7 Ways I Can Help You Develop Your Story, Show or Segment

From Connie Bennett, Author, Sugar Shock (Berkley Books), Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House) and Crush Your Cravings™ (upcoming)

As you know, subjects like sugar, cravings, obesity, dieting, soda, junk food and depression have evergreen appeal.

Here are 7 ways I can help you:

  1. Because of my background as a print journalist, weekly entertainment columnist, entertainment editor of a website, and freelance reporter, I can think like a producer, editor or reporter to help you develop upbeat, unique, sexy,” provocative, engaging, controversial, audience-grabbing angles to sugar and carb addiction and cravings.
  2. I’m bubbly, dynamic and relateable. In fact, your sugar-or-carb-addicted audience members are much like I used to be.
  3. I bring fun and humor to these serious subjects of sugar addiction and carvings.  (Check out my Sugar Shock Cartoons to get a flavor for my humor.)
  4.  I can talk and write in easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand bullet points.
  5. I can entertain, educate and motivate your audience. (I’ve even taken media training to be a good guest for you.)
  6.  I’m well respected for my strong research skills and my ability to ferret out facts. That’s why many bestselling doctors, leading experts authors and TV personalities, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, fitness guru Kathy Smith, actress/author Marilu Henner, JJ Virgin, addiction researchers and many more have praised one or both of my books, Sugar Shock or Beyond Sugar Shock. See the Testimonials section.
  7. Your readers or viewers can readily relate to me: I’m a real person, who used to be a sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, hard-core sugar addict, who suffered from 44 mystifying, sugar-related symptoms. In fact, I now poke fun of myself as a “Sugar Shrew No More!” Instead, I’m now called The Cravings Ninja, The Savvy Sugar Sleuth or The Sweet Freedom Guide.

Want to reach me? First try one of my personal assistants.

On a Tight Deadline? Need ideas, input, and experts NOW? Just email my assistant and me directly or post a comment on Facebook. And, of course, hit the contact us link to e-mail me right away.

I look forward to helping you create a great TV segment, article or radio show.

Photos, artwork and book covers will be sent until we complete the updated MEDIA ROOM. (We’re in the middle of updating my website.).

One thought on “7 Ways I Can Help You Develop Your Story, Show or Segment

  1. Hello Connie I need your help doctor wants to put me on Staines and I don’t want to go on them, since starting HRT 3 yrs ago my weight has gone up I lose 6 lbs then keep putting it back on, I do try to eat healthy although I have aquired a sweet tooth which I have never had before, I have been trying to cut out sugar don’t eat a lot of bread cut down on carbs , I just don’t know where to start. Look forward to any advice .

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