The Plus Side of Adversity

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For the past few days, while making big plans to get out and serve you during an amazing two-day mastermind led by the inspiring guru Lisa Sasevich, I’ve been really sick.

Pain, frustration and a hacking cough have been my companions for days. The challenge was that I was hit by a double-whammy.

First, I badly injured my lower back by sitting on a couch that’s too firm and not getting up enough to stretch, etc. Ouch!

The pain has been so incredibly intense that for days on end, I tossed and turned in pain and didn’t get enough sleep. So my resistance has been pretty low and I’ve been utterly exhausted. Sure enough, not getting those needed z’s made me really sick. A major flu, a big fever, a horrible cough.

In short, I’ve been facing my share of adversity.

Admittedly, at first, I didn’t feel that strong emotionally.  It’s hard to feel empowered when you’re so exhausted and hurting so badly!

But during the last couple of days, though, I made some very tough decisions to support myself better. I realized that I’d needed my double-adversity to move me forward. I made peace with those two challenges and finally made a decision about a situation that’s been draining me, frustrating me and dragging me down.

And today, yeah, I broke through to the other side! My non-existent voice began to return (although I’m still coughing), and my back is much better (although it’s still painful).

In retrospect, I needed my adversity to guide me to growth.

But it was when I shifted my attitude about my three challenges that I felt better. I saw that the solution to rise above it was to claiming it.

So my tip for you is this: The next time you’re walloped by adversity, see the benefit in your adversity.

Recognize that your adversity is giving you the decision to change. Your adversity is helping you move forward.

What do you think? 

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One thought on “The Plus Side of Adversity

  1. Hi Connie – your inspiration gave me a boost. I am a 14 year MS survivor and former retail pharmacist. They would not accommodate me so I am battling disability for almost 3 years. Thank God that I was in the health field and used nutrition as part of my healing otherwise I would be in a wheelchair. Just exhausted, frustrated and not feeling good about myself.