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20/20 Airs Provocative, Revealing Segment That Sheds Light on Controversial Sugar Pills (Ambrotose)

Kudos to ABC’s 20/20 for its provocative segment about Mannatech’s expensive ambrotose or sugar pills (glyconutrients) reportedly made from larch bark and aloe, which gullible people are taking to "cure" their serious ailments or illnesses.

The revealing story, "Cure for Your Disease or Empty Promise?" — the result of a three-month, undercover investigation — offered an insightful, examination of the sugar pills, which some people are popping rather than follow their doctor’s advice to get chemotherapy or other treatments.

The segment was quite intriguing, particularly hidden-camera segments, where you could see multi-level marketing people at training sessions making outrageous health claims to push the pills, which cost a whopping $200 a month.

You can read a transcript of the expose that aired here. Again, applause goes to the great work by the intrepid 20/20 team — Jim Avila, Geoff Martz and Andrew Paparella.

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