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Deep Fried Coca-Cola? Yuck! You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

What is our SUGAR SHOCK! nation coming to? A couple of times recently, a TV piece (which I saw while en route in a New York City taxicab) spotlighted this horrifying, artery-clogging, inflammation-triggering concoction that is actually landing in the bellies of some Americans at health fairs around the country.

Goodness grief: These fans of deep-fried-soda must have the most twisted taste buds imaginable and simply no clue or care about the massive harm that this "food," if you want to call it that, could cause.

Come to think of it, a while back, a date told me about this disgusting, carb-loaded, calorie-packed junk food, but I simply forgot to post about it here. But I notice that, a while back, the ever-watchful,  Slashfood wrote about this disgusting, deep-fried Coca-Cola dish, which was attracting interest at the State Fair of Texas.

In fact, as WFTV Orlando tells us, thanks to the Associated Press and Internet Broadcasting Systems, Inc., vendor Abel Gonzales Jr. reportedly:

  • Deep fries a Coca-Cola-flavored batter, then
  • Drizzles Coke fountain syrup on it and finally
  • Tops it with whipped cream, cinnamon
    sugar and a cherry

I shudder to think about how many calories and how much sugar this culinary monstrosity contains. In short, deep-fried soda is the quintessential, quick path to SUGAR SHOCK!

Amazingly, people are actually eating the stuff. Oh, and get this, WFTV Orlando ran a poll to find out what people would do when confronted with this sugary, fatty creation. Check out the remarkable results:

Would you try
fried Coca-Cola on a stick?
Choice Votes Percentage of 32438 Votes
Absolutely! 11795 36%
I would consider
7352 23%
13291 41%

Incidentally, back in my daily journalism days, I had a blast covering the State Fair of Texas for several days on end for the Fort Worth-Star Telegram or the Dallas Morning News. Once, I even included a humorous incident in my story about a llama that was eagerly chomping on my reporter’s notebook as I was covering the event.

For all my state fair wanderings to scout out interesting
stories, I never witnessed any deep-fried soda. Frankly, I’m not sure
how I would have handled running into this perverted food back then.
Since at the time I wasn’t into eating healthily, who knows, I may
have even tasted this dismal creation?

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3 thoughts on “Deep Fried Coca-Cola? Yuck! You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

  1. I discovered your blog through the Blog Squad. Great reading. I guess I have an interest in your ideas. When I order “iced tea” UN-sweetened, some of my friends look at me in horror! No sugar? They can’t believe it. I try and balance.
    Happy blogging!

  2. Connie, I’m all for sugar awareness, but it’s a sttate fair. I think you need to lighten up on some things, it’s just a fun thing you do once a year or every couple years. And the servings are small. People know that if they eat too much of it it, they’ll get sick. It’s almost like a prank food. It’s all just for fun…

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