Sneaker Saturday

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Do get get exercise on a regular basis or are you one of millions who often neglects to move your awesome body even though you know that you’ll live longer, feel better and maybe lose weight?

If you’re one of those who skips working out, join the growing group of active people all around the world to get out and do something for Sneaker Saturday.

You don’t need run lots of miles. You don’t need to be physically active for 5 hours. You don’t even need to be in the best shape. Hey, you don’t even need to wear my favorite sneakers from New Balance.

You can join in this fun fitness event, no matter where you live.

Learn about how Sneaker Saturday began.

Please spread the word on your blogs, on Twitter and Facebook.

Use the hashtag #SneakerSaturday on Twitter.

Sneaker Saturday is really about what you want it to be. It’s up to you as to how you celebrate or observe this fun day.

The only
recommendation is that you slip on a pair of your favorite sneakers and
get moving. You can walk, jog, run, bike or even dance. Just do something that charges you up.

Your body needs physical activity, and even if you’ve
been a couch potato all week, your body will be grateful to get out and

other words, Sneaker Saturday is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and motivating each other to get off our computer-bound butts and go exercise.

Then, Sneaker Saturday means we’ll all share what we’re doing — what kind of physical activities.

So what are are you planning to do on Sneaker Saturday? What did you do? Share with all your friends and loved ones.

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