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8 Reasons to Celebrate When You Reach Sugar Independence

While we celebrate Independence Day weekend in the United States, I invite you to think about how glorious it will feel to Celebrate Sugar Independence.

Even if you now feel trapped, discouraged and overwhelmed by your sugar addiction, imagine that you’ve actually broken free of over-attachment to sugar. Here are 8 Reasons to Celebrate Your Sugar Independence.

1) When you’ve kicked sugar and processed carbs, you’ll enjoy a delicious feeling of freedom.

You know how your sugar and carb addiction makes you feel trapped, burdened and weighed down (emotionally and literally, of course)?

Well, the reverse can be true. When you no longer have a sugar or carb addiction dogging you, you’ll feel the most amazing feeling of freedom.

2 ) When you turn your back on sugar and achieve Sugar Independence, you’ll Enjoy a Sweeter Life Naturally.

Admittedly, the taste of sweet snacks and desserts may entice you, but only momentarily. That sugar “rush” will vanish pretty quickly, and you’ll feel wiped out, discouraged and disappointed in yourself.

But when you Let Your Sugar Addiction go, Life is Sweeter Naturally, as I like to say.

3) When you shed sugar, you’ll easily shed weight, too. Maybe you’ll even turn heads soon.

If you want one compelling reason to quit sugar, this one may help you get into action. The research on the sugar-weight connection this irrefutable. Scientists from top universities around the world have discovered that when you kick sugar, you kickstart weight loss. Just think how much more happy, sexy and joyous you’ll feel when you’re not dragging around an an overweight or obese body.

4) When you go sugar-free, you’ll finally quit obsessing about sweets. 

Many clients have told me that what they hate most about being hooked on sugar is that they just can’t stop thinking about and planning their next sweet snack or dessert. That’s exhausting, right? But as soon as you break that irrational hold sugary “treats” have on you, you’ll quit clamoring after sweets and you won’t waste any more brain power with sugary thoughts.

5) When you reach Sugar Independence, you’ll have far more energy, enthusiasm and time to do other, more exciting things that really charge you up. 

My clients love this awesome benefit. This delightful result has often surprised them the most. When you reach Sugar Independence, it’s sort of like cleaning your closet of clothes you no longer wear and your cupboard of junk foods you no longer choose to eat. Plus, you don’t tie up your brain with wishful thinking about sugary “treats.”

The stories we tell are quite remarkable. We can’t begin to describe how exhilarating it feels when you don’t feel like a slave to sugar or processed carbs.

6) Achieving Sugar Independence lifts your moods.

The feeling of lightness is so delicious, enticing and fulfilling. On the other hand, too much sugar can lead to depression, according to research.

But many of us have gotten “high” just being off the dangerous sweet stuff. In fact, the minute we’ve ditched the sweet stuff, this heavy load has just lifted.

Don’t believe me? Just ask some people, who’ve quit sugar.

7) All foods will taste so much better and some foods, even sweeter.

When you’re not polluting your body with dangerous, processed, sugary, sort-of foods, all your meals will taste so much more delicious. Not only that, but foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots and brown rice will taste amazing sweet and luscious.

8) By achieving Sugar Independence, you’ll become healthier, live longer and possibly reverse potentially deadly heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

If you’re finding it hard to quit sweets and processed carbs, it can be helpful to remember that if you keep overeating sweets and fast carbs, you can get many diseases. In short, too much sugar can, in fact, cut your life short, as I share in my books, Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock.

What is your # 1 reason that you’d like to declare Sugar Independence?

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