Crush Your Crazy Cravings™ for Sugary, Salty, Fatty Junk Foods

You know how absolutely awful it feels to be in the stranglehold of an overpowering urge to eat—or, rather scarf— a certain bad-for-you nonfood?

Do you feel like a hamster trapped on a spinning wheel—and against your will, you’re driven this urgent, burning, panicky need to shovel that edible junk food into your mouth now?

Then, do you find that you just can’t stop thinking or fantasizing about your favorite donut, popcorn or [fill in the name of your preferred drug—okay, I mean, your trigger food]?

Even worse, do those junk foods keep calling out to you so you’ll eat or binge on them?

Do the enticing-looking, savory-smelling goodies seem to beckon you, pleading “E-a-t me, e-a-t me?”

Throw stress into the mix, and you have a disastrous recipe for bingeing on unhealthy foods loaded with sugar, fat or salt.

Then add your time of month or time of life, grief, challenges with your honey or mother, work woes or other compelling reasons, and danger is on the way.

In short, do you get “possessed”—or so it feels—by what I call Crazy Cravings™?

But I’m here to bring you help every week. Welcome to Cravings-Crushing Mondays…

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Crazy Cravings are the SINGLE Biggest Hurdle to Health & Weight-Loss Success

Why am I doing Cravings-Crushing Mondays?

After spending 17 years helping people break free of their dangerous sugar and carb addiction, I’ve come to realize that the single biggest hurdle to weight-loss success is Crazy Cravings.

Indeed, ask anyone seeking to shed excess pounds and she or he will unleash a torrent of complaints about overpowering, can’t-ignore, Crazy Cravings for fiber-stripped, sugary, fatty or salty snacks and “treats.”

Typically, the whine goes like this:

“I always promise myself to go on a diet, eating only healthy, slimming foods.

“I start out with a bang. I’ll be ‘good’ for a day, a week or even several months.

“Then, suddenly one day—usually when I pass a donut shop, fast-food joint or candy store and I’m dealing with stress, frustration or that time of month—one sight of the goodies in the shop window and a whiff of the sweet aroma sends me dashing inside.

“I then become `possessed’ by an urgent need for a sweet roll or [fill in the name of your biggest trigger food]. I feel that it’s calling out to me!

“Pretty soon, I’ll zone out, mindlessly polish off one, two, three or more of [put in your trigger food], and I just can’t stop. Within days, weeks or months, I’ve gained five, 20, 40 pounds.

“It’s awful. I feel so out of control. I hate being a slave to my Crazy Cravings!”

Darn—or, if you like it, add your preferred expletive here—those Crazy Cravings can derail the most well-intentioned of us.

When our sudden, unpredictable Crazy Cravings take hold of us, our best-planned diet intentions can quickly slide down a gutter as if they were misbehaving bowling balls.

But you don’t have to be at the mercy of your Crazy Cravings…

It’s time to take charge, and I’ll be here all year on Cravings-Crushing Mondays to give you fast, convenient information and tools to whip out at a moment’s notice in our fast, convenience-driven world.

What are Cravings-Crushing Mondays?

Since many people blow their diets over the weekend and plan to get back to healthy eating the first day of the week, I’m presenting Cravings Crushing Mondays.

Every week in 2016, you’ll get fast, convenient, science-backed tips, tools and pointers so you can easily eat clean despite our fast, convenience-driven culture.


Join the Cravings-Crushing Mondays movement. Every week, you can get you fast, easy tools, or insights. I post on Monday (or Sunday), because as well know, many of you may have blown your diets over the weekend. No need to fret. Help is here. Just sign up [to your right] to get your free 5 Super-Simple Secrets to Crush Your Cravings Quick-Start Guide (ebook). Then get updates every week so you can calmly, joyfully Crush Your Cravings in our convenience-foods jungle. Cravings-Crushing Mondays are gifts from bestselling author Connie Bennett, the Cravings Ninja, who is recognized for her books, Sugar Shock (Berkley Books, 2006) and Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House, 2012). She is now completing her next book, Crush Your Cravings™. Connie has been delving into her newest expertise for nearly four years, since the death of her mother, when she was pounced on by her own Crazy Cravings.  Now, Connie is on a mission to share super-simple, science-based secrets she discovered during her three-plus year investigation of the subject.

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