2016 Reader Survey: Your Cravings Are Winning

The results are in: You want your chocolate (several times a day) and dream of cookies, cakes and pastries.

In my recent survey focusing on cravings, the data indicates that all of the above are the big culprits when it comes to triggering your food cravings. But even if you give in “too many times” to your food cravings—as most of you revealed—there is good news.

You’re not alone. Of the 100 respondents who shared their cravings-profiles, 31 percent admitted that they give in to unwanted food urges at least twice a day.

Plus, nearly half (48 percent) reported that they fall victim to food cravings at least five to ten times in a week. But you don’t just crave sweets. Many of you also yearn for a toxic mix of sweets and salty, fatty snacks.

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett on the 2016 Readers Cravings Survey”]Close to half (48 percent of people I surveyed) give in to food cravings five to ten times a week.[/shareable]Here are some interesting statistics that should serve as your wake-up call to make some real changes in the name of health:

  • Nearly a quarter (24 percent) of survey respondents said they get hit by salt, carb or fat cravings at least three times a day, and some (19 percent) reported craving-attacks four, five, up to ten times a day.
  • Nearly four in ten (39 percent) of those surveyed said they had over 11 food cravings a week.

  • Survey respondents cited mid-afternoon or late-afternoon as their worst trigger times.  After dinner was the most challenging time for 26 percent of respondents while or mid-afternoon was the worst time for 24 percent. Bedtime was another danger zone for 20 percent of those who completed my survey.
  • Almost a quarter of respondents (24 percent) fantasize about acting on their food cravings. Another 18 percent admitted they have wishful food thoughts at least four times a day.
  • Meanwhile, 31 percent of people who took my survey revealed that they give in to their cravings twice a day. Nearly a quarter of respondents(23 percent) say they give in at least once a day. And 15 percent are overwhelmed by cravings four times a day.
  • Close to half (48 percent of the people I surveyed give in to food cravings five to ten times a week. Another 20 percent said they caved in 11 or more times.
  • The most common food cravings (56 percent) reported were for chocolate, with cookies, cakes and pastries coming close behind at 51 percent.
  • In addition, 27 percent of you crave ice cream and other frozen treats. Another 26 percent of you find that potato chips are a trigger food while 29 percent of you yearn for breads. and bread.
  • Your biggest reason for giving in to food cravings? Feeling tired (13 percent), – followed closely by those who eat due to anxiety or stress (10 percent).
  • Sadly, a quarter (25 percent) of those surveyed reported feeling disappointed in themselves after indulging their cravings. And 26 percent said they feel physically sluggish after one of these junk-food binges.
  • Finally, a whopping 59 percent of you said you’ve tried to quit indulging cravings “too many times to remember.”

Please don’t let these alarming facts upset you!

  • First, take heart because you’re you’re not alone.
  • Second, get ready to join the movement to Crush Your Cravings and take back your power, weight and health.
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