9 Ways Strategic Social Media Breaks Make You More Social

FacebookIn today’s world you need to be social even if you’re not naturally gregarious or extroverted.

To spread the word about your book, program, product, or professional expertise, you have to be active in social media in a BIG way, using such tools as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, Pinterest, etc.

But what if you’re feeling decidedly anti-social, because you’re facing a grueling Dark Night of the Soul?

Should you continue to post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog when you’re enduring an existential crisis like a terminally ill parent or spouse, the breakup of your long-term marriage, or the death of a cherished loved one?

TwitterWhen you’re shaken up by such a trying situation, I contend, you need to take Strategic Social Media Breaks of varying lengths of time—from a few days to a few weeks.

Something interesting happens when you become deliberately anti-social. Ultimately, after you devote time to yourself and your healing, you ultimately become more social.

In other words, staying away from social media paves the way for you to become active again and to return with vitality, peace of mind, and a better frame of mind.

If you’re facing a family crisis, I urge you to step back from social media.

Here are 9 benefits of staying away from the Web for a few days or weeks.

  1. You can spend precious time with a loved one. (This is especially important if your loved one is very ill.).
  2. You can take ample time to go inward and put your attention on nurturing and nourishing yourself.
  3. Focusing on yourself rather than on posts or tweets allows you to emerge more compassionate and committed to giving valuable information to your fans through social media..
  4. When you’re absent from social media, you can become more fully present in your life.
  5. You can reassess your priorities without getting distracted by social media.
  6. When you shift your focus from serving others to preserving yourself, it’s easier to triumph over your stressful, heart-breaking situations.
  7. When you’re not concerned about the responses you’re getting to a comment, quote or photo you posted on Facebook, your blog or Google+, you have more energy to face your profound pain, which, in turn, will help you move faster away from the dark and into the light.
  8. When you’re not sidetracked by social media, you can gain valuable perspective, insights, and the distance you need to rise above your pain.
  9. A Social Media Break “fills you up” so that you can return with more energy, exuberance, and enthusiasm to serving people.

Google PlusSo how do you know you need a Social Media Break?

Youi may benefit from time away from social media if you haven’t regained your mojo, zest, or gusto after your Dark Night of the Soul.

In other words:

  • You often feel anxious, depressed, and devastated after the death of a loved one.
  • You just don’t have much enthusiasm to share great information with your fans. Rather, you need to focus on healing after your challenging time such as the end of your marriage.

You just don’t feel ready to serve your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, blog readers, etc. Before being so visible ot he world, you need to regain your strength.

How I Discovered the Value of Taking Strategic Social Media Breaks.

Gab with the Gurus Large LogoFor my part, I discovered the value and need to take Strategic Social Media Breaks soon afterddiscovering that my mother—who lived on the other side of the country—was terminally ill with stage 4 lung cancer.

Over the next two years, I took several Social Media Breaks—during Mom’s final months when we enjoyed a plethora of plays, operas, and farmer’s markets together, and she taught me how to die with grace and spunk.

Three months before Mom died, I became quite active again on social media when my new new book, Beyond Sugar Shock, was published. But soon afterwards, I needed a longer Social Media Break after Mom passed away and I was grief-stricken and depressed.

Again, I needed more time away from social media when I needed to travel around to find a new, peaceful place to live; and when I needed to Take Back My Power and heal from my mother’s unintentional cancer-driven rage, abuse, betrayal and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

PinterestAnyhow, now that I’m active again in social media, I invite you to become social with me.

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Have you ever taken a Strategic Social Media Break? How did being anti-social help you to become social again? Are you taking a Social Media Break this holiday season? Why? What do you hope to get from it? Post your Commments here.