Sugar Shock Summit

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order now It’s my pleasure to announce that the first Sugar Shock Summit — which was previously called the Sugar World Summit — will take place this year.

buy generic viagra This free worldwide event will begin two weeks before Halloween, which I call Sugar Overload Day.

here Although Halloween doesn’t take place around the world, late October to December marks the Season of Sugar Overload. buy now For millions in the U.S. and around the world, this scary two-month time is when people often unwillingly and unknowingly cave into their cravings.

That’s why I’m presenting this event two weeks before Halloween.

My goal is to give you fast, easy, powerful tools to make you stronger, smarter and sneakier so you can Crush Your Cravings On the Go™ during the holidays and later, any season.

In this free Sugar Shock Summit, you’ll have access to world-renowned anti-sugar pioneers, scientists, researchers, New York Times bestselling authors, educators, and wellness gurus, who specialize in weight loss, emotional eating, compassion, mindful eating, and cravings.

You’ll also hear from some inspiring people, who’ve successfully kicked sugar and quickie carbs (my phrase for processed carbohydrates). In addition, we’ll have a few surprise celebrity guests.

A list of participants will be provided shortly, but, previously, as you can see here (when I was organizing the summit four years ago), some of the biggest names will join us.

As I shared earlier, the Sugar Shock Summit has been years in the making.

Back in October 2014, I first announced this worldwide event.

But then, for a variety of reasons, including wanting to support launches by other colleagues, I reluctantly rescheduled it a few times.

But this year, my 20th kick-sugar anniversary — yes, this is the year I’ll have quit sugar for two decades! — is time to host the first Sugar Shock Summit.

Most importantly, for my 20 years of Sugar Freedom, I want to publicly honor and thank the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, whose founder, Roberta Ruggiero, was instrumental in my letting sugar go.

Rarely have I met such a selfless, kind, compassionate woman. That’s why I’ve decided that this is the year to pay back. Fully 100 percent of proceeds (minus expenses and affiliate fees) will go the support the HSF.

Now back to the Sugar Shock Summit, during which you’ll get educated, entertained and guided by a  who’s who of world-renowned and bestselling experts about: 

  • The dangers of sweets and processed carbs and other experts and how they can lead to dangerous, life-shortening diseases and conditions.
  • How you can get addicted to sugary foods and carbs.
  • How sugar overloading can lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
  • How cutting-edge research demonstrates the link between overconsuming sugar and getting type 2 diabetes.
  • How to quickly, easily Crush Your Cravings™ for candies, cookies,and quickie carbs (carbohydrates that are metabolized quickly. (I’ve been studying this subject since 2014 since I was dealing with my own Crazy Cravings. Read my no-longer-embarrassing Carb Confession here and my Crazy-Cravings Anniversary.)
  • How to prevent a relapse and how to end a relapse before you spiral out of control. (Since late 2012, after the death of my Mom, I’ve researched and created many tools which can help you to Bounce Back After Relapse, as I shared  in 2015.)
  • How mindful eating can help when you kick sugar
  • How compassion can play a major role in saving you from your sugar and carb addiction.
  • And much more.

Now for a bit more history about the Sugar Shock Summit. Back in October  2014,  I excitedly announced the Sugar World Summit (now called the Sugar Shock Summit).

Initially, after I announced four years ago, some of the biggest names in the field came on board. Many of these experts, whom I’ve known for years (since before the release of my first book, Sugar Shock in 2006), agreed to participate.

But as I kept inviting more and more exciting speakers and reconnecting with health colleagues (after taking time to stand by my dying Mom), I learned about numerous launches by other esteemed experts, all of whom I greatly admire and respect.

These are people I want to support. These are also people, who can help you. So it became quickly obvious that the best thing to do was to get out of the way of my colleagues’ launches.

For instance, after inviting acclaimed nutrition and fitness expert and bestselling author JJ Virgin to participate in the Sugar World Summit, I discovered that she was launching a new book about sugar, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, at about the same time.

That wasn’t the only sugar-related launch.

  • So I postponed the Sugar World Summit. 
  • Then I faced challenges with Summit management and delivery. For instance, I had to switch Summit coordinators twice and change the way it was delivered.
  • So I had to keep rescheduling the Summit.

But this year, since I’m celebrating 20 years off sugar, I feel that it’s my time to give back, and that’s why I’m hosting the Sugar Shock Summit in 2018.

So save the dates Oct. 15 to 22. Exciting speakers and topics are in store for you to help you Live a Sweeter Life Naturally™.

Got ideas to make this an amazing Sugar Shock Summit? Submit your thoughts here.