So I Slept With 8 Bags of Unopened Candies in the Next Room! The Strange Things Writers Will Do!!

Yesterday, I entertained myself. More specifically, I embarrassed myself, because I just had to buy six bags of candies at my local drugstore.

That’s right: I went out and purchased some the stuff I used to eat quite often.

So awkward did I feel about getting the sugary foods that I so often rail about that I felt a need to justify my actions.

I emphatically told the cashier, "I am NOT buying these to eat. I’m getting them to talk about."

She certainly looked at me askance. She thought I was making this up. (Guess she thought I was a "sugar addict"?)

"Honest, I said."

Well, that piqued the curiosity of the woman behind me in line. She wanted to know whatever possessed me to spend all this money on candy, but then not even eat it! I told her I’d written a book and was going to give a talk.

She sweetly grilled me several times over, and so I pleasantly replied.

Then, she said, "Well, if you’re going to talk about sugar’s dangers, you really need to buy some marshmallow Easter candies." (You know the ones you peer at suspiciously or rapturously! LOL!)

Darn, I realized, she was right!

So I went back to buy two more bags of pink and yellow marshmallow thing-ys. Oh my goodness, the contents are about as nutrient lacking as you can get! (Yuck!)

(By the way, right before I purchased more junk food, I learned that this woman behind me who’d been grilling me was a reporter from Newsweek magazine. Hmm. Well, I’d be happy for a mention or an article in that illustrious publication. After all, TIME saw fit to write about my book SUGAR SHOCK!)

I’ll tell you later how my talk with the candies went. Basically, I’m going to offer some tips to people at my book signing so they don’t let those sugary foods hold such power over them.

Oh, and P.S. I slept quite well, completely unaffected by the fact that all these candies were sitting in (unopened) bags in the next room.

See, you can maintain a distance from the stuff. Your sugar habit does not have to control you.

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One thought on “So I Slept With 8 Bags of Unopened Candies in the Next Room! The Strange Things Writers Will Do!!

  1. I know I’ve got a serious sugar problem. I used to drink 6-7 can of Pepsi a day. I’m trying to lose 100 pounds, so I’m down to just 3-4 cans a week. But I still buy a candy bar about every other day, and I still drink a lot of iced tea with sugar, but not as much as is in pop.
    I’d love to quit sugar, but I can’t imagine life without it. Which isn’t good, because I know it’s killing me.