Cravings-Crushing Monday™

Blogging for 15 Years!

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Wow, it’s my blogiversary. For 15 years now — ever since 2005, two years before publication of my first book, Sugar Shock — I’ve been dedicated to educating and entertaining readers of my blog with eye-opening, helpful tips, insights and info. Join me in a trip down memory lane. Here’s the very first Sugar Shock blog […]


Get Your Free Crush Your Cravings Gift

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Since just about wherever you go this holiday season, you’ll be tempted by sugary, salty, fatty junk foods, I have a special gift for you, which will help you begin to easily, effortlessly, even playfully Crush Your Cravings for good. It’s time to get my newly revised Crush Your Cravings, Quick-Start Guide, which will give […]