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Have You, Too, Succumbed to Your Crazy Cravings™ & Had a Relapse?

Have you badly blown your diet, fallen flat on your face and stuffed your face with chips, candies or cookies as if you just couldn’t ever get enough? Were you consumed by utterly Crazy Cravings™, as I now put it?

A year ago, with much professional embarrassment, great reluctance and huge shame, I made what I now call My Carb Confession.

At the time, I shared that after I’d endured a tormented, turbulent year witnessing my Mom dying from a virulent cancer, I became badly TAGGED-B — that’s my acronym for Traumatized, Abused, Gripped by Grief, Emotionally Devastated and Betrayed.

Then, while reeling and healing from a year of incessant fight-or-flight reactions, I was suddenly seized and gripped by what I now dub Crazy Cravings™.

Although sugary desserts didn’t beckon me as they had back in 1998, before I kicked sweets on doctor’s orders, sugar’s dangerous cousins — especially processed carbohydrates such as corn crunchies, movie popcorn, and sweet potato chips — lured me often, leading to do lots of what I now Heartbreak Bingeing™. Not surprisingly, I quickly packed on 21 pounds. Then, about 11 months after I began relapsing, it hit me that I’d been plunging in and out of Carb Shock™, which is like Sugar Shock.

Those fast-acting carbohydrates — which I dub quickie carbs, because they’re rapidly processed and rush to your bloodstream — had, in fact, made my pain much worse. Suffice it to say that those fast carbs had been delaying my healing.

After my Ahah, I jumped into action. First, I returned to eating healthily — to me, that means no sugar or other sweeteners, no gluten, no more processed quickie carbs, no  dairy, low-salt, limited soy (only in its natural form). At the same time, I began to research the subject of cravings with a vengeance. I was absolutely determined to discover how to Crush My Crazy Cravings pronto. And I longed to help you end your cravings, too.

The good news is my prolonged plight and extensive research have now prompted me to take my pain and transform it into a benefit for you. I’m now finishing my next book, Crush Your Crazy Cravings™  as a result of my prolonged plight and extensive research.

Finally, last year, I got up the guts to finally come out of the closet, so to speak, and post My Carb Confession.

I was shocked by the response.

You’ve been so amazing! So supportive, kind, reassuring, and, most of all, forgiving. Thank you!

Ever since My Carb Confession last year, been hearing from people, who were heartened by my tale about I, a carb expert, fell off the clean-carbs wagon.

Wow, you’ve so touched me with your tales of relapse. I feel so honored and grateful that you’ve reached out to me to tell me about your carb or sugar challenges, too.

Here are two such tales I received:

For instance, Jane (not her real name) wrote to me privately, on Facebook:

“Connie, I want you to know how much your Relapse article meant to me! [Mary – not her real name] shared it [with us]. I have had a rough year. My dad got sick and died… A few weeks after that, my youngest son broke his neck at 15 and is a quadriplegic… Then, it was like my body was out to get me! I slipped back into some choices that I know made me sick and swollen! I’m starting to feel like I’m coming out of it. Sugar free AGAIN for almost 2 months. I know I can get my body back, but really wanted to share a THANK YOU…”
I also heard from Andrew (not his real name), who told me his sugar woes, too, after he heard Oct. 16, 2007 interview during which I hung up on the interviewer, as I first shared here, The person, who was downright rude and crude, turned out to be High Pitch Eric, described on Howard Stern’s website as “the size of an elephant.”   Much to my surprise, the Howard Stern Show has now aired the episode again, and again and then when again. Andrew wrote:
“A friend of mine told me to listen to some Howard Stern prank calls as I was feeling down to cheer me up. After they played your segment, Howard Stern stated that you were a good sport about it and even wrote an article about your experience with the show.  So when you plugged your website, I immediately went there… [and] decided to read your site as I am terribly addicted to sugar. When my marriage failed, I was drinking loads of soda and eating pure sugar right out of the bag with a spoon. My brother was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia and I fear I myself may have something similar as I feel constantly fatigued. I am trying very hard to cut my consumption down. I… am eager to read your [latest] book.”
These remarks from Jane and Andrew, along with replies from many other people, taught me that it’s good to be vulnerable, raw and imperfect. Although I’d been so fearful to admit my carb relapse, the outcome was heartening and invigorating.

If anything, by making My Carb Confession, I became more relatable. Well, that’s my hope.

So I invite you. Please join me.

Make your Carb Confession or Sugar Confession. I promise to be understanding, supportive and encouraging.

Anyhow, now that my Crazy Cravings are behind me, I’m here to bring you help and hope. Stay tuned soon for weekly tips to help you Crush Your Crazy Cravings™.

Join the Conversation: When were you last tormented by Crazy Cravings?

Share your thoughts now. Just post your comments, here on this Sugar Shock Blog, or on Facebook.

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