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Candy to Shut Up The Kids?

Ugh! It seems that I’m an unwilling witness to SUGAR SHOCK! incidents all too often.

My latest sugar observation hit me Friday while in the most unlikely place, Circuit City. Hey, I was just innocently waiting in line to buy my a portable charger for my new snazzy Treo 650 cell phone and a disk for my wonderful Canon Power Shot S500 digital camera.

As I stood patiently, the 40-something man in front of me picked up a brightly colored package of candy from the shelf of sugary goodies that tempt waiting buyers. Then, he quickly grabbed another. And then another.

Well, I just couldn’t help myself. I blurted out something like, "What is that?" He showed me the package and explained that this candy, Ringpop, was basically a sucker on a ring.

Of course, I found it rather strange that a grown man would be a fan of these sweets. But then he made the most outrageous comment explaining that it wasn’t for him!

He wisecracked, "It keeps your kids quiet." The guy behind the counter cracked up, but I just stood there completely dumbfounded.

Parents are buying sugary suckers for their kids just to shut them up and give them some peace?

Oh goodness! What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Candy to Shut Up The Kids?

  1. Yep, I can relate to this, my parents did the same thing. I think it was ignorance back then, 40 years ago, don’t think they realized what it did to your blood sugar and eating habits in particular, however, they did get the message what it did to your teeth, many dollars spent hanging out in the dentist’s chair.
    Nowadays, with all the press, I would think people would be a little more informed, maybe we need to work more on the Dads?? And all involved! I seriously don’t think people understand until they have a health issue that forces them to make changes. I know I didn’t! Or unless you are really brought up to be health conscious!

  2. I’ve gotten myself in trouble on a web forum for saying that babies should not be given the sugared instant oatmeal, but instead should be given regular, plain oatmeal, with a little real fruit mixed in. We shape our kids’ eating habits. It’s not hard if we ourselves are eating right.
    Yesterday I was at a church function and I witnessed a woman — who didn’t know any better (I assume) — almost fed my daughter a piece of brownie.
    This thing got within an inch of her lips (with me standing right there- the lady didn’t ask me), and I said “She can’t have sugar.” She asked if she was allergic to it, and I said “We have a genetic sugar intolerance.”
    It’s absolutely true, and it seems to be a good thing to say without offending people. It is possible to feed our kids well, and some of us out there are doing it.

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