New Gab With the Gurus Blog So You Can Get Updates About My Radio Show Guests

I'm pleased to annouce that I just formed a new blog just to keep you up to date on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio.

Please check the Gab With the Gurus Blog now so you can learn about the surprise celebrity guest appearing in January sometime.

Please note that the current design — of a girl reading a book — is tentative. (I was able to install it myself, thanks to Typepad.)

HIllary Carlip A better, more exciting design is now being created by the talented artist, designer, multi-media artist Hillary Carlip, founder of Fly HC, whose impressive portfolio you can see here.

Hillary is one hot designer and also an award-winning author. (How does she have time to do all these amazing things?)

If you need a hot graphic designer, Hillary's your person. For instance, she produced and oversaw this website for Jennifer Anniston and created this one for singer/songwriter Siedah Garrett, who wrote Michael Jackson's hit song, "Man in the Mirror." (Visit it now and you'll get to listen to some fabulous music.)

I'm thrilled to work again with the wonderfully original Hillary. Yeah, again. She just finished the dazzling banner design for my new Words That Work™ website. (It to help convince interested editors and companies that they should hire me. FYI, I'm still working on the site.) 

Hillary also did the absolutely clever artwork for my new Get Your Fill Now™ Blog. (This site is still in beta testing. In fact, I'm looking for writers. Wanna be one?)

Anhow, go now to my new Gab With the Gurus Blog now to learn about the exciting celebrity guest coming on my show soon.

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