Ouch! In Pain! Accidentally Sliced My Thumb… Missed Much of “Food Fight”

Confession Time.

I am in horrible pain!

Yikes! I feel silly! Chopped off a chunk off the top of my left thumb! — accidentally, of course.

Seems the knife went for my thumb instead of the sweet potato I was cheerfully cutting and planning to sautee.

Slowly typing with only one hand. Was in the hospital for nearly FIVE hours tonight!! And the doctor used FIVE stitches to put my thumb back together!

Can’t sleep because of my throbbing thumb. Also, I’m kind of spaced out, because I lost a lot of blood, got kind of spooked by the incident, and, well, I succumbed — I almost never take meds or even aspirin, but darn I’m ready for my next Pergoset.

Bummed because I missed much of that TV special, "Food Fight," although people in the hospital waiting room let me turn it on. Hope NBC will send me a copy. It looked interesting — the parts I saw.

Think I’ll go meditate. Need something. Hope you’re doing better than I am!

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