It’s Time to Stand Up, Speak out & Serve

The time has come for me to make a deep, dark, vulnerable admission.

I have a deep fear of public speaking. What’s more, I’m utterly terrified to do videos, especially posting them on YouTube.

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Unfortunately, my deep fear of public speaking — along with my preference to write and research in private, coach quietly via phone, enjoy peaceful time near the beach, hang out with one or a few close friends or loved ones — is preventing me from achieving my treasured mission and audacious goals, which is to inspire, guide and serve millions worldwide. I’ve looked up a variety of ways to improve your speaking skills but I’m not sure if it will work for me.

In short, my fear of both public speaking and doing videos is in direct opposition to my core beliefs, cherished dreams, and bold vision for the future.

Not giving enough talks is holding me back. And I’m fed up.

It’s high time for me to Stand Up, Speak out and Serve!

Is it time for you, too, to get out, speak and serve?

Since I”m now preparing and training to Speak to Serve™, I’ve decided to create a new column, in which I’ll periodically tell you about my speaking adventures and share insights and tips from heart-centered speakers and authors, who can help those of us with speaking fears. (For instance, I’ve already received wonderful help from the awesome Jeff Walker and Lisa Sasevich, whose tips I’ll share in future posts.)

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Why am I finally making a public confession about my speaking fears?

  • To begin, it’s high time that I tackle my fearful attitude so I can begin to Speak to Serve.
  • Secondly, I’d really like your support as I begin to conquer my fears. (I’d be so very grateful for your rah-rahs!)
  • Plus, I’d like to help you, too, if you’re among millions, who share my fears of public speaking.

Now, why am I doing this new Speak to Serve column?

Well, lately, I’ve been training to speak as if I were a marathon runner.

In my usual, extensive, exhaustive, investigative journalistic fashion, I’ve been immersing myself in books, programs and courses to conquer my speaking fears.

In fact, I’m now taking a path I’ve taken three times before.

  • Kicking my sugar habit led to my books, Sugar Shock and then Beyond Sugar Shock. (First, I licked my addiction and then I began to help others similarly struggling.)
  • Beating my wild, unhealthy food urges — which hit hard while I was grieving after my Mom died, following a year of her inadvertently abuse me — is leading to my book, Crush Your Cravings.
  • Now, overpowering my big speaking fears is guiding me to start blogging so both of us can Speak to Serve. (That’s also the name of a future book.)

I’m ready to take on what I must do. Are you, too?

Now let me explain the situation facing us non-fiction authors. Long before your books are published, you need to get out there as much as possible, giving talks and posting videos to reach your tribe and soon-to-be fans.

In fact, if you’re an author would-be author, who values your quiet writing time, be forewarned.

Sooner, rather than later, you need to do lots of speaking and videos.

Plus, if your book(s) have been published or if you want to get picked up by a mainstream house — as was the case with me — the pressure is more intense.

Here’s how my new hero Susan Cain, author of the brilliant book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, explains the plight of us introverted authors:

“The authors whose books get published—once accepted as a reclusive breed—are now vetted by publicists to make sure they’re talk show ready.”So now,

So now, thanks to Susan and authors who are inspiring me, I’m determined and dedicated to becoming a fun, dynamic, inspiring speaker so I can help millions — possibly even you — to easily, effortlessly Crush Your Cravings using super-simple, science-based techniques that will help you slim down, boost your energy, and boldly step into your willpower.

Is it time for you, too, to get out and Speak to Serve?

You may be wondering about my timing. Given my ambitious goals, I need to Squash My Speaking Fears now because:

  • I’m close to launching my new Crush Your Cravings Bootcamp.
  • I’m planning the first Sugar World Summit (possibly to be renamed the Sugarfree World Summit).
  • I’m working on my next book, Crush Your Cravings.

Since my squeamishness about public speaking is shared by millions, I’ve decided to devote time and attention to this tricky but vital subject in my new Speak to Serve™ column (on my blog at

  • Every week or two, I’ll write a post in which I’ll share my recent research, insights, and discoveries about public speaking.
  • You’ll learn about awesome speaking events I’ve attended and the A-hahs! I got.
  • Plus, on my Gab with the Gurus Show, I’ll interview top speakers and eloquent celebrities to get their speaking tips. (FYI, as a trained journalist, I’ve conquered any fears about doing interviews via phone with celebrities and bestselling authors while at my home office, which is hidden from my audience.)

Join the Conversation: Do you, too, have a fear of public speaking? What has helped you the most to conquer this fear? 

Coming Next in this Speak to Serve Series: Would You Rather Be in a Coffin Than Speak?