Connect on Facebook, Master Your Subconscious Mind & Name My Next Book

Motivating Morsels

This week’s Motivating Morsels will be quick, because I’m supposed to be on bed rest, according to my new neurologist.

4 Quick Things:


1)    Post-Concussive Syndrome
2)    Name My Next Book – The Follow-Up to Sugar Shock
3)    Master your Subconscious Mind  with Debra Berndt & Bob Doyle of “The Secret”
4)    Connect With me on Facebook & Follow me on Twitter
5)    Are You Single? Learn about Love Mentoring with Dr. Diana Kirschner

Now here’s this week’s Motivating Morsels.

1)    Post-Concussive Syndrome

Well, my suspicions were correct. My aching head was telling me something.
Learn more here:

2)    Name My Next Book – The Follow-Up to Sugar Shock

Have you shared your ideas yet on what to name my next book, the follow-up to Sugar Shock?

Please let me know what you recommend –
Power-of-your-subconscious-mind 3)    Master your Subconscious Mind

My hypnotist friend Debra Berndt – whose healing downplay is helping my head a lot – is presenting an amazing 4-week program, beginning Tuesday night, with Bob Doyle of “The Secret” on how you can Master Your Subconscious Mind. Sign up now here:

4)    Connect With me on Facebook & Follow me on Twitter

Are we connected yet, thanks to social media? I invite you to take the next step.

My goal is to inspire, motivate, educate and nurture you using a variety of social media platforms.

First off, I invite you to become one of the Smart Habits Fans on Facebook.  There you'll be able to get links to interesting articles, Daily Smart Habits Tips, pointers to break free of your sugar addiction and other bad habits and much more.

Facebook-logo Just go here:

Once you connect, please make sure to post your thoughts, comments and insights.

Twitter_logo_header Also make sure to follow me on Twitter. Just go to
(If you don’t have an account yet, just start one at and then follow me. It’s that easy.)

I hope I inspire you!

Feel free to share interesting articles and ideas, too.

5)    Are You Single? Learn about Love Mentoring with Dr. Diana Kirschner

If you're single, you'll definitely want to know about this exciting fr*ee program on Wed., July 14 at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Western) with my friend, the acclaimed relationship expert Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of “Love in 90 Days.”

Diana — who has helped thousands of people find love — is doing a a wonderful fre*e teleseminar with another friend Cynthia Rowland, to tell you about the value of love mentoring to find love.

Study after study has shown that adults who are mentored are more successful in their careers and in school. Women, in particular, have greatly benefited from mentoring with reports of greater self-esteem and a heightened ability to break through the “glass ceiling.” And love is no different. Learn more here about this fr*ee program to educate you about love mentoring:

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