

order now Join the Crazy-Cravings Conversation:  When do you most crave junk foods? What could you do instead?

Share this post with your loved ones, friends and colleagues, who often can resist their Crazy Cravings for sugary, salt, fatty junk foods.

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Welcome to the Cravings-Crushing Community. 

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Does this sound like you? "I blew my diet!" you wail... Enough already! Are you fed up with your Crazy Cravings for cookies, chips or other "treats" chasing you and then pouncing on you like a ravenous lion? I'm here to help you Claim Calm Control, shed those annoying pounds, and Rebound After Relapse™. ...Why listen to me? Because I've been where you are. After my mother angrily, abusively died, I blew my diet big time -- I ate tons of carbage, gained 21 pounds, and was trapped in Weight-Gain Shame. But I also became intrigued... okay, obsessed! Why do people blow their diets? While slimming down again, I exhaustively researched the subject. Now I'm back with FEPPP™ (fast, easy, proven, powerful, portable) tools to help you get the body you seek. I'm author of Sugar Shock (Berkley Books) and Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House). My next book is I blew my diet! Now what? Join me on my Gab with the Gurus Podcast, which will have new episodes starting in April.

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