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Author (Not I) Talks About Her Sugar Addiction & How Americans Need to Get Savvy to Its Dangers

Cool, I just found another author who’s also working hard to get the message out about sugar’s dangers! (Thank you Google, for your fabulous alerts! What would I do without them?)

…So I just learned about Denise Martin, author of 2005 book, Eating My Way to Heaven (Book Publishers Network), who had some pretty provocative things to say about the sweet white substance.

Darn, this could have been me making these remarks, which I found in the online edition of Black Star News.

Here’s a brief section of the article, entitled, "Sugar’s Health Perils":

"What people need to know is just how destructive refined sugar can be to our mind, body and spirit," explains Martin, author of "Eating My Way to Heaven" (Book Publishers Network, 2005). "For me, and many others around the country, sugar addiction started at a young age. Well-intended parents reward children with sugary snacks, turning a biochemically harmful substance into a comfort food. Then, when we hit a bump in life we turn to our favorite substance – a sugar treat!"

Hurrah to you, Denise, for speaking out! You and I need to meet and work together! No question about it!

As you read this article, it gets even more interesting. The Syndicated News piece (non-bylined, or I’d give credit), continues: "She co-founded the first Sugar Detox Center in the country, working with people diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), depression, diabetes and even Autism!"

Wow! A sugar detox center? I have to learn more about this! I have to get involved! Right away!

And Denise even (yes, I have to use her first name — we’re clearly kindred souls), as the article says, "took her message on a 2100-mile hitchhiking journey to tell it to Oprah."

I’m trying to dig up Denise’s information and contact her right now!       

Oh, before I forget, the article low balls the amount of sugar the average American takes in his or her poor body. People tend to use the 150-pounds-a year consumption figure (or the 148-pounds-a-year one) but some experts believe it’s much higher than that.

In fact, in my book SUGAR SHOCK! (which I recommend you buy today on, I cite an expert saying the figure is more like 170 pounds a year or just shy of a cup a dy.

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5 thoughts on “Author (Not I) Talks About Her Sugar Addiction & How Americans Need to Get Savvy to Its Dangers

  1. Sugar-free energy drinks were a great way for me to kick the soda habit. They come in caffeine-free, also. I would much rather let my daughter drink one of those than a soda! Zero carbs & low calories make it a healthy choice. Great source of B vitamins. Lots of great flavors. Now I can’t stand the taste of sodas!
    Note from Connie: While this worked for you, I just don’t recommend artificially sweetened, sugar-free drinks at all. In my opinion, they’re not a healthy choice. But if it worked for you, great!

  2. Hi Connie, Do you know where this Sugar Detox Center is?
    Note from Connie: I’m waiting to hear back. I’ve tried to reach her. I’ll post here when I track this down.

  3. like the 2 people above…can you tell me where the sugar detox centre is??
    thank you
    Note from Connie: Apparently, there used to be one but as far as I know, no such center currently exists. However, there are facilities that can help you get over a sugar addiction. I mention a few of them in my book SUGAR SHOCK! For instance, you could check out the Northern California-based Recovery Systems and also sugar-dependency/weight loss clinics in California founded by Dr. Forrest Tennant. FYI, I am not endorsing these in any way — I don’t know enough about them — but they certainly sound interesting.

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