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Nutrtitionist Says Weight Loss Begins in the Mind

Big hurrahs go to to London nutritionist Jane Clarke for her insightful, smart op-ed piece, "You Can’t Treat Obesity With Needles," which ran in The Times Online.

Read the savvy nutritionist’s right-on comments!

"Weight gain and the failure to maintain weight loss need to be tackled in the mind before they can be solved with clinical trials," writes Clarke, author of three best-selling Bodyfoods titles: Bodyfoods for Women, Bodyfoods for Life and Bodyfoods Cookbook

That’s exactly the point that weight-loss experts so often miss! Thank you, Ms. Clarke!

She is sooo right!

Losing weight — or successfully defeating any kind of unhealthy habit such as kicking sugar and stopping smoking — begins first in the mind!

You absolutely have to undergo some mind shifts before you can conquer your weight issues and more.

Clarke also eloquently points out other important points that are too often ignored by weight-loss experts.

"From childhood we learn to regard food as a source of comfort, as a friend, as something to turn to, particularly when times are tough; but a lack of understanding of the long-term effects of overeating, coupled with a poor grasp of which foods are good for us, can lead to a lifetime of weight fluctuations and ill-health. Any attempt to achieve healthy weight loss — and to keep the weight off — must be partnered with behavioural therapy to deal with the emotional issues at the heart of the problem. It is not enough to treat obesity with needles."

Thanks to Jimmy Moore, who brought this fabulous op-ed piece to my attention with his post on his his Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb blog.

Want help kicking your sugar habit? Join my free, online KickSugar group, where we also stress that conquering your sugar addiction and weight problems begin in your mind first.

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